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Topic subjectThe Omicron coronavirus variant (B.1.1.529) thread
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13448755, The Omicron coronavirus variant (B.1.1.529) thread
Posted by handle, Sat Nov-27-21 12:36 PM
Identified last Tuesday 11/24/2021.

What we know as of 11/27/2021:
Many mutations on the spike protein, up to 30 identified thus far.
83 cases verified in South Africa.
2 cases identified in the UK.
"Some" cases identified in Belgium, Botswana, Hong Kong and Israel.
Travel ban going into effect this Monday, 11/29/2021.

What we don't know as of 11/27/2021:
If it is more contagious.
If the disease is more severe.
If re-infection rate is higher.
If effectiveness of vaccination is lowered.
If Merck and Pfizer anti-virals are effective against it.

Data expected from vaccine makers within 2 weeks.
Possible new vaccines - could take as little as 100 days - could take more depending on regulatory requirements.
13448762, just got my booster this week.
Posted by tariqhu, Sat Nov-27-21 05:29 PM
hopefully the current vaccines will handle this new new. guess we'll find out.
13448763, RE: The Omicron coronavirus variant (B.1.1.529) thread
Posted by Latina212, Sat Nov-27-21 06:03 PM
cancelling my trip to kenya in two weeks. i've being planning this trip for three years and have moved this trip three times. my concern isn't even catching covid, its having my flight cancelled or restricted from traveling to seychelles after kenya. everyone is so panicked, who knows what is going to happen in two weeks.
13448765, RESET BUTTON
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Sat Nov-27-21 07:28 PM
13448768, sounds like some Transformer villain
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Nov-27-21 09:07 PM
13449326, Unicron.
Posted by jetblack, Sun Dec-05-21 03:45 PM
13448818, so a woman I knew in HS posted photos of her son in the hospital
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Nov-29-21 08:58 AM
he got covid and 6 weeks later had some serious issues that had him laid up in the hospital for weeks. It was bad.. and he isn’t out of the woods yet bjt finally out of the hospital.

Going to get my daughter signed up for her vax.

13448821, This has been a weird way to learn the Greek alphabet...
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Nov-29-21 09:20 AM
13448828, What do we go to when we hit the end of the alphabet?
Posted by JFrost1117, Mon Nov-29-21 09:58 AM
Do like bra sizes and go “double-Alpha”?
Go to a whole ‘nother alphabet?
13448858, https://www.fox13news.com/news/no-more-greek-letters-heres-what-will-happen-when-we-run-out-of-hurricane-names-this-time
Posted by vik, Mon Nov-29-21 12:03 PM

13448896, Deshaun AND Tayshawn?!
Posted by JFrost1117, Mon Nov-29-21 03:14 PM
13448921, was about to mention this. we already did this w/ hurricanes. crazy. nm
Posted by poetx, Mon Nov-29-21 06:33 PM

peace & blessings,



I'm an advocate for working smarter, not harder. If you just
focus on working hard you end up making someone else rich and
not having much to show for it. (c) mad
13448826, scientists sounding a lot less gloomy.
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Mon Nov-29-21 09:49 AM
the virus is seemingly more transmissible but also more mild than delta and/or the vaccine (especially with booster) is still very effective against it.
13448860, all the scientists I know are like "we don't know anything and won't for a couple
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Nov-29-21 12:06 PM
www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13448865, This is why I'm not reading any more omicron articles
Posted by sectachrome86, Mon Nov-29-21 12:25 PM
As soon as it dropped it was a new thing for every news site to beat to death in 40 different fear mongering articles that all have one sentence buried in it saying "we don't know shit yet". I'll give af when there's a reason to.
13448900, definitely felt like a well timed scare tactic
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Nov-29-21 03:25 PM
I’m sure every home had the “omg Omnicron” talk at Thanksgiving

13448944, omfg
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Nov-30-21 01:41 AM

or maybe most msm is just bad at their jobs

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13448945, 27 paragraphs in "no one knows anything"
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Nov-30-21 01:41 AM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13448827, 11/19/2021 updates
Posted by handle, Mon Nov-29-21 09:56 AM
No news on severity or transmissibility.
No news on vaccine effectiveness.
No news on anti-viral effectiveness.

Travel bans:
U.S. Travel bans apparently only bars non-citizens at this point. So if you are a citizen and coming from a 'banned' country you can still get in. (Seems pretty useless.)

Both Pfizer and Moderna announce they are working on new vaccine targeting variant

More cases found:
Detected in Canada now.
Portugal's football team has 13 cases
6 cases in Scottland - not all have travelled

The Netherlands
Switzerland (probable case)

South Africa
Middle East

Asia and the Pacific

Hong Kong
13448990, Gonna start slinging this Novavax blood on the corner
Posted by MEAT, Tue Nov-30-21 02:07 PM
Who trying to get some
13449297, 12/03/2021 updates
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-03-21 09:52 PM
More cases, including in the U.S.

Scientist think it's twice as contagious as the delta variant.

Reports from South Africa that it's infected children under 5:

No actually clinical data but the "rumors" are that cases are less severe than delta - but AGIAN no data yet - data follow infection by around 3 weeks.

13449324, Media reports are STILL saying "cases are mild" ..but
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-05-21 12:17 PM
The news is pushing "cases are mild" narrative - when WE KNOW DEATHS TAKE 2-8 WEEKS TO BE REPORTED!!

I hope it stays mild, but I'm waiting for a HUGE BACKLASH if we have a week of this "reporting" mild cases and then deaths occurs at similar (or greater rates) than O.G., Alpha and Delta.
13449327, The severity of a case can be assessed long before death.
Posted by Teknontheou, Sun Dec-05-21 03:57 PM
You don't have to wait to see if someone died to determine if the case was severe or not.
13449331, Maybe, but I'm not statistican
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-05-21 10:04 PM
>You don't have to wait to see if someone died to determine if
>the case was severe or not.
You have to wait a certain period of time AND since msot COVID cases are not severe you need some significant amount of data to draw from.

The reports I've been seeing that cite numbers are citing "Out of 20 cases none have been severe."

Oh,I missed that a South African hospital posted a report, but the data is very preliminary and it represents a small amount of cases:

"It is essential to recognize that the patient information presented here only represents the first two weeks of the Omicron wave in Tshwane. The clinical profile of admitted patients could change significantly over the next two weeks, by which time we can draw conclusions about the severity of disease with greater precision.

Though the NICD has confirmed that almost all cases of SARS-C0V-2 in Tshwane are due to the new variant, we have not been able to establish that in every instance the variant is Omicron as the PCR machine in use at the SBAH laboratory does not screen for the S-gene. A reasonable assumption is being made that the cases described here represent infection with the new variant.

The main observation that we have made over the last two weeks is that the majority of patients in the COVID wards have not been oxygen dependent. SARS-CoV-2 has been an incidental finding in patients that were admitted to the hospital for another medical, surgical or obstetric reason."

13449338, piece of shit racist ass spanish newspaper
Posted by shygurl, Mon Dec-06-21 08:15 AM

In general, the response to the Omicron variant has really shown how racist these so-called developed countries are, and the fact that evidence is suggesting that the variant didn't even stem from South Africa (https://www.cnbc.com/2021/12/02/where-did-omicron-covid-variant-come-from-and-where-is-it-circulating.html) yet countries continue to ban southern African nations is egregious.
13449339, It was inevitable...may go as far as to say intentional
Posted by bentagain, Mon Dec-06-21 10:03 AM

Africa as a continent is not vaxxed
That's how the virus works
Not making the vaxx available to all is basically a breeding ground for variants
Big Pharma is holding on to those IP rights
...otherwise...we'd probably be out of this nonsense by now...for the most part
13449341, south africa has more than enough vaccine.
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Mon Dec-06-21 10:45 AM
but...like america...they have more than enough antivaxxers too.

their problem isnt scarcity. its hesistancy. to the point that they actually had to tell vaccine manufacturers to slow shipments to the country.

they are only 35% fully vaxxed but have already hit a wall in terms of people willing to get the vax.

this was from right before the omicron news broke out:
13449342, looking more transmissible but less severe than delta (c) fauci
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Mon Dec-06-21 10:48 AM
13449344, This makes sense. The only reason it is notable is the increased
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Dec-06-21 12:03 PM
level of transmissibility, but from what scientists have said, the variants should typically be decreasing in severity as time goes on.

Still means omicron is dangerous for unvaccinated people and those at higher risk, and definitely another reason to get your booster shot.
13449347, While I welcome any potentially good news in regards to COVID
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Dec-06-21 12:31 PM
I also remember hearing that it would take at least two weeks to get definitive word on how severe Omnicron is. This is little over a week since Omnicron was first detected if I'm not mistaken.
13449349, that was just when omicron was first officially identified and announced.
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Mon Dec-06-21 12:38 PM
>This is
>little over a week since Omnicron was first detected if I'm
>not mistaken.

theyve traced the strain to cases in europe/netherlands that occurred a little earlier.
13449354, looking like good news in terms of vaccine effectiveness too.
Posted by .Monkeynuts., Mon Dec-06-21 01:49 PM
13449350, planned a surprise Bday party for my wife, now I don't know how she'll react
Posted by walihorse, Mon Dec-06-21 12:53 PM
My wife has been sooo careful during covid, I swear she is made for the apocalypses. Given that though, she is so dubious about meeting up or going out with people.

I started planning a surprise bday a month ago for the 18th of Dec. It will be only family, about 20 in all and it will both outside/inside kinda deal.

Out of all the 20 guest, the only person not vaccinated against Covid is our 6 month old daughter. All adults have gotten their boosters and all the other children have gotten their 2 doses.

I'm not sure if it'll be an issue. I am trying to make it as covid conscious as possible, but this fucking variant is making me doubt myself.
13449356, my wife is the same way
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-06-21 01:53 PM
and the 6 month old is def a reason to hesitate or be against it

but I think sometimes my wife doesn’t want to do stuff and uses covid as an excuse.

we went to Vegas tho.. no issues, lol.

coworker has a baby shower she doesn’t feel like attending? “ehhhh, covid yo”

13449525, I think people just want to talk about nonsense
Posted by Musa, Wed Dec-08-21 01:06 PM

One thing is for sure the travel ban is overtly racist. But racism is just an excuse.
13449600, 12/09/2021 Updates - Still largely unknown
Posted by handle, Thu Dec-09-21 10:26 AM
"Concerning stories"
4th shot may be needed, but 2 shots likely prevents severe disease: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/12/09/covid-omicron-variant-live-updates/

"Good news"
CDC says data on severity from new variant thus far is "mild" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/dec/09/cdc-chief-omicron-mild-early-data-us-spread-variant

Looks like it is still gonna be a few weeks before we really know more.
13449815, 12/12/2021 updates: Confusing but hopeful
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-12-21 09:12 AM
Looks like the vaccines are less likely to stop INFECTION but may be helpful in preventing severe disease - but the numbers are still too small to nail it down.

Both stories are for Pfizer. No Moderna or other vaccine studies released yet. No work on the monoclonal anti-bodies or any of the ant-viral pills.

Israeli study:
'Three shots of Pfizer COVID vaccine 4x less effective against Omicron'

She added that “it looks like with Omicron there is a chance that people with the booster could get infected, but have much less chance of getting seriously infected.”

Pfizer Course Has 23% Efficacy Vs. Omicron in South African Study

A two-shot course of Pfizer Inc.’s vaccine has just 22.5% efficacy against symptomatic infection with the omicron variant, but can thwart severe disease, according to laboratory experiments in South Africa.


Most reported U.S. Omicron cases have hit the fully vaccinated -CDC

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that of the 43 cases attributed to Omicron variant, 34 people had been fully vaccinated. Fourteen of them had also received a booster, although five of those cases occurred less than 14 days after the additional shot before full protection kicks in.

Among the Omicron cases, 25 were in people aged 18 to 39 and 14 had traveled internationally. Six people had previously been infected with the coronavirus.
13449889, This is definitely troublesome...
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Dec-13-21 03:54 PM
13449890, Is it?
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Dec-13-21 03:59 PM
Honestly - we never know anything until months after we THINK we do, but it'd seem like this variant ACTUALLY turns covid into the cold/flu. No deaths so far, and while nobody wants to get sick - if this becomes the dominant strain, isn't that preferable?
13449893, Death reported - but who knows why (details inside)
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-13-21 04:15 PM
Britain reports first death with Omicron coronavirus variant

What the article says: Someone with omicron died in the UK. Died from what? No idea. could have been COVID. Could have come in with a heart attack, got a positive COVID test, then died falling down stairs.

Conclusion: None.

The death numbers take weeks to be recorded - so it's still very unknown if this strain causes less damage and/or death at this point.
13449894, It is to me...for a couple reasons.
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Dec-13-21 04:16 PM
If the transmissibility of this variant is high, with vaccines (including boosters) offering minimal protection against getting it, I worry about vaccinated folks (like me) getting it and passing on to those who can't get vaccinated for one reason or another.

For me specifically, both of my kids are vaxxed (my youngest is 7, just got his second dose so he isn't "fully" protected for another week or so. They are in school full time, and cases in the district have been skyrocketing. But I have a baby niece who is 15 months, obviously too young to get vaxxed. We'd been keeping her a few times a month, but news like this absolutely gives me pause about continuing that - I'd be horrified if one of my kids got sick and passed it on to her.

That situation isn't unique - I have plenty of friends/family with kids too young to get vaxxed, or people who ARE fully vaccinated but have other health conditions which might put them in the category of needing hospitalization. I have an employee of mine, fully vaxxed, who just got out of the hospital with a breakthrough case. She has several underlying health conditions, but is definitely an example that if a more transmissible varrient is out there spreading without the vaccines keeping the spread down, it's gonna eventually have some inpact when it comes to hospitalizations/deaths.

You also have the public perception issue of folks STILL holding out on getting vaccinated, and this just adds another thing to add to their confirmation bias...

13449901, The flu that used to kill 300-650k people yearly?
Posted by The Mac, Mon Dec-13-21 08:06 PM
The flu that no longer exists?
13449906, how many people do you know who've died of the flu?
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Dec-13-21 10:48 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13449973, Countering stats w/ anecdotes!?
Posted by The Mac, Tue Dec-14-21 03:47 PM
LOL how the mighty have fallen. 50K Americans die yearly of FLU but since RJCC the troll of the decaade doesnt know any (do you know anybody in real life?) then it can't possibly be like COVID
13450311, It's not a counter it's a question
Posted by Rjcc, Fri Dec-17-21 09:23 PM

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13449902, New theory I heard on a podcast about rate of infection
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-13-21 08:42 PM
In the Bubble with Andy Slavitt

Theory is: Omicron may not be more transmissible than Delta - just that the delta is not spreading as fast as it could have because people have some prior immunity from delta if they had any previous strain of covid.

The theory is Omicron may evade some of that immunity to it appears to spread faster than delta because prior immunity is not slowing it down nearly too the same degree.

No theory on severity mentioned, just on how "fast" it appears to be spreading.

13449923, 12/14/2021: Data starts coming in
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-14-21 08:54 AM

Real-world data suggest 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine 70% effective at preventing hospitalization with Omicron variant

Note from me: Not 70% against infection.


Pfizer Says Its Covid-19 Pill Likely Works Against Omicron
Antiviral drug Paxlovid stayed 89% effective at reducing the risk of hospitalization and death in a final analysis of a key study in high-risk adults


A 'large wave' of Omicron cases and hospitalizations is coming to the US, Biden official tells Axios

13449932, Stats like this are confusing to me...
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Dec-14-21 10:44 AM
>Real-world data suggest 2 doses of Pfizer vaccine 70%
>effective at preventing hospitalization with Omicron variant
>Note from me: Not 70% against infection.

I read the article but didn't see the detail there - 70% of what? In other words, is this saying that 30% of people who had 2 Pfizer vaccine doses but got breakthrough cases of Omicron ended up in the hospital, while 70% or those with 2 Pfizer vaccine doses that got breakthrough cases didn't end up in the hospital with Omicron? (In this case 100% of those in the study would have gotten breakthrough cases.)

Or is it saying that 70% of those with 2 Pfizer doses didn't go to the hospital (separate from accounting for protection against breakthrough cases - so in this case an unknown percentage of those in the study would have gotten breakthrough cases, while the rest of those vaccinated didn't get Covid at all.)

Or is it saying that 2 Pfizer doses are 70% as effective against hospitalization for Omicron vs against prior variants of Covid like Delta?
13450101, this chart of cases from the uk is bad bad.
Posted by Reeq, Wed Dec-15-21 03:16 PM

you might miss it but that red dot on the right is the continuing spike.

its looking like hospitalizations/deaths arent as bad as delta percentage wise. but with such an increase in raw cases...deaths/hospitalizations could still be significant even if at a lower percentage. and most of the increases we are already seeing here are because of delta without omicron fully hitting yet (we usually lag the uk/eu by some weeks). so 2 waves together really with waning vaccine effectiveness (both natural and vs omicron) sans booster. and you can see how this could get ugly for our state health systems really quick.

it says a lot that florida has highest rate rise in the *winter*.
13450156, 12/16/2024: mixed news
Posted by handle, Thu Dec-16-21 12:22 PM
Omicron variant may multiply 70 times faster than delta, study finds:

The omicron variant multiplies 70 times faster in the human bronchial tubes than the initial COVID-19 infection or the delta variant, according to a new study from the University of Hong Kong.

The lightning-fast spread within people may explain why the variant may transmit faster among humans than previous versions, the researchers say. Their study also showed the omicron infection in the lung is significantly lower than the original SARS-CoV-2, which may be an indicator of lower disease severity. The research is currently under peer review for publication.

