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Topic subjectMaybe, but I'm not statistican
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13449331, Maybe, but I'm not statistican
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-05-21 10:04 PM
>You don't have to wait to see if someone died to determine if
>the case was severe or not.
You have to wait a certain period of time AND since msot COVID cases are not severe you need some significant amount of data to draw from.

The reports I've been seeing that cite numbers are citing "Out of 20 cases none have been severe."

Oh,I missed that a South African hospital posted a report, but the data is very preliminary and it represents a small amount of cases:

"It is essential to recognize that the patient information presented here only represents the first two weeks of the Omicron wave in Tshwane. The clinical profile of admitted patients could change significantly over the next two weeks, by which time we can draw conclusions about the severity of disease with greater precision.

Though the NICD has confirmed that almost all cases of SARS-C0V-2 in Tshwane are due to the new variant, we have not been able to establish that in every instance the variant is Omicron as the PCR machine in use at the SBAH laboratory does not screen for the S-gene. A reasonable assumption is being made that the cases described here represent infection with the new variant.

The main observation that we have made over the last two weeks is that the majority of patients in the COVID wards have not been oxygen dependent. SARS-CoV-2 has been an incidental finding in patients that were admitted to the hospital for another medical, surgical or obstetric reason."