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Topic subjectthis chart of cases from the uk is bad bad.
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13450101, this chart of cases from the uk is bad bad.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Dec-15-21 03:16 PM

you might miss it but that red dot on the right is the continuing spike.

its looking like hospitalizations/deaths arent as bad as delta percentage wise. but with such an increase in raw cases...deaths/hospitalizations could still be significant even if at a lower percentage. and most of the increases we are already seeing here are because of delta without omicron fully hitting yet (we usually lag the uk/eu by some weeks). so 2 waves together really with waning vaccine effectiveness (both natural and vs omicron) sans booster. and you can see how this could get ugly for our state health systems really quick.

it says a lot that florida has highest rate rise in the *winter*.