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Topic subjectBULLSHIT opinion piece
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13450316, BULLSHIT opinion piece
Posted by handle, Sat Dec-18-21 02:19 AM
100,000 people in the US have died in the last 11 weeks.

This article is just opinion - and it's basically another way of saying "Don't worry about the hundreds of thousands dying - it's fine."

The comparisons to the flu smack of stupidity. This is much more contagious AND much more deadly than the flu.

This lady has been WRONG about a lot in the past - why does this opinion piece ease your mind? She's ALWAYS saying things aren't bad and will only get better.

3 other wrong opinion pieces by her:
7 Reasons Why We Should Not Need Boosters for COVID-19

No, you probably won’t need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, says UCSF’s Monica Gandhi

Covid Will Soon Be Endemic, Thank Goodness
Widespread immunity, vaccinated and natural, will bring control and a full return to normal.