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Topic subjectjust wanted to pop in here with a #themoreyouknow
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13450186, just wanted to pop in here with a #themoreyouknow
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Dec-16-21 04:38 PM
tested positive and i'm pretty sure it's omicron. i'm three shots in and so far have mild symptoms.

started off with an itchy throat and post nasal drip with a corresponding light cough, followed by lower back pain... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/lower-back-pain-scratchy-throat-emerge-symptoms-omicron/

now it's basically congestion. similar to a cold but actually not as harsh (at the moment).

so the moral of the story is, get tested even with the most minimal symptoms. with this going around now there is a good chance you do not have seasonal congestion or allergies or a mild cold. you probably have covid. and i think there is a lot of community spread happening because people are out and about with a stuffy nose or itchy throat thinking nothing of it. so yeah, get tested if you feel off in the slightest.