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Topic subjectWell, they just moved PG County schools back to virtual
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13450304, Well, they just moved PG County schools back to virtual
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Dec-17-21 05:26 PM
No in person schooling until 1/18/22. The number of reported COVID cases were exploding. They had moved 3 schools in the area to virtual earlier in the week. Some kids in my daughter's class had it too. The e-mails didn't go out until late in the weekend. I got a call from the principal Monday morning before we were heading to drop her off. the initial policy was if the child is fully vaccinated and had no symptoms, they could come back to school. If they were not vaxxed they had to quarantine and be observed. Quite a few kids were out this week. Because of the late notice, some parents had to come back that morning and pull their children out.

Now, my daughter has been fully vaxxed for a couple months, so she was fine. We took her for a rapid test Wednesday and it was negative. But, they adjusted their policy today and said we had to get her anyway. So, my wife had to leave work and bring her home. Notice that everyone is back to virtual came via text about 45 minutes ago.

This feels eerily like spring 2020 when the virtual schools first started. Small trickle of cases, larger wave, hastily dumping kids out of school just before the holiday break, and online schooling until who knows when. Honestly I'm surprised it took this long for something to happen in schools.