Current Covid boosters are enough to fight the omicron variant, Fauci says

"Our booster vaccine regimens work against omicron. At this point, there is no need for a variant-specific booster," Fauci, also the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said.

During Wednesday's briefing, Fauci cited lab data showing that a third dose of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine increases the shots' ability to neutralize the omicron variant by a "substantial degree." That research, he said, will be available to the public in the coming days or weeks.

Last week, Pfizer and its partner BioNTech said that their analysis of blood samples in a lab showed a third dose of their Covid vaccine offered strong protection against the omicron variant.

Cornell University Reports 930 COVID Cases, Including Omicron Variant
By Carolyn Crist


Dec. 15, 2021 -- Cornell University reported 930 new coronavirus cases among students and staff Dec. 7-13, with a “very high percentage” identified as Omicron variant cases in fully vaccinated people.

“Virtually every case of the Omicron variant to date has been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had also received a booster shot,” Joel Malina, the vice president for university relations, told CNN.
13450159, I appreciate you compiling these
Posted by Walleye, Thu Dec-16-21 12:26 PM
No additional comment. These have been informative and convenient to read. Thanks!
13450166, So could this end up being a good thing?
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Dec-16-21 01:00 PM
The virus multiplying much more greatly in the bronchial tubes but much less in the lungs is in line with other studies about it being way more transmissible but significantly less severe…so is this a way to eventually get us to herd immunity without a huge spike in deaths, regardless of the consistent group of people against getting vaccinated?
13450193, no one has reported this
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Thu Dec-16-21 05:03 PM
but i hope the virus is adapting to essentially become another version of the common cold

more easily transmitted, less severe keeps viruses from burning out too quickly (hosts don't die so the virus has a better chance of surviving)

still wish we had more mitigation strategies in place in case it heads the other direction again
13450196, >huge spike in deaths,
Posted by handle, Thu Dec-16-21 05:12 PM
If it's much more transmissible but only slightly less severe then you could end up with more disease AND more deaths.

I don't think we know how this scenario will actually play out.

What if it is more transmissible AND the more severe? Then it's a lot worse.

Going have to wait and see.
13450198, yup
Posted by Ashy Achilles, Thu Dec-16-21 05:14 PM
13450485, Everyone, What does this mean to you?
Posted by Boogie Stimuli, Tue Dec-21-21 02:46 PM
>“Virtually every case of the Omicron variant to date has
>been found in fully vaccinated students, a portion of whom had
>also received a booster shot,” Joel Malina, the vice
>president for university relations, told CNN.

13450186, just wanted to pop in here with a #themoreyouknow
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Dec-16-21 04:38 PM
tested positive and i'm pretty sure it's omicron. i'm three shots in and so far have mild symptoms.

started off with an itchy throat and post nasal drip with a corresponding light cough, followed by lower back pain... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/lower-back-pain-scratchy-throat-emerge-symptoms-omicron/

now it's basically congestion. similar to a cold but actually not as harsh (at the moment).

so the moral of the story is, get tested even with the most minimal symptoms. with this going around now there is a good chance you do not have seasonal congestion or allergies or a mild cold. you probably have covid. and i think there is a lot of community spread happening because people are out and about with a stuffy nose or itchy throat thinking nothing of it. so yeah, get tested if you feel off in the slightest.
13450190, I hope you do well
Posted by handle, Thu Dec-16-21 04:59 PM
My ,likely delta, infection in July also started with a sore throat.
13450202, apparently the difference is the sore vs itchy/scratchy throat
Posted by RandomFact, Thu Dec-16-21 05:25 PM

that's why i think there are a ton of people walking around with this right now thinking it's nothing. that's why we're seeing cases surge in industries with frequent testing (ie sports) and not so much in society as a whole (at least that's the case here in LA). under the surface I think omicron is already running rampant.

and thank you.

13450255, I’m going to get tested within the hour
Posted by DJR, Fri Dec-17-21 07:33 AM
I’ve had that itchy/scratchy throat feeling - feels like a peanut skin is stuck in there or something. Very annoying.

Was up coughing since 3 AM.

Got used to checking temp. and blood oxygen levels since COVID started - those have been fine. And otherwise I feel fine other than the coughing and a mildly stuffy nose. But I didn’t realize Omicron’s symptoms are so different. I’m thinking I have it, but we’ll see.
13450288, itchy throat and a soft cough due to nasal drip were the first symptoms
Posted by RandomFact, Fri Dec-17-21 12:52 PM
followed by congestion/stuffy nose and a fucked up lower back.

these are all the main symptoms reported of omicron. it mirrors a common cold (for many, especially if vaccinated).

13450318, Negative for COVID! PCR test
Posted by DJR, Sat Dec-18-21 09:11 AM
That’s a relief, with Christmas a week away. Must just have a cold, which is starting to clear up.
13450301, ive had two scares
Posted by mista k5, Fri Dec-17-21 04:11 PM
one was after a business trip in october, came back with a stuffy nose. negative.

second one was yesterday. my landlord stopped by the house to do some maintenance last friday. yesterday he told me he tested positive for covid. i got tested yesterday and negative.

i havent really had a reason to get tested other than these times. havent felt any symptoms or had reason to suspect i was exposed.

that test sucks, straight up feels like your brain is being poked. it doesnt last for long but it is unpleasant. that said i will continue to test as necessary.

got my booster two weeks ago so hopefully i keep avoiding this thing.
13450261, What do these outbreaks among the vaccinated mean....
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Fri Dec-17-21 09:13 AM
...mean for the efficacy of the vaccines and for public policy?

Cornell--97% fully vaccinated. They have a recent outbreak and shut the university down. Other universities experiencing surges too, even though they are highly vaccinated.

NBA--97% fully vaccinated (60% boosted). Outbreak. Players held out, games postponed.

NHL--Highly vaccinated. Outbreak. Games postponed

13450263, That institution-wide policy is primarily guided by liability concerns
Posted by Walleye, Fri Dec-17-21 09:36 AM
Most of the decisions made by the private bodies that you're naming, universities and sports leagues, are being made because those institutions are concerned with bad press and lawsuits - not necessarily in that order.

Doesn't mean they're the wrong decisions. But they're reflecting a lot broader calculus than vaccine efficacy and disease severity. Lawyers and accountants factor into them just as much as doctors.Even if I don't like the basis for the reasoning, it's one of the few material forces that's pushing us toward caution rather than just shouting "BUSINESS!" like our country usually does.
13450271, also the most vaccinated areas/entities
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 11:12 AM
are gonna strongly correlate with higher and more robust levels of testing, reporting, variant identifying/tracing, etc.

no doubt omicron is doing its thing among unvaccinated, rurals, etc
(like every other wave/variant). but the quantifying capacity isnt in those places right now.

itll become clear when the hospitalizations/deaths are several times higher from omicron in those places compared to the places who are already addressing it now tho. even tho its more mild overall...the same disparities will be there.
13450278, Virus has changed a lot - I'll bet we get new vaccine
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-17-21 12:05 PM
Seems like boosted people THS FAR are doing okay - the rest of the data is still unknow at this time.

But I'll bet we get a new vaccine sooner than later.

And hopefully the Pfizer Covid treatment pill PAXLOVID will be on the market soon.
13450266, I had a conversation with an ER doctor last night
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Dec-17-21 10:31 AM
Our kids are in the same class and this woman was almost in tears every time I talked to her last year at the height of COVID.

I saw her last night because our kids are in the same class and the school decided to start Christmas Break early and cancel the last two days of school and she was saying it was bullshit.

That is, COVID cases may be up but ICU Hospitalizations are not up. Among the vaccinated, testing positive for COVID means a cold and not necessarily a bad cold for most.

That's anecdotal (and of course fits neatly with my perspective) but it does seem like we can't regard this outbreak the same as the outbreak we saw last year.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13450272, heres some good news about hospitalizations out of south africa.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 11:19 AM
Bloomberg: South Africa Hospitalization Rate Plunges in Omicron Wave - “Only 1.7% of identified Covid-19 cases were admitted to hospital in the second week of infections in the fourth wave, compared with 19% in the same week of the third delta-driven wave”

this is key too:
The number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in this wave is also being inflated by the fact that milder patients are being admitted because there is room to accommodate them. Many are there for other complaints but are routinely tested, according to health officials.

maybe the same trend is playing out over here.
13450274, aaaand a study out of uk says no evidence omicron is milder than delta.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 11:26 AM
i give up lol.


ive seen doctors in comments to these articles saying that the trends in south africa might just be because they have a low vaccination rate (under 40% i believe) and a younger population thats been 70-80% previously infected with earlier variants. so more/different type of collective immunity.
13450280, Yeah but the Vaccine though
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Fri Dec-17-21 12:27 PM
I guess the only thing I care about is how COVID hits vaccinated people (and people who can't get vaccinated).

If Omnicrom and Delta are hitting the vaccinated like just a bad cold, then I think we can live with that.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13450284, This goes back to what I was confused about in post 45...
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Dec-17-21 12:40 PM
Because there are all these articles discussing stats of efficacy against hospitalization and deaths and the articles don't mention any context around the vaccination rate of those in the study. Or to your point, the percentage that had been previously infected.

There's just so much context around risk levels here, and that context is rarely conveyed in a short tweet.
13450296, yeah and one big difference between usa and other countries
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 02:17 PM
is that the covid environment in other countries is a lot more homogeneous/nationalized.

we got different states, different laws, different approaches, different political/media environments, etc.
13450298, GREAT point.
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Dec-17-21 02:51 PM
13450273, Keep rooting for it
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-17-21 11:21 AM
I hope your right, but I hoped Trump was right when he said
"You know, a lot of people think that goes away in April with the heat — as the heat comes in. Typically, that will go away in April."

I think a vastly more transmissible version of a virus, unless it is also vastly less severe, is still bad news.

And I still don't know if catching omicron acts as (at least temporary) protection from catching delta. What if people get BOTH? What if they get omicron and then think they are protected and then get delta?

Why are people making these judgements already when the data isn't in yet?

I wonder if they'll feel the same in a weeks IF people are still getting delta at a similar rate AND a lot of people are ALSO getting omicron. Then it's a numbers game again.
13450276, 12/17/2021: Mixed bag still - many unknowns - but bad is trending
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-17-21 11:57 AM
Omicron five times more likely to re-infect than Delta, study says


The risk of reinfection with the Omicron coronavirus variant is more than five times higher and it has shown no sign of being milder than Delta, a study by Imperial College London showed, as cases soar across Europe and threaten year-end festivities.

The results were based on UK Health Security Agency and National Health Service data on people who tested positive for COVID-19 in a PCR test in England between Nov. 29 and Dec. 11.

"We find no evidence (for both risk of hospitalisation attendance and symptom status) of Omicron having different severity from Delta," the study said, although it noted that data on hospitalisations remains very limited.

Study says previous COVID infection provides little immune help against

AstraZeneca therapy works against Omicron; results mixed for Regeneron

This is for the prophylactic monoclonal antibody injection Evusheld

J&J, Sinopharm, Sputnik V COVID-19 shots less effective against Omicron -study


13450290, From what I understand, things are pretty bad in England
Posted by mrhood75, Fri Dec-17-21 01:22 PM
And they're about three to four weeks ahead of us. So that tracks with the speculation that this is going to hit hard by January.
13450292, I'm supposed to go to the UK for work in January...
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Dec-17-21 01:40 PM
We have a branch office of our company in London that's been added to the team I manage, so I'm supposed to go their to lead a training for the group. I DEFINITELY don't want to be going overseas during this, and I'm sure the trip will get cancelled, but it hasn't officially happened yet.

One of those situations where no one wants to make the call so they are hoping that either the US or UK governments make the call for them.
13450294, cases skyrocketing in the uk but deaths seem to be stable.
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-17-21 02:10 PM
13450299, if you have any cold symptoms (even mild), you probably have covid - UK
Posted by RandomFact, Fri Dec-17-21 03:11 PM
that is their stance right now.

it's going to be a crazy couple months.

btw - it's already here in large numbers: https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/omicron-dominant-wastewater-samples-florida-county-81793644

13450304, Well, they just moved PG County schools back to virtual
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Dec-17-21 05:26 PM
No in person schooling until 1/18/22. The number of reported COVID cases were exploding. They had moved 3 schools in the area to virtual earlier in the week. Some kids in my daughter's class had it too. The e-mails didn't go out until late in the weekend. I got a call from the principal Monday morning before we were heading to drop her off. the initial policy was if the child is fully vaccinated and had no symptoms, they could come back to school. If they were not vaxxed they had to quarantine and be observed. Quite a few kids were out this week. Because of the late notice, some parents had to come back that morning and pull their children out.

Now, my daughter has been fully vaxxed for a couple months, so she was fine. We took her for a rapid test Wednesday and it was negative. But, they adjusted their policy today and said we had to get her anyway. So, my wife had to leave work and bring her home. Notice that everyone is back to virtual came via text about 45 minutes ago.

This feels eerily like spring 2020 when the virtual schools first started. Small trickle of cases, larger wave, hastily dumping kids out of school just before the holiday break, and online schooling until who knows when. Honestly I'm surprised it took this long for something to happen in schools.
13450315, "As Omicron Hits, COVID Case Counts Don't Mean What They Used To"
Posted by Tiger Woods, Sat Dec-18-21 02:00 AM
essential reading. If you're vaccinated, you should have all of the peace of mind you'd ever need.

13450316, BULLSHIT opinion piece
Posted by handle, Sat Dec-18-21 02:19 AM
100,000 people in the US have died in the last 11 weeks.

This article is just opinion - and it's basically another way of saying "Don't worry about the hundreds of thousands dying - it's fine."

The comparisons to the flu smack of stupidity. This is much more contagious AND much more deadly than the flu.

This lady has been WRONG about a lot in the past - why does this opinion piece ease your mind? She's ALWAYS saying things aren't bad and will only get better.

3 other wrong opinion pieces by her:
7 Reasons Why We Should Not Need Boosters for COVID-19

No, you probably won’t need a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot, says UCSF’s Monica Gandhi

Covid Will Soon Be Endemic, Thank Goodness
Widespread immunity, vaccinated and natural, will bring control and a full return to normal.

13450337, ^^^^^^ all of this
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Dec-18-21 03:07 PM

You’re killing this thread and it’s much appreciated
13450347, If you’d prefer to stay nervous, stay nervous
Posted by Tiger Woods, Sat Dec-18-21 11:19 PM
These vaccines exist for a reason
13450349, he mentioned 100,000 dead recently and you got snarky
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Dec-18-21 11:59 PM

Being cautious, having empathy for immunocompromised, etc should not be chalked up to just "being nervous"

13450350, We see your values
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-19-21 12:07 AM
>These vaccines exist for a reason
We got the point already bro. You sound like my uncle saying “don’t let fear run your life” because he heard it on Fox News. He died of Covid a few months ago.
13450368, This rings sooooo true
Posted by spenzalii, Sun Dec-19-21 01:09 PM
>> You sound like my uncle saying
>“don’t let fear run your life” because he heard it on
>Fox News. He died of Covid a few months ago.

My cousin has the same line of thinking, even after his mom passed from COVID complications.
13450320, omicron
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Sat Dec-18-21 09:24 AM
most likely to become the most dominant variant now.

tinfoil hat me.
13450324, 12/18/2021 - More bad news
Posted by handle, Sat Dec-18-21 12:04 PM
The share of people testing positive in New York City doubled in three days this week, and one of the mayor's top health experts says it's an indication of omicron evading immunity in a way no other variant had before.


NFL postpones three Week 15 games due to COVID-19 surge

It's not clear yet if Omicron is a milder variant. But its rapid spread is certain to overwhelm hospitals, experts say

13450345, SNL 12/18/2021
Posted by handle, Sat Dec-18-21 10:38 PM
‘SNL’ COVID-19 outbreak cancels Paul Rudd live audience, Charli XCX out

A source added that the “show must go on but don’t expect to see Colin Jost, Sarah Sherman or (Aristotle) Athari.” Jost, 39, usually hosts “Weekend Update” with Michael Che, 38, while Sherman, 28, and Athari, 30, are both newcomers to the ensemble this season.

13450372, It's going to be really hard to avoid this... for everyone.
Posted by RandomFact, Sun Dec-19-21 04:28 PM
as i sit here with it and all the time in the world to use google, the more i'm convinced that this is borderline inescapable, unless you personally revert to march/april 2020 levels of lockdown. and if you live in a densely populated area the odds are even more stacked against you.

we are going to be looking at a record number of case counts in a couple weeks. and i'm gonna assume the messaging from the cdc and government is going to move away from the importance of counting cases to a focus more on severe disease and hospitalizations. that's where this is going (imo).
13450378, 12/19/2021
Posted by handle, Sun Dec-19-21 05:06 PM
Your Monday Briefing: Omicron Evades Many Vaccines


A growing body of preliminary research suggests most Covid vaccines offer almost no defense against infection from the highly contagious Omicron variant. The only vaccines that appear to be effective against infections are those made by Pfizer and Moderna, reinforced by a booster, which are not widely available around the world.

Other vaccines — including those from AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson and vaccines manufactured in China and Russia — do little to nothing to stop the spread of Omicron, early research shows. Because most countries have built their inoculation programs around these vaccines, the gap could have a profound impact on the course of the pandemic.

Two leading COVID-19 drugs may not work against omicron variant


For more than a year, antibody drugs from Regeneron and Eli Lilly have been the go-to treatments for early COVID-19, thanks to their ability to head off severe disease and keep patients out of the hospital.

Stay on top of breaking news and weather with the FOX8 mobile app.
But both drugmakers recently warned that laboratory testing suggests their therapies will be much less potent against omicron, which contains dozens of mutations that make it harder for antibodies to attack the virus. And while the companies say they can quickly develop new omicron-targeting antibodies, those aren’t expected to launch for at least several months.

