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13450673, 12/27/2021; One Month in
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-27-21 06:33 PM
>What we don't know as of 11/27/2021:
>If it is more contagious.

Yes, much more contagious.

Omicron’s Re is estimated to be three to five times greater than Delta’s, which was 1.5 to two times as contagious as the original variant, says Josh Schiffer, an infectious-disease modeler and physician at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

>If the disease is more severe.

Early studies saying it may be less severe, but not much less.


>If re-infection rate is higher.

>If effectiveness of vaccination is lowered.

In a briefing released Friday, the UK Health Security Agency announced that the Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines all protect against omicron less than they did against delta and that protection from boosters wanes in time. Booster effectiveness generally decreased to between about 60% and 70% protection at two to four weeks after the shot, down to between about 35% and 45% at 10 weeks, depending on the combination of vaccines administered.

Note:NOVAVAX says they may do better - but data not submitted.

>If Merck and Pfizer anti-virials are effective against it.

Regeneron monoclonal antibody NOT effective, but Sotrovimab is.

Pfizer pill for post exposure is effective. Couldn't find Merk data.

>Possible new vaccines - could take as little as 100 days -
>could take more depending on regulatory requirements.

No announcements about making new vaccines yet.

Coming up: Fauci says that daily positives may reach over 500,000 within 2 weeks. It's going to get bad.