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Topic subjectThe Omicron coronavirus variant (B.1.1.529) thread
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13448755, The Omicron coronavirus variant (B.1.1.529) thread
Posted by handle, Sat Nov-27-21 12:36 PM
Identified last Tuesday 11/24/2021.

What we know as of 11/27/2021:
Many mutations on the spike protein, up to 30 identified thus far.
83 cases verified in South Africa.
2 cases identified in the UK.
"Some" cases identified in Belgium, Botswana, Hong Kong and Israel.
Travel ban going into effect this Monday, 11/29/2021.

What we don't know as of 11/27/2021:
If it is more contagious.
If the disease is more severe.
If re-infection rate is higher.
If effectiveness of vaccination is lowered.
If Merck and Pfizer anti-virals are effective against it.

Data expected from vaccine makers within 2 weeks.
Possible new vaccines - could take as little as 100 days - could take more depending on regulatory requirements.