A third antibody from British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline appears to be the best positioned to fight omicron. But Glaxo’s drug is not widely available in the U.S., accounting for a small portion of the millions of doses purchased and distributed by the federal government. U.S. health officials are now rationing scarce drug supplies to states.


Fauci: Record coronavirus deaths in US from omicron likely


“Do you expect new record high numbers for cases? And what about hospitalizations and deaths?” Tapper asked.

“Yes, well, unfortunately, Jake, I think that that is going to happen,” Fauci confirmed. “We are going to see a significant stress in some regions of the country on the hospital system, particularly in those areas where you have a low level of vaccination, which is one of the reasons why we continue to stress the importance of getting those unvaccinated people vaccinated.”

Sen. Warren tests positive for Covid-19

"I regularly test for COVID & while I tested negative earlier this week, today I tested positive with a breakthrough case. Thankfully, I am only experiencing mild symptoms & am grateful for the protection provided against serious illness that comes from being vaccinated & boosted," she tweeted. "As cases increase across the country, I urge everyone who has not already done so to get the vaccine and the booster as soon as possible - together, we can save lives."
13450406, 12/20/2019
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-20-21 10:46 AM
Moderna says its booster significantly raises Omicron-fighting antibodies


London — Moderna announced preliminary data on Monday that it said showed a third, booster dose of its coronavirus vaccine appeared to significantly increase antibodies that can help fight off an infection with the Omicron variant. Moderna said lab tests showed Omicron-neutralizing antibodies were low after two doses of its jab, but 29 days after a booster dose of 50 micrograms, they increased about 37-fold.

The 50 microgram dose is given as a booster with the Moderna shot, but the company's data showed that a full, 100 microgram booster dose increased antibody counts even more, around 83-fold.

Fauci warns Omicron COVID variant ‘raging through the world’
Top US infectious diseases expert warns hospitals in the country could face stresses in coming weeks as COVID-19 infections surge.


“No matter how you look at it,” he said, “when you have so many, many infections, even if it is less severe, that overcomes this slight to moderate diminution in severity.”

“Our hospitals, if things look like they’re looking now in the next week or two, are going to be very stressed,” particularly in areas of the country with low levels of vaccination, Fauci said.


California braces for Omicron wave amid grim forecasts, concerns for hospitals


Some doctors are concerned that people are so fed up with the pandemic that they won’t wear masks at a time when transmission is expected to climb.

“My concern — and the concern across the country — is the fatigue with regard to mask wearing and social distancing” as the more transmissible Omicron variant spreads, said Dr. Stephanie Hall, chief medical officer for Keck Medicine of USC and USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. “People are tired. And they’re not sticking with it.”
13450450, I really appreciate this post. It should be pinned
Posted by Damali, Mon Dec-20-21 09:39 PM

"I don't speak to provoke. I speak because I think our time on Earth is short and each moment that we are not our truest selves, each moment we say what we do not mean because we imagine that is what somebody what's us to say, then we are wasting our time
13450465, 12/21/2021 : Omicron dominant
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-21-21 07:45 AM
Omicron is now the dominant U.S. COVID variant. Is it as contagious as measles?


With startling speed, the immensely contagious omicron variant of the coronavirus has become the dominant strain in the U.S.

The omicron variant accounted for 73% of new infections in the United States last week, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — a sharp rise from 13% the prior week.

In some places, such as New York, the prevalence of omicron is at over 90%, federal authorities said. Its prevalence is unclear in California, which has not updated its variant sequencing numbers since last Wednesday, when the state tallied just 49 omicron cases — a number that by now is certain to be vastly higher.

President Biden will address the nation on Tuesday about the threat posed by the variant.

First Omicron Death in U.S. Was Reinfection—A Warning to Those Who've Already Had COVID


he first confirmed death from the Omicron variant in the U.S. was a reinfection, serving as a warning to people who have already had COVID-19.

Health officials in Harris County, Texas, reported on Monday that a man aged between 50 and 60 had died after testing positive for Omicron.

The man, who was not named, had previously been infected with COVID-19, health officials said. They added that the patient was "at higher risk of severe complications from COVID-19 due to his unvaccinated status and underlying health conditions."

Harris County Public Health Director Barbie Robinson said the man's death was "a reminder of the severity of COVID-19 and its variants."

A new congressional report shows how Donald Trump sabotaged the country’s early response to COVID.


Read this - it's way worse and WAY more cynical than even the most vicious and stupid than 95% of what Trump-haters were accusing him of doing.
13450467, THIS RIGHT HERE...
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Dec-21-21 08:58 AM
>Read this - it's way worse and WAY more cynical than even the
>most vicious and stupid than 95% of what Trump-haters were
>accusing him of doing.

Trump was impeached twice - once for the abuse of power with the Ukraine scandal and again for the 1/6 insurrection. But THIS should really be his legacy. The hundreds of thousands of Americans who have died from this virus could have been MUCH MUCH less if he hadn't have purposely sabotaged our response. Not to mention the fact that if he'd actually been a good leader, the entire worldwide response could have been much, much better since as we know you can't fight a worldwide pandemic in a vacuum...
13450468, RE: THIS RIGHT HERE...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Tue Dec-21-21 09:10 AM
>The hundreds of thousands of
>Americans who have died from this virus could have been MUCH
>MUCH less if he hadn't have purposely sabotaged our response.

Not just died.. slooowly killed minute by minute in some of the most horrific ways possible.. essentially torture

13450487, their talking point lately is
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-21-21 02:54 PM
that more people have died under Biden's watch when we had vaccines.

which of course falls apart when you look at who's dying.

but you can't tell these people anything. they booed Trump again the other day when he said he got boosted
13450491, They are disingenuous AND stupid
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-21-21 03:44 PM
13450494, Yes. BOTH disingenuous AND stupid.
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Dec-21-21 04:02 PM
As I've made several moves up the management chain in leadership an eye opening thing for me is how disingenuous and PURPOSELY stupid people can be at the VO and above level. As in they will use every bit of ADVANCED calculus, statistics, and brain power to find "data" to support a winning narrative, while completely shutting their brains to the most basic common sense that doesn't support the narrative.

So take that corporate mentality, and apply to politics. Along with the fact that a good chunk of their based isn't even "shutting their brains off", they literally will believe any talking point they are told at face value.

The example I can think of that might be applicable to all of us is spellcheck. When I was young I was GOOD at spelling. I could memorize the spelling of all kinds of basic words. At this point though I rely so heavily on spellcheck, that part of my brain has been completely turned off. I was working on something in PowerPoint last week, and I was misspelling a pretty basic word. But spellcheck wasn't catching it so I didn't even think twice about it. Shared the PPT with a colleague who called me out, and I was like "NOOOOO - look at my PPT, no red squiggly lines." But on theirs they saw the lines. I had clicked "Ignore All" at some point in the doc so it wasn't catching the misspelling. I rely so heavily on spellcheck that even though my brain should know that it's misspelled, I was seeing confirmation bias in real time.

For a good segment of the GOP base, it's just like that. Deep inside they know something is wrong, but if they can find one thing on Fox News to support the argument, one talking point, no matter how disingenuous or cherry picked, they will completely ignore basic facts.
13450524, Several attendees of right wing conference suddenly mysteriously ill
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Dec-22-21 09:05 PM

strange respiratory symptoms, like shortness of breath, coughing and fever.

must be anthrax

13450492, FYI - many people with omicron are testing negative at the onset
Posted by RandomFact, Tue Dec-21-21 03:53 PM
of symptoms. some people are testing negative for 2-3 days with symptoms. apparently this could be the vaccine do its job...


keep that in mind moving forward.

13450507, 12/22/2021: Nearly a month - remember...
Posted by handle, Wed Dec-22-21 10:46 AM
Remember reports of deaths TRAIL infection by around 3 weeks. So the data in the next month, starting in the UK will probably tell us the actual severity of disease.

Omicron Has 80% Lower Risk of Hospitalization, New Study Shows

South Africans contracting Covid-19 in the current fourth wave of infections are 80% less likely to be hospitalized if they catch the omicron variant, compared with other strains, according to a study released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

Once admitted to the hospital, the risk of severe disease doesn’t differ from other variants, the authors led by scientists Nicole Walter and Cheryl Cohen said.

Covid Omicron: Biden buys 500m test kits to tackle surge

The key measures are:

500 million at-home rapid tests (antigen/flow) will be bought and delivered free to all Americans who request them from January. Kits can currently cost $7-$15 (£5-£11) over-the-counter and availability can be sketchy in some areas

1,000 military medical personnel will be deployed to hospitals nationwide over the next two months, five times the current amount

The launch of new federal testing sites nationwide, with the first in New York City - which has seen a massive surge in Omicron - by Christmas

Expanded hospital capacity and distribution of critical supplies

US Army Creates Single Vaccine Against All COVID & SARS Variants, Researchers Say


Within weeks, scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research expect to announce that they have developed a vaccine that is effective against COVID-19 and all its variants, even Omicron, as well as from previous SARS-origin viruses that have killed millions of people worldwide.

The achievement is the result of almost two years of work on the virus. The Army lab received its first DNA sequencing of the COVID-19 virus in early 2020. Very early on, Walter Reed’s infectious diseases branch decided to focus on making a vaccine that would work against not just the existing strain but all of its potential variants as well.

Walter Reed’s Spike Ferritin Nanoparticle COVID-19 vaccine, or SpFN, completed animal trials earlier this year with positive results. Phase 1 of human trials, which tested the vaccine against Omicron and the other variants, wrapped up this month, again with positive results that are undergoing final review, Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad, director of Walter Reed’s infectious diseases branch, said in an exclusive interview with Defense One. The new vaccine will still need to undergo phase 2 and phase 3 trials.

Unlike existing vaccines, Walter Reed’s SpFN uses a soccer ball-shaped protein with 24 faces for its vaccine, which allows scientists to attach the spikes of multiple coronavirus strains on different faces of the protein.
13450513, That multi-purpose vaccine should be helpful
Posted by Walleye, Wed Dec-22-21 12:54 PM
Between their description of the way the vaccine is built and the fact that it was developed by the army, I imagine the side effects will just be listed as "really gnarly" but it sounds like a good idea to me.
13450527, this is the most people in my personal circle to get covid.
Posted by Reeq, Thu Dec-23-21 08:06 AM
seems like literally my whole family and a bunch of friends got hit at the same time.

even people who had no symptoms but got tested just because…they ended up having it.

shit is spreading like wildfire (thankfully none of them have been serious cases).
13450533, 12/23/2021
Posted by handle, Thu Dec-23-21 10:05 AM
F.D.A. Clears Pfizer’s Covid Pill for High-Risk Patients 12 and Older


Pfizer’s drug reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by 88 percent when given to high-risk unvaccinated adults within five days of the start of their symptoms.

Paxlovid appears to be substantially more effective than a similar antiviral pill from Merck, known as molnupiravir, that is still awaiting authorization by the F.D.A. In a clinical trial, Merck’s drug reduced risk of hospitalization and death for high-risk patients by 30 percent.

Omicron sweeping through California with staggering speed, raising alarm and questions


Omicron is expected to move through the population rapidly, at a rate some experts have described as unprecedented on a global scale. “The timeline for omicron spread is days, not weeks, as it was for delta,” said San Francisco Health Director Dr. Grant Colfax. Still, he said, “it’s not a time to panic, but a time to be vigilant.”

A highly influential COVID-19 forecast is projecting that the omicron surge may result in as many as 400,000 new coronavirus cases a day across the nation — significantly higher than last winter’s record of 250,000 cases a day.

The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation projects the omicron surge will continue rising swiftly through December and into January, potentially peaking later next month or in early February. Despite the increase in cases, predictions indicate there will be fewer daily deaths than during last winter’s devastating peak.

The U.S. is reporting an average of more than 161,000 new coronavirus cases a day, approaching the peak of the summer delta wave, which reached 164,000 new daily cases.

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations during this winter’s peak could be slightly higher than last year, the forecast says.

13450573, 12/24/2021: So much "hope" pinned on this
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-24-21 10:50 AM
Note: A BIG trend this week is to talk about how "this may be how it all ends" which STILL seems wildly premature. Fingers crossed though.

Why you should upgrade your mask as the Omicron variant spreads

"Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There's no place for them in light of Omicron," said CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and visiting professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, on CNN Newsroom Tuesday.

"This is what scientists and public health officials have been saying for months, many months, in fact," Wen added in a separate phone interview.

"We need to be wearing at least a three-ply surgical mask," she said, which is also known as a disposable mask and can be found at most drugstores and some grocery and retail stores. "You can wear a cloth mask on top of that, but do not just wear a cloth mask alone."


Fully Vaccinated Individuals at Risk for COVID Infection With Omicron Variant – Columbia Study

In neutralization studies with monoclonal antibodies, only one (Brii198 approved in China) maintained notable activity against omicron. A minor form of omicron is completely resistant to all antibodies in clinical use today. The authors note that omicron is now the most complete “escapee” from neutralization that scientists have seen.

Omicron and children: Pediatric hospitals in parts of U.S. filling fast

About 800 kids have been admitted nearly every day this week, with those in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York hit particularly hard by the juggernaut variant.

White House lifting omicron travel ban on southern African countries amid spread in US
Travel can resume from South Africa, 7 other countries, on Dec. 31


Booster shots protect against symptomatic Omicron infection for about 10 weeks, study finds — which could mean more doses for some in 2022


The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said protection against symptomatic COVID-19 caused by the variant dropped from 70% to 45% after a Pfizer booster for those initially vaccinated with the shot developed by Pfizer with BioNTech.

In the same analysis published Thursday, the agency found the effectiveness of Moderna's booster paired with two doses of the Pfizer vaccine held at 70 to 75% for up to 9 weeks, though not many people in the study received this regimen, which could affect the accuracy of the finding.
13450575, Are omicron particles smaller? Why do cloth masks not work?
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Fri Dec-24-21 11:12 AM
They're just "facial decoration" now? Did they ever work?

This continuously changing mask guidance is a huge public policy blunder.

>Why you should upgrade your mask as the Omicron variant
>"Cloth masks are little more than facial decorations. There's
>no place for them in light of Omicron," said CNN Medical
>Analyst Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and visiting
>professor of health policy and management at the George
>Washington University Milken Institute School of Public
>Health, on CNN Newsroom Tuesday.
>"This is what scientists and public health officials have been
>saying for months, many months, in fact," Wen added in a
>separate phone interview.
>"We need to be wearing at least a three-ply surgical mask,"
>she said, which is also known as a disposable mask and can be
>found at most drugstores and some grocery and retail stores.
>"You can wear a cloth mask on top of that, but do not just
>wear a cloth mask alone."
13450576, They’ve been consistent the entire pandemic that
Posted by soulfunk, Fri Dec-24-21 11:37 AM
N95/KN95 masks are much more effective against the virus. What’s changed is first the availability of those better masks (early on with supply issues the recommendation was to save them for hospital staff) and the purpose of wearing…remember for just about all of last year the purpose of wearing cloth masks wasn’t about your own protection, but to keep you from spreading droplets to others. At this point in the pandemic with Omicron being so much more transmissible and vaccinated people getting it and unknowingly spreading, it absolutely makes sense to move towards the N95 style masks which actually DO protect you against infection.

I’ll add that to me, at some point during the summer after vaccination was widely available, cloth masks WERE a largely symbolic item. As in when I would go out and about wearing my masks, other people who I saw wearing masks I viewed as more likely to have been taking the pandemic seriously - more likely to have been vaccinated, more likely to have been cautious around crowds and overall managing risk levels, while I personally saw people not wearing masks as more likely to NOT be taking things as seriously. A major reason I started seeing it as largely symbolic was because vaccination was (and is) my primary protection against severe sickness. Once masking mandates went away it became more of a sign to me on how others were responding to the pandemic. Somewhat ironic, since most public places at first would have signs still requiring masks for unvaccinated people, so in theory unmasked folks should have been the “safer” group more likely to have been vaccinated. But we all know what the reality was.
13450580, Cloth mask were never as good as other mask
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-24-21 01:42 PM
They were supposed to protect other people from particles coming from your mouth. Now that we have variants that are much more contagious having a better mask helps protect you more. Medical personnel where I work always used an N 95 mask, and we always handed out surgical mask to the patients.

I’ve been using these as my daily masks:

And yes I did catch Covid in July, but I have a feeling it was from hanging out with someone without a mask for a few hours
Posted by The Mac, Mon Dec-27-21 03:38 PM
There is no proof that they work in any way...not one legit study that proves they work
13450669, Are you serious?
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Dec-27-21 04:04 PM
>There is no proof that they work in any way...not one legit
>study that proves they work







13450674, He LEGIT got that from the poster Musa
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-27-21 06:42 PM
They don't believe in germ theory??

Also he thinks Alex Bernsen is a trustworthy source: https://board.okayplayer.com/okp.php?az=show_topic&forum=4&topic_id=13437897&mesg_id=13437897

13450675, it's not continuously changing, it's been really, really clear
Posted by Rjcc, Mon Dec-27-21 06:59 PM
cloth masks alone won't get it done

double masking with a surgical mask and a cloth mask works really well, if anything c the cloth mask helps hold it in place

n95/kn95 masks actually work because they're supposed to

this has been public for the last year and a half

www.engadgethd.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
13450716, Cloth masks were better than no masks, if I'm not mistaken
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Dec-28-21 12:18 PM
Remember, there was a time when N95/KN95 masks simply were not available or were priced sky high. Having some covering was better than not, but it was never supposed to be the main thing, just an emergency/better than nothing measure.
13450583, Are these good?
Posted by Kira, Fri Dec-24-21 02:13 PM
Anti Fog Face Shield Protective Face Shield High-Definition Protective Shields to Protect Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Anti-Sand and Anti-Splash Headgear All-Inclusive Face Protection for Adults(2PCS Anti-Blue Light) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09LMNLQ2B/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_WGNBPZTBSJ8B59WJWHMP


Trend STEALTH/ML Stealth Air APF10 Reusable Respirator Half Mask Includes Filters (Medium/Large) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077TX6TRX/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_JAJRF6139SK70PX4JXWE?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
13450664, I decided that only NIOSH masks should be used now ;)
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-27-21 01:13 PM
My "Supply Aid' KN95 are clearly fake, and I think they're not great.

