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Topic subject12/12/2021 updates: Confusing but hopeful
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13449815, 12/12/2021 updates: Confusing but hopeful
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-12-21 09:12 AM
Looks like the vaccines are less likely to stop INFECTION but may be helpful in preventing severe disease - but the numbers are still too small to nail it down.

Both stories are for Pfizer. No Moderna or other vaccine studies released yet. No work on the monoclonal anti-bodies or any of the ant-viral pills.

Israeli study:
'Three shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine 4x less effective against Omicron'

She added that “it looks like with Omicron there is a chance that people with the booster could get infected, but have much less chance of getting seriously infected.”

Pfizer Course Has 23% Efficacy Vs. Omicron in South African Study

A two-shot course of Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine has just 22.5% efficacy against symptomatic infection with the omicron variant, but can thwart severe disease, according to laboratory experiments in South Africa.


Most reported U.S. Omicron cases have hit the fully vaccinated -CDC

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that of the 43 cases attributed to Omicron variant, 34 people had been fully vaccinated. Fourteen of them had also received a booster, although five of those cases occurred less than 14 days after the additional shot before full protection kicks in.

Among the Omicron cases, 25 were in people aged 18 to 39 and 14 had traveled internationally. Six people had previously been infected with the coronavirus.