So I decided to get one from the list:

I ended up getting the Gerson: https://www.gersonco.com/product/n95-respirator/

I think using the CDC approved list might be the best bet.

And I don't know anything about facemasks, they seem to be to prevent people from sneezing or spitting on you more than stopping airborne particles.
13450673, 12/27/2021; One Month in
Posted by handle, Mon Dec-27-21 06:33 PM
>What we don't know as of 11/27/2021:
>If it is more contagious.

Yes, much more contagious.

Omicron’s Re is estimated to be three to five times greater than Delta’s, which was 1.5 to two times as contagious as the original variant, says Josh Schiffer, an infectious-disease modeler and physician at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

>If the disease is more severe.

Early studies saying it may be less severe, but not much less.


>If re-infection rate is higher.

>If effectiveness of vaccination is lowered.

In a briefing released Friday, the UK Health Security Agency announced that the Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines all protect against omicron less than they did against delta and that protection from boosters wanes in time. Booster effectiveness generally decreased to between about 60% and 70% protection at two to four weeks after the shot, down to between about 35% and 45% at 10 weeks, depending on the combination of vaccines administered.

Note:NOVAVAX says they may do better - but data not submitted.

>If Merck and Pfizer anti-virials are effective against it.

Regeneron monoclonal antibody NOT effective, but Sotrovimab is.

Pfizer pill for post exposure is effective. Couldn't find Merk data.

>Possible new vaccines - could take as little as 100 days -
>could take more depending on regulatory requirements.

No announcements about making new vaccines yet.

Coming up: Fauci says that daily positives may reach over 500,000 within 2 weeks. It's going to get bad.

13450676, Yea bc people are idiots
Posted by vik, Mon Dec-27-21 07:31 PM
>>What we don't know as of 11/27/2021:
>>If it is more contagious.
>Yes, much more contagious.
>Omicron’s Re is estimated to be three to five times greater
>than Delta’s, which was 1.5 to two times as contagious as
>the original variant, says Josh Schiffer, an
>infectious-disease modeler and physician at the Fred
>Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.
>>If the disease is more severe.
>Early studies saying it may be less severe, but not much less.
>>If re-infection rate is higher.
>>If effectiveness of vaccination is lowered.
>In a briefing released Friday, the UK Health Security Agency
>announced that the Oxford/AstraZeneca, Pfizer/BioNTech and
>Moderna vaccines all protect against omicron less than they
>did against delta and that protection from boosters wanes in
>time. Booster effectiveness generally decreased to between
>about 60% and 70% protection at two to four weeks after the
>shot, down to between about 35% and 45% at 10 weeks, depending
>on the combination of vaccines administered.
>Note:NOVAVAX says they may do better - but data not
>>If Merck and Pfizer anti-virials are effective against it.
>Regeneron monoclonal antibody NOT effective, but Sotrovimab
>Pfizer pill for post exposure is effective. Couldn't find Merk
>>Possible new vaccines - could take as little as 100 days -
>>could take more depending on regulatory requirements.
>No announcements about making new vaccines yet.
>Coming up: Fauci says that daily positives may reach over
>500,000 within 2 weeks. It's going to get bad.
13450681, 500,000 positive tests per day should trigger a shut down.
Posted by Kira, Mon Dec-27-21 10:30 PM
That's 15 million cases per month. They need to slow the spread asap.
13450692, almost feels like shutting things down
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Dec-28-21 08:24 AM
would just prolong the inevitable

and it would probably cause mass riots the way people are operating these days.

13450697, Prolong the inevtiable??
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 10:12 AM
>would just prolong the inevitable

Do people think that everyone will get infected ONCE and then "it's over?"

The goal is to avoid disease and death.

And if death rates are 1% and we get 140 million folks infected in the next 2 months then 1.4 million more deaths?

Or say it's just 50 million folk who get infected, then it's ONLY 500,000 dead.

And once people get the disease and get re-infected it's still very much likely the death rate will still be greater than the flu - which kills 30k-50k a year in the U.S. We're fine with that as a country?

>and it would probably cause mass riots the way people are
>operating these days.

Its amazing people aren't rioting over being forced to work and live around this much disease.

If COVID was like measles and people found the infected less attractive or palatable to look at - or when looking at them they appeared unhealthy - would that help??????

13450717, Plenty of people absolutely believe this
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Dec-28-21 12:39 PM

>Do people think that everyone will get infected ONCE and then
>"it's over?"

Catch it like the cold, build up a natural immunity, keep living. This is definitely a ongoing sentiment.
13450732, yes.. I think its inevitable that people will get infected
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Dec-28-21 03:24 PM
even if they quarantine because eventually people will

first time we shut shit down as soon as people started coming back outside people started getting infected.

13450695, My entire family potentially has this as of today......
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Dec-28-21 10:05 AM
Family back in NC that is....
made it this far and this long with no issues...but last week sparked it somehow....
brother, his girlfriend...
sister & her husband
mom & dad...
uncle, aunt, grandma & cousins all exposed...

All of them have vaccines AND boosters..
13450718, damn
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Tue Dec-28-21 01:06 PM
very scary. i hope they recover well.
13450707, 12/28/2021
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 11:39 AM
Several US states at or near all-time peak Covid-19 hospitalization levels

Four states — Michigan, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire — hit their all-time pandemic peak hospitalization numbers this month, according to a CNN review of data from the US Department of Health and Human Services.

All four have seen hospitalizations decline in the last few days.

Other areas are seeing hospitalization numbers near pandemic peaks.

Washington, DC, with 363 hospitalized as of Monday, is nearly tied with its peak of 383 in January. Ohio, Indiana and Delaware are all seeing hospital numbers at least 80% as high as their all-time records last winter, according to a CNN analysis of HHS data.


CDC lowers estimates of Omicron prevalence, saying the variant caused under 60% of Covid-19 cases last week


The Omicron variant caused 58.6% of new coronavirus cases in the US last week, which is significantly lower than previously thought, according to estimates posted Tuesday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last week, the agency estimated Omicron accounted for 73.2% of cases the week ending Dec. 18.

A CDC spokesperson told CNN last week there was a broad range of uncertainty for those numbers — as low as 34% and as high as 95%. She added agency would "adjust based on additional sequencing.” The agency has adjusted the estimate for that week even lower, from 73.2% to 22.5%.

Over the past four weeks, Omicron has risen rapidly in estimates – accounting for 0.6% of cases ending December 4, to 6.9% the following week, then 22.5% and now 58.6%. The Delta variant makes up nearly all of the rest.

More on the CDC estimates: Not every Covid-19 test is sent for the extra genetic sequencing needed to detect which variant has infected someone. The CDC works off samples and extrapolates its estimates based on that extra testing.

Omicron’s estimated prevalence varies widely based on geography. For example, in the region that includes New York and New Jersey, as well as the region covering Texas and its bordering states, Omicron was estimated to have caused upwards of 86% of cases last week.


Texas runs out of monoclonal antibody treatment to fight omicron variant of COVID-19


On Monday, the Texas Department of State Health Services announced that its regional infusion centers in Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, San Antonio and The Woodlands have run out of the monoclonal antibody sotrovimab.

That antibody has been shown to be effective against the omicron variant. Other monoclonal antibodies have not been shown to be effective against omicron.

Gov. Abbott calls out Biden administration as Texas runs out of omicron antibody treatment


Fuck Abbott. he can blame everything on someone else.

CDC cuts isolation time recommended for people with asymptomatic coronavirus infections


Federal health officials on Monday shortened the recommended time Americans infected with the coronavirus should isolate from 10 days to five if they are asymptomatic — a decision they said was driven by a growing body of research about when people are most infectious.

Omicron could make the world more resistant to Delta COVID strain, South Africa study says


Very early paper with only 15 participants but maybe it'll bear out in the next few months.
13450722, The airlines asked for quarantine to be less
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 01:23 PM
And now it is so.

People gotta get back to work after all. Wonder
how long until quarantine is a 15 minute break?

The same people who told everyone to take
off their masks based on an honor system
and little data are doing it again.

Rather than mandating paid leave the admin is
just sending people back to work sick.

It’s incredible to see how little criticism the Biden
admin gets from certain folks.

Had this happened under Trump this thread
would be 3x as long.

No paid leave. No real testing plan. No urgency
on treatments. No additional mandates like
vaxxed to fly. No contact tracing. No waving
patents to vaxx the world.

Nothing but get vaxxed and get your asses
back to work.

Hundreds of thousands dead. Healthcare
systems jammed up. Long covid. It goes
on and on.

But the stock market is up amiright??

When the GOP essentially said some will have to die
for the economy it was ridiculous and rightfully
panned around here, etc.

I guess a lot of people really just want a friendlier
tone for the same shit.

13450728, people just worn out fam. Chill.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Dec-28-21 02:41 PM
At this point there aren’t really sides, just people that are gonna do and people that ain’t.
There are people that have every available opportunity and capacity to simply stay home when they’re sick…but guess what…they don’t. I got a co worker that’s sitting at his damn desk right. Now. Talking bout he been feeling sick since yesterday and his daughter been sick since Sunday and is awaiting her test results. It’s just fcked up all the way around at this point. Step away from the political bent and start putting energy into the fcked up mentalities and American work culture.

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13450730, You are making his point
Posted by The Mac, Tue Dec-28-21 02:50 PM
When it's one guy ya'll got mad energy to talk about every little tiny thing that happens 24/7/365

Now you got your guy and we gotta chill? We gotta focus on other shit? Lets not look at what the politicians are doing, we are tired today....

13450735, trump called covid a hoax.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 03:33 PM
then actively fought against measures to prevent the spread of the virus...threatened to primary red state governors who didnt do the same...literally blocked or curtailed blue states from much needed federal aid...reshuffled science/medical advisories and hid/sabotaged data to undermine the fight against covid...pushed a lethal alternative medication...and got caught on actual audio admitting that he intentionally downplayed the virus despite him understanding the severity.

biden made the vaccines widely available...encouraged people to get protected and follow guidelines via soft power and mandates...and took our adult vaccination rate from 1% on inauguration day to over 70%.

even the republican governor of *arkansas* praised bidens effort in combatting the virus.

if you think biden is anywhere near equivalent to trump then you are part of the problem.

i swear niggas have like a 2 week attention span when it comes to politics.
13450763, please stop. just stop. You're a hypocrite
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:17 PM

Just have the same energy for Biden as you would if he was someone else.

L O L at the bar for Biden being to NOT sabotage efforts...and still gloss over when his administration does just that.

Telling people to unmask = made the pandemic worse. Without question.

Telling people to quarantine for only 5 days = will make this worse.

Why do you treat this like Democrats are you favorite sports team that you have to defend blindly.

Things were supposed to get better. That was the idea. That was why we all fought.

Things aren't that much better "fam".

You are the worst on here. You have all the smoke for anyone who isn't your guy.

Stock market soaring is all that matters now like a real Trumper.

The bottom line is this administration has failed to address this pandemic. They have done *marginally* better than the previous only because of Pfizer and Moderna. Thats it.

No real plan otherwise.

If the CDC came out under Trump and said "get your asses back to work" you would be lighting this thread up with me.

Because its Joe, you're on some MAGA type "Let them die" personal responsibility horse shit.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU are why the Dems are trash. You not only accept anything, you celebrate and willfully defend this shit.

He doesn't say stupid shit that Trump says. Is that the line?

Like I said, some of yall just wanted a nicer face and a more professional tone as they throw us to the wolves.

13450742, political energy is wasted energy. That’s my point.
Posted by FLUIDJ, Tue Dec-28-21 03:57 PM
Anyone still hung up on trying to keep the political aspects of this situation bubbling is contributing to the problem. The sooner we can get back to the reality that this a pandemic is a NON POLITICAL worldwide problem the sooner folks might begin to stop being so stupid about it.
Don’t be stupid.

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13450764, Literally everything is political
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:18 PM

And our "leaders" are just sending our asses back to work.

When its Trump? The response is garbage! He's making it worse?

When its Joe? Slow down, don't make this political.

I'm legit crying.
13450734, nah.. he has a point
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Dec-28-21 03:30 PM
if Trump was in office this place would scream all day about the number of deaths and what we are doing wrong.

I’m no fam of Trump but I remember when dude wanted to block flights from China and Dems called him a racist. I mean.. yeah, be is but still… we should’ve put our health before our politics.

13450737, dems did not call trump racist for blocking flights from china.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 03:40 PM
thats fox news framing. they know easily impressionable people will conflate the resistance to the covid ban and muslim ban.

dems called trump racist because of his characterization of it as the wuhan virus, kung flu, etc...something that could inflame anti-asian sentiment (which it clearly did).

and the ban didnt even really work.

over 50k people from china still made it over here during the ban with no testing, tracing, or quarantine. and the dominant strain of the virus that lit ny on fire and spread throughout the country actually came from europe anyway (like delta and omincron).
13450765, so what about Joe's South Africa ban?
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:19 PM

Or are you going to keep making it about Trump and glossing over the similarities?
13450739, they would but we could do that double standard thing all day
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-28-21 03:49 PM
if hillary or obama were in office when the pandemic first hit, and they had a fraction of deaths we had under trump, they'd probably be in prison.

at the very least, i could see Trump strolling into office in 2020 unseating Hilary because we had 5000 covid deaths on her watch, far exceeding 9/11. We'd have memorials at every sporting event, and Hilldawg will be seen as the worst president in history.

>we should’ve put our health before
>our politics.

early on my dumb ass really thought this was gonna come out of this
13450768, why not?
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:47 PM
>if hillary or obama were in office when the pandemic first
>hit, and they had a fraction of deaths we had under trump,
>they'd probably be in prison.

So is Biden going to prison? His body count is climbing.

>at the very least, i could see Trump strolling into office in
>2020 unseating Hilary because we had 5000 covid deaths on her
>watch, far exceeding 9/11. We'd have memorials at every
>sporting event, and Hilldawg will be seen as the worst
>president in history.

Oh for sure. I'm not talking about media double standards.

I'm talking about double standards of hardcore Dem apologists. Folks who posted here daily about Trump's failures but have been ghost and will duck, dodge, deflect, etc to avoid admitting the truth-

Uncle Joe has not met the moment. Democrats have not met the moment.

I could go off of course, but I'll focus on the pandemic.

If you run against a sitting prez and talk about how little he has done to address the pandemic- you better at least TRY SOME SHIT when you win.

Cutting isolation IN HALF in the middle of an uptick of cases thanks to a new variant after your CDC got a letter from CEOs?

Probably a bad idea.

>>we should’ve put our health before
>>our politics.
>early on my dumb ass really thought this was gonna come out of

My dumbass thought that when the adults took over it would be better. It was scary under Trump.

I remember the day Biden took over, there was such a sense of relief in my house.

Now? Well, the stock market is up amiright?
13450769, dog had the CDC cut isolation in half under Trump??
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:52 PM

Each and every one of these dudes would be ranting with me.

Each and every one.

Had the Trump white house laughed at the idea of free tests?

Trump told everyone not to wear a mask- criminal!

Biden tells vaxxed to take off their masks like weeks in? The data!

We aren't allowed to ask more of Democrats to some of these people it is absolutely amazing.

Find someone who looks at you the way some of these dudes look at the Democratic party. Just unconditional love.

They care a lot more about Democrats than the Democrats care about them. Its sad actually.

13450795, Your premise of "unconditional love' for DEMs is faulty
Posted by handle, Wed Dec-29-21 01:52 PM
>Trump told everyone not to wear a mask- criminal!

>Biden tells vaxxed to take off their masks like weeks in? The data!

If you don't see the difference -- except your hypothesis that us mindless zombies are enthralled by charismatic Joe Biden -- then I don't think there's any possible way to ever change your mind.

> dog had the CDC cut isolation in half under Trump?
If the CDC did it because there was data over x-months saying that in asymptomatic cases that the first 5 days are when it usually spreads AND THEN told people with no symptoms they could go back out if they needed to and wore a mask for 5 more days - under Trump - we'd have not thrown a shit show.

I think you're confusing risk management policies with bad faith policies -- or that there are no difference between how this administration and the last one make decisions.

But Biden's policies are at LEAST actually trying to reduce harm while also taking into consideration how the world actually works. Trump's did not. And neither is perfect - but one is much much much more malicious than the other.

But I doubt you will see the distinction.

13450738, So that was the only reason?
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 03:47 PM

You don't understand what the change in recommendation ACTUALLY was, me thinks.


Given what we currently know about COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, CDC is shortening the recommended time for isolation from 10 days for people with COVID-19 to 5 days, if asymptomatic, followed by 5 days of wearing a mask when around others. The change is motivated by science demonstrating that the majority of SARS-CoV-2 transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after. Therefore, people who test positive should isolate for 5 days and, if asymptomatic at that time, they may leave isolation if they can continue to mask for 5 days to minimize the risk of infecting others.

Additionally, CDC is updating the recommended quarantine period for those exposed to COVID-19. For people who are unvaccinated or are more than six months out from their second mRNA dose (or more than 2 months after the J&J vaccine) and not yet boosted, CDC now recommends quarantine for 5 days followed by strict mask use for an additional 5 days. Alternatively, if a 5-day quarantine is not feasible, it is imperative that an exposed person wear a well-fitting mask at all times when around others for 10 days after exposure. Individuals who have received their booster shot do not need to quarantine following an exposure, but should wear a mask for 10 days after the exposure. For all those exposed, best practice would also include a test for SARS-CoV-2 at day 5 after exposure. If symptoms occur, individuals should immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms symptoms are not attributable to COVID-19.

So you read that as "Biden ORDERS the sick to go back to work even if it spread disease because the airlines told him to do it??"

Someone's sense of reasoning may be the thing that is tired here.

>It’s incredible to see how little criticism the Biden
admin gets from certain folks.

Biden's getting HAMMERED from ALL direction and has been for months.

He's hammered because the pandemic hasn't been "solved." That delta was multiple times as contagious as the disease that preceded it. And now that Omicron is 5 times as contagious it is his fault for not going back before omicron and securing free test for every citizen to use from now until the "end."

Then you compare that to Trump? Trump he said he didn't feel the need to wear a mask? Who pushed hydroxychloroquine? Who focused on overturning an election instead of distribution of vaccines?

Congress could pass the laws to supply aid - but they WILL not. Almost every Republican won't pass them because it might help Joe Biden's rating a little - and many Democrats because they think the government should be run as a for profit business.

I can't imagine a scenario where a bill that has passed both house of congress is vetoed by Biden to increase aid. Can you honestly see that scenario?

The countries fucked - but if you think this administration is purposefully doing it to help airline CEOs then I think you aren't paying attention.

This pandemic isn't going to be 'solved" and 'over and done', there is no series of actions that are 'perfect' and fix everything - the goal is to minimize harm and disease.

>When the GOP essentially said some will have to die
for the economy it was ridiculous and rightfully
panned around here, etc.

I don't believe for a SECOND that Biden and his administration agree with that. I do think 70% of Congress does. And 30 governors. And 90% of Fox news. And 97% of CNBC.

But you're right about one thing: this country prizes work over all else - more than your family, your health or your life. (And when I saw work I mean working for boss who's profits depend on your labor.)

It's a sickness that also needs to be cured.
13450741, Wait, ya'll really believe HCQ is POISON?
Posted by The Mac, Tue Dec-28-21 03:52 PM
13450745, First, you don't think masks helps stop the spread of disease.
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 04:06 PM
As for hydroxychloroquine, I never said it was POISON.

But it certainly didn't help COVID-19 in the studies.


13450809, I know masks don't work
Posted by The Mac, Wed Dec-29-21 02:49 PM
They might make you feel better but they don't work, especially not the way ya'll use them. Cloth mask you put on when you walk into a restaurant and then take it off when you get in your seat? Ya'll stupid AF.

Its ugly af and hypocritical to pretend like ya'll masking up all dutifully but I've seen 2 years of exactly how ya'll do. Virtue signalling if that word ever existed.

All those studies up top are horseshit. A 1 person study? The Bangladesh study linked 5x? Laser beams?

In regards to HCQ, there are many studies that prove it works. I'm not gonna bother to do the research for you, it's all over the internet. It's in books. It's been used for 70+ years. Completely non toxic, unpatented, not enough $$

The study you published HCQ one was given LATE in infection, thats the PROBLEM. It works EARLY, this has been documented by thousands of doctors.

Every country in the world has better death rates than America and Europe and they use IVM and HCQ, and people don't mask like that. Here we use remdesivir late in infection, and ventilation. Guess what, remdesivir is a PROVEN toxin that was PULLED from MULTIPLE trials because so many people were dying, and your boy Fauci pushed it for $$$. No randomized trial, no studies, no nothing. How many people in US died from remdesivir?

All this is a $$ game. No money in HCQ or IVM, but they worked all over the world. Simple Google search. All the countries/states using masks, lockdowns, social distancing, remdisivir, etc are FUCKED, and all these 3rd world countries w/o the medical infrastructure and a few tabs of HCQ are doing 1000x better....wake up...

When is common sense gonna set in and ya'll realize that this shit ain't working. Ya'll got your vaccines and still are getting sick. Ya'll still transmitting and theres at least 20,000 dead directly from the vaccine + myocarditis etc... Ya'll got Fauci working overtime and Poppa Biden doing magic but ya'll still setting records? Get out of ya'll big cities and computers and go talk to real people. Go live a little. Go breathe some fresh air. Or go read a fuckin book instead of your little twitter/OKP bubbles of fear mongering liberal horseshit.

13450766, cmon. You're better than this.
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:37 PM
>You don't understand what the change in recommendation
>ACTUALLY was, me thinks.
>Given what we currently know about COVID-19 and the Omicron
>variant, CDC is shortening the recommended time for isolation
>from 10 days for people with COVID-19 to 5 days, if
>asymptomatic, followed by 5 days of wearing a mask when around
>others. The change is motivated by science demonstrating that
>the majority of SARS-CoV-2 transmission occurs early in the
>course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to onset of
>symptoms and the 2-3 days after. Therefore, people who test
>positive should isolate for 5 days and, if asymptomatic at
>that time, they may leave isolation if they can continue to
>mask for 5 days to minimize the risk of infecting others.

Just like the admin's "take your mask off and party" bullshit this is all based on an honor system and essentially lets companies off the hook for not enforcing 10 days.

Airline CEOs requested this change, and got it. Its not that hard. Even Captain Democrat Apologist Reeq admits this below.

I also encourage you to do some digging and asking people who have had COVID about their wild timelines with testing, etc.

Not to mention, Omnicron is still new.

They want your ass back to work. Writing is on the wall.

>Additionally, CDC is updating the recommended quarantine
>period for those exposed to COVID-19. For people who are
>unvaccinated or are more than six months out from their second
>mRNA dose (or more than 2 months after the J&J vaccine) and
>not yet boosted, CDC now recommends quarantine for 5 days
>followed by strict mask use for an additional 5 days.
>Alternatively, if a 5-day quarantine is not feasible, it is
>imperative that an exposed person wear a well-fitting mask at
>all times when around others for 10 days after exposure.
>Individuals who have received their booster shot do not need
>to quarantine following an exposure, but should wear a mask
>for 10 days after the exposure. For all those exposed, best
>practice would also include a test for SARS-CoV-2 at day 5
>after exposure. If symptoms occur, individuals should
>immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms symptoms
>are not attributable to COVID-19.

Ah yes, mask wearing. Because Americans have been so cool with that, right?

>So you read that as "Biden ORDERS the sick to go back to work
>even if it spread disease because the airlines told him to do

Its okay to take a beat and think this through. They asked for it, and it happened pretty quickly.

I try to be careful to say "Biden Administration" but that isn't really the point is it?

Be honest....this happens under Trump you'd be skeptical if not outright pissed.

Why is being consistent so hard for folks?

>Someone's sense of reasoning may be the thing that is tired
>>It’s incredible to see how little criticism the Biden
>admin gets from certain folks.
>Biden's getting HAMMERED from ALL direction and has been for

Not here.

>He's hammered because the pandemic hasn't been "solved." That
>delta was multiple times as contagious as the disease that
>preceded it. And now that Omicron is 5 times as contagious it
>is his fault for not going back before omicron and securing
>free test for every citizen to use from now until the "end."

Biden said he had a plan. He called Trump out (rightfully) for not doing enough...and he has done little more.

Vaccine, Vaccine, Vaccine. (They were developed before Joe btw).

Where is the testing plan?

The paid leave?

Travel vaccine requirments?

etc etc

Not that it should be magically solved, don't do that.

Its that it could be a lot better than it is and, at the very least, it would be nice to see the Democrats at least try.

Try to make it better.

Why can't we ask for Democrats to try more? I don't get it.

>Then you compare that to Trump? Trump he said he didn't feel
>the need to wear a mask? Who pushed hydroxychloroquine? Who
>focused on overturning an election instead of distribution of

This is what I was afraid of actually. The bar is so fucking low ya'll will celebrate defend anything.

So all we should expect of Uncle Joe is to not shit himself?

You know my point is that if the CDC cut isolation in half under Trump ya'll would be pissed and with me.

>Congress could pass the laws to supply aid - but they WILL
>not. Almost every Republican won't pass them because it might
>help Joe Biden's rating a little - and many Democrats because
>they think the government should be run as a for profit

GOP bad. I get it.

Pretty sure Dems have majorities in both chambers and the white house. Any of them put up a paid leave bill?

How about in the initial response in the honeymoon phase?

No? Oh that's right, they were busy telling everyone they can unmask if they pinky swear that they are vaxxed.

>I can't imagine a scenario where a bill that has passed both
>house of congress is vetoed by Biden to increase aid. Can you
>honestly see that scenario?

Are you having a fever dream? I never said that.

>The countries fucked - but if you think this administration is
>purposefully doing it to help airline CEOs then I think you
>aren't paying attention.

If you think they aren't, then you aren't paying attention.

I got bad news for you. Democrats are trying to serve two groups- regular people and capital.

Capital wins every time.

Very little has been done to address this pandemic other than then vaccines.

Because other shit- paid leave, testing, etc...would be of benefit only to us and not capital.

GOP is worse. I get it. And I agree completely.

I just wish people - especially people around here- were okay with asking more of Democrats rather than rushing to defend millionaires.

>This pandemic isn't going to be 'solved" and 'over and done',
>there is no series of actions that are 'perfect' and fix
>everything - the goal is to minimize harm and disease.

Exactly. And this administration could and should be doing a lot more.

>>When the GOP essentially said some will have to die
>for the economy it was ridiculous and rightfully
>panned around here, etc.
>I don't believe for a SECOND that Biden and his administration
>agree with that. I do think 70% of Congress does. And 30
>governors. And 90% of Fox news. And 97% of CNBC.

Then why isn't there paid leave?

Why don't you have to show proof of vax to fly?

Why can't essential workers get tests and masks?

If you believe Democrats and this Administration are so much better than the picture I have painted, why is it just a vaccine and good luck?

And here's the big one- why no shut down?

>But you're right about one thing: this country prizes work
>over all else - more than your family, your health or your
>life. (And when I saw work I mean working for boss who's
>profits depend on your labor.)
>It's a sickness that also needs to be cured.

Right. Thank you. But why is it so hard to admit that this administration/Democrats ALSO clearly value it more than anything else?

13450813, thank you
Posted by kayru99, Wed Dec-29-21 03:08 PM
there are so many things that the dems are leaving on the table here simply cuz the business sector demands them to.

it's obviously horrible governance
13450743, yuuuuup
Posted by kayru99, Tue Dec-28-21 04:04 PM
Biden just went before the governors and said its on the states from this point on.

American For Profit Healthcare has massive structural problems that prevent accurate treatment of the pandemic on every level.

THAT'S the problem.
And it's a big one, but Trumps outta office, so YAY..?
13450746, fam that is not what biden said.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 04:12 PM
i shouldnt be surprised...but it still shocks me how many people continue to fall for these bad faith right wing attacks based on deceptively edited videos.

like niggas see a 5 second video cut off abruptly in the middle of a statement...and never think 'hey this is slightly suspicious...maybe i should go check this out for myself' lol.

i mean...i know we are a dumb country. but the ease with which the dumbness is exploited is really a sight to see lol.

heres the statement in full context:
13450748, Bad faith all around
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 04:35 PM
Context is a four letter word to a lot of these folks.
13450749, he did not say that. not at all.
Posted by shygurl, Tue Dec-28-21 04:37 PM
Imo he basically stated that since state governments are the ones with 'boots on the ground' so to speak, then they are going to be the ones to lead the covid response, particularity as the governor that he was talking to tried to insinuate that the federal government was 'overstepping its boundaries' in its response to something that should be handled at the state level. The governor (Arkansas I believe) was trying to be slick and Biden put him in his place.

He made it clear that the feds are going to *support* state governments in whatever manner they see fit, and if they need something from the feds, simply be communicative about it and the feds will provide the support.

If people actually watched the clip in question instead of taking an out of context 4 second soundbite there's no way the takeaway would have been that states are on their own. States have a responsibility in this too, so let's not place the sole burden on the feds if the states refuse to do the bare minimum in stopping this pandemic.
13450752, cool, so the federal govt is leaving the states to make individual
Posted by kayru99, Tue Dec-28-21 04:48 PM
decisions about a viral pandemic, with interstate travel and commerce open and working.
and no federally mandated testing, prevention or centralized vaxx database.

You can't states rights/states response this.

So yeah, he actually he is leaving the decision making up to the states for this.
And that is a disaster

But Democrat gud so reality don't matter

ALSO yall ran fast to defend Massa Biden, and skipped smoove over the larger point about the failings of the for profit healthcare system. cool.
13450754, bro you were dead wrong. its ok. it happens.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 05:55 PM
but you dont save face by doubling down on more wrong lol.

>You can't states rights/states response this.

you do realize states *do* have rights right? its the entire point of a constitutional republic. biden cant just seize power he aint got fam.

its the reason texas and florida have vastly different covid regulations than ny and ca. outside of biden becoming a dictator...he doesnt just get to do whatever *he* wants.

>and no federally mandated testing, prevention or centralized
>vaxx database.

you think the president can just federally mandate everything? i mean...he tried a federal mandate for vaccination/testing for employers over a certain size via osha. and that mandate was placed on hold because of lawsuits by several *states* that are now headed to a special session of the supreme court. why? oh yeah because states have *rights*.

plus how do you federally mandate 'prevention'? lol. you gonna send the national guard in to make niggas do crossfit in their backyards and get healthier to drive down pre-existing conditions/co-morbidities? wtf does that even mean? lol.

and you know damn well if biden tried to mandate some centralized vaccine passport database...you same tin foil notep contrarion niggas would be bitching about that too.
13450759, Uh-huh.
Posted by kayru99, Tue Dec-28-21 06:39 PM

You know what prevention means. You're not dumb, you're just a token.

you really should look into how other countries with a public healthcare system have dealt with the needs of their populations during the virus.

yes, the federal gov't can aid in prevention in *several* ways aside from the vaxx...especially given what we know about who COVID affects the most and why.

Dismissing that fact as "making people do crossfit" is fucking retarded.

Home testing & treatment protocols should have been in place from day 1.

Ramped up production of O2 tanks and N95s, as well as not allowing companies to destroy massive amount of home tests.

Ramp up emergency localized medical services.

Stipends to keep people at home to prevent the spread.

Increased public health services/service providers.

etc, etc, etc...

Dunno how/why modern liberals became 80s republicans in re: the role of the federal govt, but it was dumb then and it's especially suicidal now.

But hopefully whatever white dem pays you will take you for a walk down to your favorite dog park later, and get you home in time to lick the screen when maddow's on
13450767, Its funny they do the same thing they accused you of
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:42 PM

Got distracted by a single quote and thought they were dunking on you by showing that it is out of context.

The context is the admins fucking actions!!!!

A bunch of "liberals" screaming at me essentially defending a "personal responsibility" approach to a fucking pandemic.

Joe ran on a pandemic plan and they were so fucking eager to declare victory they spiked the ball months ago.

Fucking morons could have milked the pandemic politically and blamed it on Trump for a year at least...but they had to get people back to work, back in restaurant, back in shopping malls, etc.

You're right. Some of these dudes would be Reaganites in the 80s. You hate to see it.
Posted by kayru99, Wed Dec-29-21 12:44 AM
"a "personal responsibility" approach to a fucking pandemic"

is monumentally stupid.
INCREDIBLY fucking dumb.
legit mindblowing that liberals are that far gone
These same people will turn around and tell you to trust science while cheering on the firing of health care workers

America's two parties are right-wing and proud, or right wing and smug
13450784, they think being critical of Dems = traitor/ alt-right simp
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Dec-29-21 10:13 AM
every critique is just an example of being duped by a right wing talking point
13450723, im exhausted fam.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 01:48 PM
so we are in the middle of another winter surge that we are supposed to be taking seriously.

but the cdc cuts quarantine time in half (at the behest of an airlines ceo) as cases are still rising.

and much of the media makes it even worse by reporting the new time frame as if its universal and not limited to asymptomatic folks.

deaths rates have actually *increased* in the reddest areas due to vaccine and mask resistance perpetuated by one specific side of the political spectrum and their preferred media sources (while logically falling in non-idiotic blue areas).

and the media is blaming biden for not convincing that portion of the country to participate in taming the virus with the rest society...while their former president and cultural icon is also urging them to get vaccinated and theyre even attacking *him* for it too.

if this doesnt spell out the decline of a civilization...

13450725, All this. That movie Don’t Look Up was blatant satire re:
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Dec-28-21 02:10 PM
the pandemic and climate change, completely on the nose, and real life is STILL more blatantly stupid in terms of what we are seeing real time. All the double speak, false equivalency, obvious agendas, echo chamber confirmation bias, while the facts are all RIGHT THERE for everyone to see.
13450729, ha. yeah
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-28-21 02:46 PM
i watched it last night and found myself looking at it as much through the lens of the pandemic than climate change.. if not more

13450731, i see people calling the movie 'preachy'.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 03:07 PM
more mad at the satirical and condescending portrayal of idiots than they are at the consequences and danger from the behavior of the idiots.

2 years into complete nihilism/obstruction during the pandemic (even longer for climate change) and these people think the real problem is that we arent nicer lol.

i dont remember people getting mad at the portrayal of idiots in idiocracy.

somehow 'we' always get convinced to adopt the viewpoint of conservatives (who absolve themselves of all personal responsibility and blame their atrocious political/cultural stances of liberals looking down at them).

so now we got liberals who make decisions based on facts and science and overall health/wellbeing policing their own tribe for coming off too 'elitist' because they make fun of the people who right today are celebrating vigilantes for the simple fact they killed liberals.

playing down to the lowest common denominator is exactly how we got here.

idk why our side is so self loathing and circularly destructive to the point we get mad at ourselves for not delicately addressing the enemy instead of just being mad at the enemy and focusing all of our fire on them.

you never see republicans talk about trying not to offend liberals and criticizing each other because they portray liberals in an unflattering manner lol.
13450733, yeah, it's not even preachy. it's openly clowning
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Dec-28-21 03:25 PM
and i get it, smug hollwyood lefties can be annoying as shit, but some of the the few reviews i read were saying a variation of how you're not going to convince climate skeptics by talking down to them. i'm sure they know they're not gonna be convinced either way, but it almost came off if they're scared what if joe the plumber reads my review and thinks i'm one of those out of touch libs lol

13450740, i dont understand why they can openly degrade/dehumanize us
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 03:52 PM
but as soon as we do it to them its bloody murder and the collapse of civility.

the 'rules' are completely asymmetrical (and we stupidly play into them).
13450751, Yep - the people calling it preachy prove it's points.
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Dec-28-21 04:47 PM
They might as well be the same folks as the people IN the movie calling the "just look up" people preachy.

"what about my rights? I'm in favor of the new jobs the comet will bring!"
13450724, That shit had me and my girl down and out
Posted by Cenario, Tue Dec-28-21 02:05 PM
Shit had me down for like 36 hours, my girl for like 3 days. Talking 103+ fever, body chills and sweats, aches and pains...after that its been runny nose, cough and sneezing for like a aweek but energy levels back.
13450736, Are you vaccinated?
Posted by legsdiamond, Tue Dec-28-21 03:34 PM
13450750, Yeah but its been over 6 months. Was just about to
Posted by Cenario, Tue Dec-28-21 04:39 PM
Get the booster
13450744, death rate for middle aged whites has *doubled*
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 04:05 PM
*after* vaccines have become widely available.

The change in death rates among groups is starker by race and ethnicity, and the death rate has risen particularly sharply for middle-aged white people. Covid-19 now accounts for a much larger share of all deaths for that group than it did before vaccines were widely available.
Some of the shift could be attributed to the lagging vaccination rates among white people overall. White people were vaccinated at a higher rate than Black and Hispanic people in the early months of the vaccination campaign — in part because people of color faced more obstacles to vaccine access.

In recent months, however, data from the C.D.C. shows that the vaccination gap has narrowed. White people are now less likely than Asians and Hispanics to be vaccinated, though somewhat more likely than Black people, and their death rates have risen in all but the oldest age groups.

republicans are really good at killing their own voters...and then convincing them to blame everyone *else* for it.
13450780, white people: 70% of deaths since june, 80% of december
Posted by Reeq, Wed Dec-29-21 09:14 AM
13450836, the things that slide by
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Wed Dec-29-21 06:37 PM
could be true because im not hearing about it. remember in the
beginning when majority of blacks were the ones dying? it was all
over the news.

this whole thing is sinister in nature.
13450757, 12/28/2021 update fo NYC
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 06:21 PM
1 in 50 Manhattan Residents Infected With COVID in the Last Week

About 2,012 of every 100,000 Manhattan residents tested positive in the last seven days, according to the latest transmission data posted by the city. The citywide rate is 1,742 per 100,000.

The Manhattan figure is an average, though; some neighborhoods are substantially higher. The Chelsea and Clinton neighborhoods now stand at 2,600 cases per 100,000 residents in the last week; the Gramercy Park area is at 2,325.

At 2,600 cases per 100,000 residents, Chelsea may be one of the most infected places in the country. According to New York Times data, Washington D.C., where omicron is entirely out of control, has a rate of 279 cases per 100,000.

The word "surge" is almost insufficient to describe what's going on in the city; the citywide transmission rate has risen 10x since the start of the month, more in some areas.

As of Sunday the 7-day average of positive tests for city residents was 19.97%, an astronomical figure without recent precedent. Meanwhile, daily hospitalizations with COVID-like symptoms are now running double where they were just two weeks ago, and more than triple what the city said would "normally" be expected this time of year.
13450760, Yep. My agency ranged from about 3-5 positives per 7 days
Posted by Cenario, Tue Dec-28-21 07:22 PM
The last 3 reporting cycles have been 18, 45, 50

Whats crazy is that is with about about 1/5 of our normal staff on vacation.
13450788, 12/29/2021 - Records broken
Posted by handle, Wed Dec-29-21 11:34 AM
U.S. Covid cases rise to pandemic high as delta and omicron circulate at same time

U.S. Covid cases are at a record seven-day average of more than 265,000 per day as of Tuesday, surpassing the previous high mark of about 252,000 average daily cases set on Jan. 11, 2021.

The new pandemic peak comes as the delta and omicron variants are circulating simultaneously across the country.

About 75,000 Americans are hospitalized with Covid-19 and the country is reporting more than 1,500 daily deaths. Though both figures are rising, they are lower than when the last daily case record was set nearly a year ago.

New Omicron variant fills up children's hospitals

A five-fold increase in pediatric admissions in New York City this month. Close to double the numbers admitted in Washington, DC. And nationwide, on average, pediatric hospitalizations are up 48% in just the past week.

The highly transmissible Omicron variant is teaming up with the busy holiday season to infect more children across the United States than ever before, and children's hospitals are bracing for it to get even worse.
"I think we are going to see more numbers now than we have ever seen," Dr. Stanley Spinner, who is chief medical officer and vice president at Texas Children's Pediatrics & Urgent Care in Houston, told CNN.
"Cases are continuing to rise between Christmas gatherings and we're going to continue to see more numbers this week from that," Spinner said in a telephone interview.


13450867, 12/30/2021 - records broken again
Posted by handle, Thu Dec-30-21 11:36 AM
US sets new record for daily Covid cases as Omicron spreads across country
A startling 488,000 cases were reported Wednesday, but even that figure is likely an undercount of the true number



Walensky: New CDC guidance is 'what we thought people would be able to tolerate'

"Nothing is going to be 100 percent, and this is one of those situations when you're dealing with a very difficult situation. We often say, you don't want the perfect to be the enemy of the good," Fauci said.

"The CDC feels, and I don't disagree with them at all, that wearing a mask is ample protection during that second half of a 10-day period, when you balance that against the importance of trying to get people back functioning in society," he added.

Studies indicate Johnson & Johnson booster provides strong protection against omicron

Headline says it all.


NYC's At-Home COVID Positives Go Unreported And Unsupported

He took a rapid test at home in his Harlem apartment on Christmas Day, and sure enough, it was positive.

So, he called the city-run Test and Trace hotline, 212-COVID19, hoping to share the news with contact tracers. Of the many options the hotline offered—a directory of testing sites, resources for long COVID, help with isolation—none allowed him to report his positive test.
13450934, Yeah…this isn’t going away…we living with this for a while…
Posted by ChampD1012, Fri Dec-31-21 08:50 PM
13450970, 01/02/2022
Posted by handle, Sun Jan-02-22 03:20 PM
Omicron-related disruptions cause over 4,000 flight cancellations to kick off 2022


Over 4,000 flights were cancelled around the world on Sunday, more than half of them U.S. flights, adding to the toll of holiday week travel disruptions due to adverse weather and the surge in coronavirus cases caused by the Omicron variant.

The flights cancelled by 8 pm GMT on Sunday included over 2,400 entering, departing from or within the United States, according to tracking website FlightAware.com. Globally, more than 11,200 flights were delayed.

Why this Covid-19 surge is 'unprecedented in this pandemic'


Even health care workers are getting sidelined during the rapid rise of the Omicron variant, the most contagious strain of novel coronavirus to hit the US.

"Our health system is at a very different place than we were in previous surges," emergency medicine professor Dr. Esther Choo said.

"This strain is so infectious that I think all of us know many, many colleagues who are currently infected or have symptoms and are under quarantine," said Choo, associate professor at Oregon Health and Science University.

"We've lost at least 20% of our health care workforce -- probably more."

Rubio criticizes 'irrational hysteria' over omicron


13450982, 01/03/2022
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-03-22 11:11 AM
Booster Can Boost Effectiveness Against Omicron To 88%, UK Studies Show
Covid Booster Dose: The findings compiled in a report by the UK Health Security Agency (UKSHA) show significantly higher protection provided by third vaccine dose.


Eric Topol, professor of molecular medicine, and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in the US noted that vaccine effectiveness drops to 52 per cent against Omicron around six months after taking the second shot of a COVID-19 vaccine.

However, a booster dose substantially increases immunity and lowers the odds of being hospitalised with COVID-19 infection.

"That's a big boost of protection for 3rd dose vaccine vs hospitalisation from Omicron infection. Vaccine effectiveness increased from 52 per cent (due to 2-dose waning after 6 months) to 88 per cent after the 3rd dose," Topol tweeted on Sunday.


Omicron 2.7-3.7x more infectious than Delta among vaccinated
Booster-vaccinated less likely to transmit coronavirus
Risk of hospitalisation from Omicron half that of Delta

I need to find articles, but as the positivity rate goes up, the hospitalization rate is too - and so are the deaths. I need to find an article that has the US numbers - it's what I'm interested in right now.

13450986, Here's some hospitalization/death numbers:
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jan-03-22 11:49 AM

Omicron’s impact better measured by rising hospitalizations than cases, Fauci says

As the United States continues to see a huge spike in coronavirus cases driven by the omicron variant, the nation’s top infectious-disease expert, Anthony S. Fauci, says the better way to track the variant’s impact is to look at growing hospitalizations.

The United States was averaging more than 400,000 new cases each day as of Monday, double the previous week’s rate, according to Washington Post data, and is expected to soon hit as many as 1 million cases per day. Fauci, speaking on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday, said “the real bottom line that you want to be concerned about is: Are we getting protected by the vaccines from severe disease leading to hospitalization?”

Hospitalizations are up 31 percent from last week, and deaths increased by 37 percent, with about 1,500 Americans dying of covid-19 each day. Experts have warned that this surge will be driven by the unvaccinated, as those who are vaccinated and boosted would have considerable protection from serious illness.

Fauci warned of the broader dangers on CNN: “Even if the rate of hospitalization is lower with omicron than it is with delta, there is still the danger that you will have a surging of hospitalizations that might stress the health-care system.”

13450996, 88% effective against symptomatic infection?
Posted by RandomFact, Mon Jan-03-22 01:24 PM
based on all the boosted people going through breakthroughs right now i just don't believe that statistic holds up in a real world setting.
13451001, 88% in those "lab tests"
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-03-22 02:39 PM
>based on all the boosted people going through breakthroughs
>right now i just don't believe that statistic holds up in a
>real world setting.

I wonder how quickly it wanes IRL. If people got boosters 3 months ago how effective are they now?

Plus there's so much COVID out there and it looks like it's easier to catch than the old strains - so the we may not know how to accurately gauge risks IRL yet.

13451035, i caught it 3-4 weeks after the booster
Posted by RandomFact, Mon Jan-03-22 11:49 PM
and i'm not the only one.

don't think these lab tests hold much weight with the 'cron. case counts amongst the boosted say otherwise.

13450985, Vitamin D
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 11:48 AM
The Vital Vitamin D/COVID-19 Connection with Dr. Michael Holick

Vitamin D, government inaction https://youtu.be/fbGug3rczx4

Vitamin D levels advised https://youtu.be/V5g9AVqRsjo
13451000, Another video
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 02:24 PM
That shows how important vitamin D is for the immune system. (predates covid-19 but shows how vitamin D fights off many diseases and infections)

13451002, Campbell's channel is really good
Posted by kayru99, Mon Jan-03-22 02:51 PM
13451004, yeah, i've been watching him
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 03:00 PM
since the beginning of the pandemic
13451009, Wrong place
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 04:03 PM
13452369, Campell going more crazy over time
Posted by handle, Sat Jan-22-22 07:57 PM
Last week he says: A lot of deaths WEREN'T JUST from COVID therefore we can't count those. Just blames it on the co-morbidity and I guess that those people would have died anyways?? (And then also doesn't try to find ways to identify deaths not counted.)

This week: His latest video is: Omicron, when to be exposed

He's saying that it is INEVTIABLE to be exposed so he's going to choose when.

How about this asshole: Never - or as late as you can. Certainly not NOW during massive strain on hospitals.

And he's still pushing Ivermectin.
13452539, Cambell now says COVID deats are over reported
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-26-22 12:00 PM
Truly an insane video with a complete and STUPID misunderstand of death certificates and what counts as a COVID death.

He may be the poster "The Mac."

Dude is using his platform to misinform now - but since he "seems" reasonable a lot of anti-vax people are really linking to him now.
13455344, Campbell in love with ivermectin disinfomation
Posted by handle, Wed Mar-09-22 11:44 AM
He's either declining mentally, or cashing in. Or both.

13451006, I wish this lady and Campbell were right, but it's flimsy
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-03-22 03:22 PM
I agree - people should watch their D levels, I do by taking a supplement.

Plus Campbell has gone BATSHIT CRAZY with ivermectin pushing - even though there's no clinical data showing it to be effective. When Paxlovid is readily available I hope he changes his tune. (I stopped watching him when he started pushing vitamin D hard - although Youtube still shows him to me a lot.)

But I can find no reliable studies saying higher levels of Vitamin D improve COVID outcomes.

I do find a LOT of websites and places that sell supplements touting it.

BTW: I'd love for a cheap and easy to get supplement or treatment worked on COVID, but I don't see that be proven in any way yet. Let's hope someone is actively studying it.

13451007, i didn't watch the ivermectin stuff
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 03:33 PM
can't hurt to take vitamin D if you think it will help with covid-19 or not. helps with way more stuff than just covid-19.

Campbell and that woman mentioned a study in their videos. don't know how reliable that study was. i think they both mentioned the same study.
13451011, Found this study after a quick search on Google scholar
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 04:10 PM
13451019, Just wanted to add
Posted by luminous, Mon Jan-03-22 06:46 PM
If looking for studies, best to use Google scholar. Regular Google search will mostly bring up ads and will intentionally exclude medical information since Google is mostly an ad agency.
13453829, yeah that's where i get most of mine from...& my friends at the WHO/CDC
Posted by kayru99, Wed Feb-16-22 12:21 PM
13450993, Most of us sent our kids off to get infected today...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Mon Jan-03-22 01:08 PM
most kids will probably be fine ..but some won't ..and that shit is coming home to every household this week ...good luck

13450997, Our school district went virtual this week, with the plan to
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jan-03-22 01:28 PM
evaluate case numbers going forward re: a return to the classroom. But yeah - with the high rate of transmissibility that this variant has combined with kids in school who are half wearing cloth masks, and returning to the classroom after having been on vacation, visiting family, traveling, etc...it's going to get worse before it gets better.
13451005, Charlotte schools start up tomorrow
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jan-03-22 03:21 PM
and they passed a state law that schools cant go full virtual.

wife already said a few students already told her they had covid

my 5 year old is vaxxed but the 4 year old isn’t
13451012, We are truly in a bizarro world timeline...
Posted by soulfunk, Mon Jan-03-22 04:11 PM
>and they passed a state law that schools cant go full
13451167, Biden admin wants schools open
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Jan-06-22 12:06 AM
I know, I know- I'm a broken record.

But folks in this house expected more. Expected the response to be much, much better.

When Democrats won it felt like adults took back over. It was a huge sense of relief.

That was half the story. Adults? Yes. Give a shit? No.

Its been a year. A year.

Biden admin is even taking shots at a Chicago Teacher Union for closing up shop.

The previous administration said stupid dangerous shit, downplayed the severity of COVID, tried to focus on the "booming economy", complained about school closures, implemented racist travel bans, and in general tried to pretend things weren't as bad as they were.

The current administration has done all of the above. (Yes, telling vaxxed to take their masks off before data supported it was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things to come out of this. As will be cutting quarantine)

Biden admin wants you to focus only on the economy. Wants your ass back to work. Wants teachers asses back to work so that you can send your kids to school so that your ass can get back to work.

Trump admin downnplayed COVID at every turn to keep their economy going to win reelection.

Biden admin declared premature victory ...shit I don't even know why. Corruption? Same master?

Cuz they could have dragged it out and blamed Trump. they could have managed expectations better.

A year in the pandemic is still raging. Vaxxed are spreading it. Vaxxed are getting ill. Testing is shit. Masks are getting price gouged. And Uncle Joe wants your kids in school for the same reason they cut quarantine. Economy baby. Doners. Fuck your kids, your safety, all of that.

Writing was on the wall for Omnicron months ago. Months ago. But, job numbers!!

No plan for Omnicron. No tests. No masks. No paid leave. No care.

Just vax up, open schools, and get your ass back to work. Downplay, downplay, blame, shrug shoulders.

Why is everyone okay with it just because it has a nicer face? Just because Biden has the right jersey on?
13451196, I'm more cautious than the current admin but things HAVE changed
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-06-22 01:36 PM
>The previous administration said stupid dangerous shit,
>downplayed the severity of COVID, tried to focus on the
>"booming economy", complained about school closures,
>implemented racist travel bans, and in general tried to
>pretend things weren't as bad as they were.

Do you *honestly* think Biden is trying to downplay it? I don't. I hear him talking about it being a huge health issue all the time, telling people to mask, telling people to get vaccinated. And that it's not "over."

Somethings have changed -- there are treatments and therapies that exist now that did not exist in 2020.

Vaccination seems to prevent many infections, and even when you are infected it greatly improves your outcomes.

We also have therapies that worked well - well until Omicron took a few away, including prophylactic antibody treatments, post-infection antibody treatments, and now the Merck and Pfizer drugs are becoming available.

>The current administration has done all of the above. (Yes,
>telling vaxxed to take their masks off before data supported
>it was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things to come out
>of this. As will be cutting quarantine)

They told people they could go mask less when if they were vaccinated and around other people who were also vaccinated - because at the time it was safe, and also as an incentive to get vaccinated. they didn't say 'You're vaxxed, everything is back to normal, problem solved."

If the situation would have stayed static (and , to be clear - it did not stay static) that was not a crazy message.

Literally half of the country was done with masks by that point anyways - governors mandating by law that masks can not be required.

Once delta hit that advise was changed - and changed AFTER I caught delta. They changed the guidance --but too late.

>Biden admin wants you to focus only on the economy. Wants
>your ass back to work. Wants teachers asses back to work so
>that you can send your kids to school so that your ass can
>get back to work.

Seems like the COUNTRY wants that - literally 75% or more of the country wants it "in the past" and Biden is trying to provide as much public health guidance and support as he can. He hasn't done it purposefully or recklessly - but if you think he's motivated 1/10 as much as Trump by denial and focusing on money - I disagree.

I don't see Biden as a ruthless capitalist. But he's certainly trying to balance it - while my inclination would be to focus only on health, I don't think any country has been able to do that.

>Biden admin declared premature victory ...shit I don't even
>know why. Corruption? Same master?

I don't remember him declaring victory - I remember him saying the plan was working. And it was working UNTIL IT DIDN'T because the variants were a variable no one had control over.

>Cuz they could have dragged it out and blamed Trump. they
>could have managed expectations better.
that's it , it's expectations.

No one's saying Trump could have solved COVID - we're just saying he maliciously did it for political reasons and plain cruelty.

Trump saying "I'm not going to wear a mask" was a point where 30% of the people in the country. And he did it for

>A year in the pandemic is still raging. Vaxxed are spreading
>it. Vaxxed are getting ill. Testing is shit. Masks are
>getting price gouged. And Uncle Joe wants your kids in school
>for the same reason they cut quarantine. Economy baby.
>Doners. Fuck your kids, your safety, all of that.
Yeah, that's you projecting.

>Writing was on the wall for Omnicron months ago. Months ago.
> But, job numbers!!

Really? November 24th was 6 weeks ago.

He could have ordered 1 billion tests and 1 billion masks in February - but a lot of folks would have criticized that in the same way if they ended up not being used.

>Why is everyone okay with it just because it has a nicer face?
>Just because Biden has the right jersey on?

Nope, because he's doing a BETTER job than Trump and I believe he's trying to manage it.

I think the sheer amount of disease GLABBLY means we can only try to manage it now - I see this as something you can't clean up and "fix' but you can try to manage and get it better.

And yes, I'm depressed about it all. And especially my fellow countrymen.
13451315, the bar should not be so low
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Jan-07-22 03:01 PM
>>The previous administration said stupid dangerous shit,
>>downplayed the severity of COVID, tried to focus on the
>>"booming economy", complained about school closures,
>>implemented racist travel bans, and in general tried to
>>pretend things weren't as bad as they were.
>Do you *honestly* think Biden is trying to downplay it? I
>don't. I hear him talking about it being a huge health issue
>all the time, telling people to mask, telling people to get
>vaccinated. And that it's not "over."

Yes. He and his admin absolutely are downplaying it.

That is why quarantine was cut in half, pressure on schools to be open, etc.

That is why- just like Trump- the message has been "economy! economy! economy!"

If they weren't downplaying it, their response would be more than "get vaxxed jack"

>Somethings have changed -- there are treatments and therapies
>that exist now that did not exist in 2020.
>Vaccination seems to prevent many infections, and even when
>you are infected it greatly improves your outcomes.
>We also have therapies that worked well - well until Omicron
>took a few away, including prophylactic antibody treatments,
>post-infection antibody treatments, and now the Merck and
>Pfizer drugs are becoming available.

Biden admin took their foot off the gas when vaccines hit. They were very naïve about participation and their effectiveness in preventing the spread.

They were so eager to declare victory they did not put enough resources into testing, etc.

We are living it, man. Cant find tests. Masks price gouged. The treatments you referenced have to be rationed.

>>The current administration has done all of the above. (Yes,
>>telling vaxxed to take their masks off before data supported
>>it was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things to come out
>>of this. As will be cutting quarantine)
>They told people they could go mask less when if they were
>vaccinated and around other people who were also vaccinated -
>because at the time it was safe, and also as an incentive to
>get vaccinated. they didn't say 'You're vaxxed, everything is
>back to normal, problem solved."

You're splitting hairs here. I know why they told people to take their masks off. They were dumb enough to think that would incentivize enough people. It didn't. Everyone took their masks off and business weren't comfortable requiring them.

There wasn't enough data at the time to support it. Even then, vaxxed can still spread.

Again, their plan needs to be more than the vaccine.

>If the situation would have stayed static (and , to be clear -
>it did not stay static) that was not a crazy message.
>Literally half of the country was done with masks by that
>point anyways - governors mandating by law that masks can not
>be required.

Why in the world would anyone think the situation would stay satic? Not a single serious person though that.

Variants have always been a possibility.

And when the Biden admin did that, they removed any cover for businesses etc who still required them.

I live in a blue city in a red ass state. Mask compliance was relatively decent prior to that.

Once they said that, it was a shit storm. Businesses did not feel comfortable requiring them, etc.

They did it too soon.

There were/are much better ways to get people to vax- like requiring it for air travel, tax breaks, etc.

>Once delta hit that advise was changed - and changed AFTER I
>caught delta. They changed the guidance --but too late.

And yet Delta didn't teach them a fucking thing. Omnicron is mollywhopping shit and the Biden admin has no fucking answer for it.

When are we allowed to ask the Biden admin to be prepared?

>>Biden admin wants you to focus only on the economy. Wants
>>your ass back to work. Wants teachers asses back to work so
>>that you can send your kids to school so that your ass can
>>get back to work.
>Seems like the COUNTRY wants that - literally 75% or more of
>the country wants it "in the past" and Biden is trying to
>provide as much public health guidance and support as he can.
>He hasn't done it purposefully or recklessly - but if you
>think he's motivated 1/10 as much as Trump by denial and
>focusing on money - I disagree.

I think you get too invested in seeing Democrats as better people.

They are. There you go.

That doesn't mean they aren't shitty. Okay so Trump was 100% motivated by economy and Biden is 50%- how does that help anyone?

The results, sadly, are shockingly similar.

>I don't see Biden as a ruthless capitalist. But he's certainly
>trying to balance it - while my inclination would be to focus
>only on health, I don't think any country has been able to do

Why is it so important to you that Biden isn't seen as a ruthless capitalist?

No. Biden is a politician. He and his administration are absolutely prioritizing the economy over safety.

That's an undeniable fact.

Everything else just seems like you are trying to make yourself feel better about it

>>Biden admin declared premature victory ...shit I don't even
>>know why. Corruption? Same master?
>I don't remember him declaring victory - I remember him saying
>the plan was working. And it was working UNTIL IT DIDN'T
>because the variants were a variable no one had control over.

And yet, they didn't learn a lesson from Delta.

Where is the admin's plan to vaccinate the world to stop variants?

Where is the plan for testing, masks, etc for the next variant?

Why is each variant the first variant to these people?

>>Cuz they could have dragged it out and blamed Trump. they
>>could have managed expectations better.
>that's it , it's expectations.
>No one's saying Trump could have solved COVID - we're just
>saying he maliciously did it for political reasons and plain

He thought downplaying COVID would keep the economy and get him reelected.

Biden thinks focusing on the economy will get him reelected. Democrats need donations from companies like Delta. etc

That's the problem here. Both parties serve the same masters, essentially.

Joe Biden is a much, much, much better person than Donald Trump. I'm not arguing he isn't.

I am arguing we should expect more from Joe.

Its that simple.

>Trump saying "I'm not going to wear a mask" was a point where
>30% of the people in the country. And he did it for
>>A year in the pandemic is still raging. Vaxxed are
>>it. Vaxxed are getting ill. Testing is shit. Masks are
>>getting price gouged. And Uncle Joe wants your kids in
>>for the same reason they cut quarantine. Economy baby.
>>Doners. Fuck your kids, your safety, all of that.
>Yeah, that's you projecting.
>>Writing was on the wall for Omnicron months ago. Months
>> But, job numbers!!
>Really? November 24th was 6 weeks ago.

Uh, ok. Why are they not 6 weeks ahead?

And why didn't they learn anything from Delta?

And what are the chances you and I are having this same debate about Omega or whatever?

When are we allowed to expect more?

>He could have ordered 1 billion tests and 1 billion masks in
>February - but a lot of folks would have criticized that in
>the same way if they ended up not being used.

Who? Republicans? I don't give a shit and neither should the Biden admin- thats the point.

Fuck yeah- lets be overprepared and share with the world.

I thought thats what would happen when the adults took over.
>>Why is everyone okay with it just because it has a nicer
>>Just because Biden has the right jersey on?
>Nope, because he's doing a BETTER job than Trump and I believe
>he's trying to manage it.

Better is such fucking low bar. By admitting the virus is an issue and telling people to get vaxxed?

Trump recently said people should get vaxxed. Should he be Prez again?

Why can't we ask for more of Democrats?

>I think the sheer amount of disease GLABBLY means we can only
>try to manage it now - I see this as something you can't clean
>up and "fix' but you can try to manage and get it better.
>And yes, I'm depressed about it all. And especially my fellow

When the Biden admin took over I honesty didn't expect much on my wish list. Slim majority, etc.

I thought they would do a little more with the 1/6 juice, but nah.

Anyway, one thing I really thought would happen is a competently managed pandemic.

For instance, if you would have told me the Biden CDC- without data to support the decision and, in fact, with data to contradict the decision- would cut quarantine in half I would not have believed you.

If you would have told me a THIRD variant came and the admin wasn't at all ready, I would not have believed you.

If you would have told me that, like the GOP, the Biden admin and blue check liberals were pressuring schools to stay open, I would not have believed you.

If you would have told me in 2022 I won't be able to find reasonably priced masks, tests, etc I would not have believed you.

I could go on and on.

It has not been a competent response. And if Biden were GOP, you would agree with me. You're playing agenda team sport politics.

I work for a nationally recognized healthcare system that is on the brink of collapse- and one of the final, major straws has been the changed CDC guidance on quarantine. It has created a fucking hellscape and more nurses have quit in the last little bit than any time during this. It is chaos. And has pit frontline vs admin more than any time I have seen.

The Biden admin is doing better than Trump, but that is such a low fucking bar I could scream.

They are failing at this pandemic. Which on top of everything, is moronic politically. Sometimes voters need to at least see you try.

For the life of me I won't get people NOT being upset with Dems when they do GOP shit.

Look in this thread. Folks are pissed at local officials for their school stance, but its crickets when I point out Biden has the same stance. Unreal.

13451329, RE: the bar should not be so low
Posted by handle, Fri Jan-07-22 04:21 PM
>For the life of me I won't get people NOT being upset with
>Dems when they do GOP shit.

We're not going to agree.

GOP = Actually hoping people die so they can use it to get elected. ACTAULLY doing that. No hyperbole. I believe that 100% by listening to what they say.

DNC = NONE of that.

This is why there will not be a coalition government in the US, and no third parties.

>I work for a nationally recognized healthcare system that is on the >brink of collapse- and one of the final, major straws has been the >changed CDC guidance on quarantine. It has created a fucking >hellscape and more nurses have quit in the last little bit than any >time during this. It is chaos. And has pit frontline vs admin more >than any time I have seen.

Working near asompytpomic people DURING a staffing crisis with no symptoms after 5 days of onset AND masked and remain without symptoms are the last straw? Hasn't been that way at my hospital system, or county because it's implement only that way when in critical staffing shortages.

And it never allows symptomatic people to work. And ALL must work with masks. And our system requires the fit testing procedures to be followed very closely.

I also work for a large hospital system.

I didn't see the change as dramatic as EVEYRONE seems to think it is. It's not "You coughing fever-y mess, come into the hospital and cough on people because we wants to make MONEY."

It's FAR from that, and much more nuanced. But I guess DNC=GOP isn't nuanced either.

Here's our orders:


d.Health care employers with critical staffing shortages and lacking the staff to provide safe patient care may use Contingency Capacity Strategies as described by CDC where asymptomatic healthcare personnel (including in skilled nursing facilities during an outbreak
when all staff are considered potentially exposed) are allowed to continue work with a surgical mask or respirator with PCR or antigen testing upon identification and at Day 5-7, but still report temperature and absence of symptoms each day until 10 days after exposure.

e.Persons other than health care personnel who reside or work in a high-risk congregate living setting (e.g., skilled nursing facilities, prisons, jails, shelters) or persons residing or working with severely immunosuppressed persons (e.g., bone marrow or solid organ
transplants, chemotherapy) shall quarantine for 10 days in the absence of staffing shortages.
13451404, Nearly a quarter of hospitals are reporting a critical staff shortage
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-10-22 10:04 AM
I don't know what combination of losing staff from attrition/staff left vs. infected staff.

But let me say that while I disagreed with you that people are quitting because of the 2 week old updated CDC guidance - they have been quitting over the last year.


About 24% of U.S. hospitals are reporting a "critical staffing shortage," according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as public health experts warn the COVID-19 surge fueled by the omicron variant threatens the nation's health care system.

"Given how much infection there is, our hospitals really are at the brink right now," Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of Brown University's School of Public Health, told CNN on Sunday.

Of the approximately 5,000 hospitals that reported this data to HHS on Saturday, nearly 1,200 -- about 1 in 4 -- said they are currently experiencing a critical staffing shortage, the largest share of the entire pandemic. More than 100 other hospitals said they anticipate a shortage within the next week.

The U.S. health care system is Jha's greatest concern, he said, noting the omicron surge could hamper its capacity to care for patients suffering from conditions other than COVID-19.

"The health care system is not just designed to take care of people with COVID … it's designed to take care of kids with appendicitis and people who have heart attacks and get into car accidents," he said.

"And all of that is going to be much, much more difficult because we have a large proportion of the population that is not vaccinated, plenty of high-risk people who are not boosted," he said. "That combination sets up a large pool of people who as they get infected will end up really straining the resources we have in the hospitals today."

These staff shortages are growing as frontline health care workers are either infected or forced to quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19 just as the demand for treatment skyrockets: More than 138,000 COVID-19 patients were in U.S. hospitals as of Saturday, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. That's not far from the all-time peak (about 142,200 in mid-January 2021) and an increase from around 45,000 in early November.

To safeguard hospital capacity, some facilities are forced to cut elective surgeries. In New York, for example, 40 hospitals -- mainly in the Mohawk Valley, Finger Lakes and central regions -- have been told to stop nonessential elective operations for at least two weeks because of low patient bed capacity, the state health department said Saturday.

The University of Kansas Health System is also close to implementing crisis standards of care, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steven Stites said Saturday, telling CNN, "At some point ... we're too overwhelmed to do any of our normal daily work."

"At that point, we have to turn on a switch that says we got to triage to the people we can help the most," he said, "and that means we've have to let some people die who we might have been able to help but we weren't sure about -- they we're too far gone or had too much of an injury, or maybe we can't get to that trauma that just came in."

Stites said two waves were hitting Kansas simultaneously -- with delta accelerating post-Thanksgiving, to be met by omicron -- describing it as "almost a double pandemic." The vast majority of those being hospitalized are unvaccinated, Stites said.

About 62.5% of the total U.S. population is fully vaccinated according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 36% of those have received a booster shot, the data shows.

Dr. Jonathan Reiner, professor of medicine and surgery at George Washington University, told CNN on Saturday the next several weeks will "look bad in many American cities."

"Forty hospitals in New York just canceled elective procedures. The D.C. Hospital Association, where I work, has asked the D.C. government for permission for hospitals to enact crisis standards of care," he said. "And that's coming to every city in the United States."

Los Angeles sees record weekly case numbers
Nationwide, 39 states are reporting a 50% or greater increase in cases during the past week compared to the previous week, according to a CNN analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University. As of Saturday, the seven-day average of new daily cases in the U.S. was 701,199, per JHU data.

Some localities are now seeing the most new cases they've seen the whole pandemic, including Los Angeles County.

On Saturday, the county reported more than 200,000 confirmed cases over the previous seven days -- the highest number of cases in one week since the start of the pandemic, according to a news release from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. Hospitalizations doubled over the week to 3,200 and there were 135 COVID-related deaths, the department said.

With infections rising, California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday announced a proposed $2.7 billion COVID-19 Emergency Response Package designed to bolster testing and vaccination efforts, support frontline workers and battle misinformation, his office said in a news release. Newsom also signed an executive order Saturday "establishing consumer protections against price gouging on at-home test kits," according to his office.

The rise in infections is also hitting Los Angeles' children hard.

At Children's Hospital Los Angeles, the positivity rate for children tested for COVID-19 has increased from 17.5% in December to 45% to date in January, according to CHLA Medical Director Dr. Michael Smit.

CHLA currently has 41 patients in-house who have tested positive for COVID-19, and roughly one-quarter of the children admitted to the facility with COVID-19 require admission to the pediatric ICU, with some requiring intubation, Smit told CNN on Saturday.

(More at link)
13451509, My hospital detailed our policy this week
Posted by handle, Tue Jan-11-22 09:45 AM
We have reviewed the new order and determined that for everyone’s health and safety, we will not ask team members who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are asymptomatic to return to work.


For medical and non-medical facilities, HCWs who have tested positive for COVID-19 (by PCR or antigen test, including home antigen test) and are asymptomatic or have improving mild/moderate symptoms AND 24 hours have passed without a fever (off fever-reducing medication) can return to work:

As early as day 5 with a negative laboratory antigen test on day 5 or later OR On day 11 (after 10 days of home isolation) without an antigen test.

Please note that “day zero” is the onset of symptoms date or, if asymptomatic, the date of testing. Follow-up antigen testing is voluntary. A doctor’s note is not required for return to work even if you are off work for more than 7 days.

Employees with severe illness, or who are immunosuppressed, may return to work after 20 days of home isolation if symptoms are improving and 24 hours have passed without a fever (off fever-reducing medication). A doctor’s note is required in the case of severe illness or hospitalization.
13451199, Fuck him and Psaki forever for this
Posted by Walleye, Thu Jan-06-22 01:55 PM
>Biden admin is even taking shots at a Chicago Teacher Union
>for closing up shop.

Scab shit. Teachers are going to remember.
13451317, Right? It doesn't even make sense politically
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Jan-07-22 03:09 PM
Its like Democrats are actively trying to break up their coalition.

Nothing to protect Black voters.

Nothing on Roe.

Nothing on these strikes.

And now basically telling teachers to quit bitching and get to work.

The next two cycles are going to be a fucking bloodbath.

I saw a tweet that essentially said "We are seeing in real time what happens when Democrats try to serve workers and capital at the same time" and it has stuck with me.

That is exactly what is happening. They are showing voters who matters most when shit hits the fan.

I think they could skate in good times- appear to serve both and get away with it.... but during a crisis? Its clear who is most important to them.

13451407, ^^^
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jan-10-22 10:42 AM
13451595, Lori Lightfoot has COVID
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-12-22 10:27 AM
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Announces She Has Tested Positive for COVID-19



13451668, It's good she gets to isolate and recover, then work from home
Posted by Walleye, Thu Jan-13-22 06:40 AM
That's a great way to protect herself and her colleagues from a dangerous virus that's killed more than 800,000 Americans already. And once there's no danger of her spreading this illness to other people, she can return to her important job of shoveling money to Chicago cops and real estate developers and trying to break the Chicago Teacher's Union.
13451037, My wife and I been worrying for weeks
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Jan-04-22 01:54 AM
Our county decided to go virtual until 1/18 before the winter break. The governor of MD was critical, saying it wasn't necessary, was poor judgment by the county, etc. The next day, he announced he had COVID. Life comes at you fast...

Meanwhile, other counties and DC have tried to stick with back to school after the break, but have made changes since Xmas. Some counties want a negative COVID test before the kids can come back (which is hard to get tested over the holiday, hard to find test kits in stores, and hard to get tested during a snowstorm). Some want the parents to inform the school if the child is infected (which I'm sure will go swimmingly). Some are just opening and playing 'lets see how it goes'. All while COVID cases areawide are climbing at a staggering rate.
13451045, 01/04/2021 - 1 Million Cases a day
Posted by handle, Tue Jan-04-22 10:37 AM
Well, 1 million REPORTED cases yesterday. And that's probably not counting most people who took home tests and got positive - and definitely doesn't count the people who can't get a test.

And there's still a lot of Delta being reported.


U.S. reports over 1 million new daily Covid cases as omicron surges

The U.S. has reported a record single-day number of daily Covid cases, with more than 1 million new infections.

A total of 1,082,549 new coronavirus cases were reported Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, as the highly infectious omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country and beyond.

The U.S. also has the highest seven-day average of daily new cases in any country tracked by Johns Hopkins.

The record single-day total may be due in part to delayed reporting from over the holiday weekend. A number of U.S. states did not report data on Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, and many do not report data on weekends, meaning that some of these cases could be from positive tests taken on prior days.

The latest available weekly data from the U.S. CDC, ended on Dec. 25, estimates that the delta variant accounted for around 41% of cases while omicron made up around 58.6% of U.S. infections.

13451125, 01/05/2022
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-05-22 11:52 AM

Omicron now 95% of new COVID-19 infections in U.S., CDC estimates

The Omicron variant made up around 95.4% of new COVID-19 cases in the U.S. last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in an updated estimate published on Tuesday. Only two regions of the U.S. — New England and part of the Midwest — have yet to reach 90% locally. The Delta variant, which was dominant up until a few weeks ago, makes up nearly all the other cases.

Omicron may be less severe, but it's raising Houston hospitalizations to ‘staggering’ levels


The Texas Medical Center topped 400 new COVID admissions per day between Christmas and New Year’s Day, double the previous week and on par with the worst of delta’s summertime peak. Before omicron’s arrival, the hospital consortium was averaging just 56 hospitalizations per day throughout the month of November.

At Texas Children’s Hospital, pediatric hospitalizations are up fivefold since mid-December. Seventy kids, most unvaccinated, were in the hospital’s COVID wing as of Monday, a tally the hospital’s pathologist-in-chief, Dr. James Versalovic, called “staggering.”

“We cannot say this (variant) is milder for children because it is frankly early and we need time to follow these children and gather data about their outcomes,” Versalovic told reporters Monday.

'No ICU beds left': Massachusetts hospitals are maxed out as COVID continues to surge

Experts say although the now-dominant omicron variant appears to result in less severe illness than earlier variants, the sheer number of new cases is overwhelming the capacity of the state's hospitals.

"It's really a math issue," Lai-Becker said. "It's the sheer volume, that so many more people have been infected with COVID."

Even if only a small percentage of people who have COVID-19 require hospitalization for their symptoms, overall case numbers are so high that even that small percentage is enough to pack emergency rooms, she explained.
13451350, 01/07/2022
Posted by handle, Fri Jan-07-22 10:01 PM
COVID-19 Deaths Reach 4,500 as San Diego County Urges Testing Only When Necessary


Due to a massive influx in COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, San Diego County public health officials, Friday urged residents to not only get all vaccinations and the booster but to only seek testing for the illness if necessary.

According to county data, in the past month, confirmed COVID-19 cases jumped from around 4,700 per week to more than 45,000 cases reported in the seven days between Dec. 29, 2021, through Tuesday. That is nearly a tenfold increase in just 30 days.

COVID-19 hospitalizations have also more than doubled in the past 30 days, from 303 to 837, putting a strain on local hospitals that are contending with hundreds of employees unable to work after contracting the virus.

"We're now seeing the highest local case counts of the pandemic. COVID-19 is everywhere," said Dr. Wilma J. Wooten, county public health officer. "The best way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is to have as much immunity as possible and to take other precautions that we know work."

The county Health and Human Services Agency reported 5,922 new infections and five deaths on Friday, increasing the cumulative totals to 477,211 cases and 4,500 deaths.

Hospitalizations increased to 837 from 774, according to the latest state figures, up from 510 last Friday.

Florida Faces Sharp Rise of COVID-19 Hospitalizations; Deaths Low


COVID-19 hospitalizations in Florida have increased by more than 365% in the last two weeks, and more than 90% in one week, according to the latest data from the state.

Hospitalizations rose from about 5,000 COVID patients to about 8,500 over the past week, according to federal government data. Cases in the state have continued to rise, reaching another record of 76,887 daily cases on Friday, CDC data shows.

Hospitals Are in Serious Trouble
Omicron is inundating a health-care system that was already buckling under the cumulative toll of every previous surge.


Omicron is so contagious that it is still flooding hospitals with sick people. And America’s continued inability to control the coronavirus has deflated its health-care system, which can no longer offer the same number of patients the same level of care. Health-care workers have quit their jobs in droves; of those who have stayed, many now can’t work, because they have Omicron breakthrough infections. “In the last two years, I’ve never known as many colleagues who have COVID as I do now,” Amanda Bettencourt, the president-elect of the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, told me. “The staffing crisis is the worst it has been through the pandemic.” This is why any comparisons between past and present hospitalization numbers are misleading: January 2021’s numbers would crush January 2022’s system because the workforce has been so diminished. Some institutions are now being overwhelmed by a fraction of their earlier patient loads. “I hope no one you know or love gets COVID or needs an emergency room right now, because there’s no room,” Janelle Thomas, an ICU nurse in Maryland, told me.

Also Supreme Court is going to strip Biden's authority very soon so there will be no federal intervention possible to counteract governors's malicious plans.

13451378, 01/09/2022 - Stop calling it mild
Posted by handle, Sun Jan-09-22 10:45 AM
Covid: Deadly Omicron should not be called mild, warns WHO


The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned against describing the Omicron variant as mild, saying it is killing people across the world.

Recent studies suggest that Omicron is less likely to make people seriously ill than previous Covid variants.

But the record number of people catching it has left health systems under severe pressure, said WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

On Monday, the US recorded more than one million Covid cases in 24 hours.

The WHO - the UN's health agency - said the number of global cases has increased by 71% in the last week, and in the Americas by 100%. It said that among severe cases worldwide, 90% were unvaccinated.

"While Omicron does appear to be less severe compared to Delta, especially in those vaccinated, it does not mean it should be categorised as mild," Dr Tedros told a press conference on Thursday.

"Just like previous variants, Omicron is hospitalising people and it is killing people.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News Doctor Discuss Viagra as Possible Treatment for COVID


"Well, amazingly there appear to be growing connections between Viagra and treatment for the coronavirus," Carlson said in a segment of his Fox News show on Friday. He cited the story of the nurse in the U.K. and brought on Siegel, who is a professor of medicine at the New York University Langone Medical Center, to discuss the treatment.

Ending the segment, Carlson asked: "Is there anything it doesn't cure?"


That's the state of today - people saying it's mild while disease spreads at an alarming rate, and top rated hucksters pushing boner pills as the cure.

13451388, lol @ that Tucker Carlson quote...
Posted by soulfunk, Sun Jan-09-22 07:23 PM
>Ending the segment, Carlson asked: "Is there anything it doesn't cure?"
13451412, 01/10/2022 - Even vaccinated people are pushing "herd immunity" now
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-10-22 11:58 AM
Social media is abuss about how even vaccinated - AND LIBERAL!!!! are thinking "We'll all get it so just get it over with!!"

But Germany has a GREAT response to it:

Germany needs jabs, not omicron's 'dirty vaccination' — health minister

"We still need a vaccine mandate. Otherwise, omicron is a dirty vaccination through the backdoor. Counting on everyone getting infected sooner or later and becoming immune ... would cause big problems," he said.

The omicron version of the virus has so far appeared to be milder than previous variants. But the health minister warned that "many people would become seriously ill with often permanent damage," if omicron was left unchecked.

"For our children it would be an absolutely irresponsible experiment," he said in a tweet earlier this week.

Fear of future variants
The health minister also said it was "naive" to think that "omicron is the end of the pandemic."

"Mandatory vaccination is also important for the future variants that may still develop," he told Welt. "Omicron infection does not necessarily make one immune to the next viral variant."

Lauterbach also warned of the possibility that a new, more dangerous variant could start spreading.

"Imagine for a second that the omicron variant were significantly more deadly. Then we would be in existential danger now," Lauterbach said. "No one can guarantee that a variant will not develop soon that is much more dangerous."


Experts say Omicron may bring a ‘level of herd immunity’—but not for long and likely at a terrible cost


What the health community refers to as “herd immunity” generally occurs when a large portion of the population is immune, and the virus or bacteria can't find a host within which it can reproduce. Herd immunity can be achieved by having enough people contract an infection and then build up a natural immunity, or with strong vaccination coverage. Approximately 94% of people must be immune in order to successfully halt transmission, according to the Mayo Clinic.

But the problem with herd immunity, and particularly with the COVID-19 virus, is that it is likely time sensitive, Ostrosky says. “We always start seeing declining antibodies a few months out,” he says. Not only is the immunity conferred time-limited, it may also not protect against other mutations of the coronavirus. “An infection with this particular variant doesn't guarantee protection against future variants,” Ostrosky says.

... There is also a very real downside to natural herd immunity, which is that a lot of people are going to get infected and, just by sheer numbers, could end up in the hospital and dying, Ostrosky says. “That's why we've never sort of relied on herd immunity as a strategy to get out of the pandemic. There's a cost to it,” he says.

“People think, ‘Oh, Omicron, it’s no big deal.’ It is a big deal. If you’re not vaccinated, Omicron is a big deal for you,” Poland says.

Pfizer CEO says omicron vaccine will be ready in March

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on Monday said a vaccine that targets the omicron variant of Covid will be ready in March, and the company’s already begun manufacturing the doses.

“This vaccine will be ready in March,” Bourla told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “We already starting manufacturing some of these quantities at risk.”

Bourla said the vaccine will also target the other variants that are circulating. He said it is still not clear whether or not an omicron vaccine is needed or how it would be used, but Pfizer will have some doses ready since some countries want it ready as soon as possible.

“The hope is that we will achieve something that will have way, way better protection particularly against infections, because the protection against the hospitalizations and the severe disease — it is reasonable right now, with the current vaccines as long as you are having let’s say the third dose,” Bourla said.

13451414, When liberal is mostly a stand in for non right white people
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-10-22 12:12 PM
Why does it matter what "even liberals" say?
13451418, I was just frustrated, sorry
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-10-22 12:31 PM
>Why does it matter what "even liberals" say?

That's the "new" narrative that's being pushed, I'm just seeing it a lot more this week.

The conspiracists and the right wing are pushing this HARD again: "See , we were right. We should have done NOTHING and let everyone get sick then it'll all be fixed."

I think it'll be the competing narrative even on "mainstream" media soon. People saying "Let everyone become diseased and that's the societal solution." You're going to see a lot of non-right wing pundits starting to say this.

When the death numbers really start rolling in this week then it'll seem even more cruel.

13451426, most people are sheep
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Jan-10-22 01:43 PM
13451423, ...
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Jan-10-22 01:28 PM
13451432, I do have to say
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Jan-10-22 01:56 PM
And perhaps I'm wrong (been wrong many a time during this pandemic)...

I'm vaxxed, boosted, etc. I believe in vaccinations, of course. But if this is the strain we're stuck with (and who the fuck knows if THATs the case)...why are vaccine passports/mandates necessary? I certainly understood with the original strain, with Delta, etc. - but the fact that our current vaccines don't prevent omicron, and vaccinated people can pass it around as much (or nearly as much) as non-vaxxed people - why are we still mandating it?

It just seems to be a hugely divisive issue and in all sincerity - I'm so exhausted of being mad at or disappointed in the general public/people around me.
13451434, Long COVID is real
Posted by shygurl, Mon Jan-10-22 02:04 PM
Imo that's the real issue even among people who are vaccinated/boosted. Just swy a Twitter thread where (the country of) Finland stated it could cost billions to maintain and deal with the disabilities resulting from COVID infections.
13451436, Of course.
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Jan-10-22 02:09 PM
But if long covid is affecting even vaxxed/boosted people - my question is what does someone NOT being vaccinated have to do with that?
13451437, Risk reduction imo
Posted by shygurl, Mon Jan-10-22 02:19 PM
If not getting long COVID is the goal, and being vaccinated/boosted reduces the risk of getting COVID, the mandates are the first line of defense to stop or slow the spread of infection.

Also omicron is the current most visible variant of concern, but delta is still out there plus the threat of any new variants. Who knows how virulent a new variant could end up being.
13451439, sounds like a
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Jan-10-22 02:47 PM
money grab plot twist on a global scale. what about vaccine injury
though? the national v@ccine injury compens@tion progr@m is a thing. i
know it is/was being used for @utism
13451438, Strap in for the next 5-10 years of this
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-10-22 02:29 PM
>I certainly understood with the original strain, with Delta, etc. - but the fact that our current vaccines don't prevent omicron>

A recent mRNA booster still seems to prevent Omicron infection at around 75%.

Initial Evidence: https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/us-fda-clears-pfizers-covid-19-booster-shot-12-15-year-olds-2022-01-03/

"Two shots of the mRNA vaccine are about 35% effective against infection from the Omicron variant, but a booster dose restores effectiveness to 75%, according to the CDC, based on data from South Africa and the United Kingdom."

> and vaccinated people can pass it around as much (or nearly as much) as non-vaxxed people - why are we still mandating it?

No proof that vaccinated people spread as much viral load for the same period as non vaccinated. Or no research I could find -but it's still really early days. But even if it's only a 10% difference then it'll help prevent the worse case scenario.

It makes sense that if you have less severe disease you likely have less of a viral load over a period of time than you would if you had a more severe case.

>It just seems to be a hugely divisive issue and in all
>sincerity - I'm so exhausted of being mad at or disappointed
>in the general public/people around me.

They'll likely be an updated vaccine that targets Omicron that'll get the effectiveness from two shots back to a much higher level.

But if we would have just sat back and had no masking and no vaccine mandates and the original more deadly strains circulated this widely then hundreds of thousands to maybe millions of more people would have died in the U.S.

The divisive is a mixture of well meaning folks (1%) , the fucking stupid (66%) , and the politically cynical using it for power (33%.)

Get ready for more people to go into the "fucking stupid" column because they are tired and have been beaten into stupidity. It's coming.

But yeah, can't pretend it's not exhausting.

13453830, there's no good reason to do so. Which is why you're seeing
Posted by kayru99, Wed Feb-16-22 12:25 PM
mandates and restrictions drop left and right.

Follow the science, and not the self-righteous.
13451431, just an optimistic reminder...
Posted by Tiger Woods, Mon Jan-10-22 01:53 PM
...if you're vaccinated there's an almost 0% chance of you going to the ICU or dying
13451440, ...
Posted by Crash Bandacoot, Mon Jan-10-22 03:09 PM
doesn't make you invincible though. people die everyday. people with
underlying health conditions die everyday. and lord knows theres so
much man-made shit we ingest on the daily.
13451444, lmao
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Jan-10-22 03:34 PM

13451507, Holy Shit 1.3 Mil Cases yesterday
Posted by walihorse, Tue Jan-11-22 09:40 AM

That is an insane number. Damn near 2 years into this. we seeing Millions catching it a day.

I'm almost in disbelief by how crazy that sounds.

Why are we not locking down? Especially since if you are vax you can still spread it. MY wife, Daughter, and I haven't left our house in 10 days. We saw fam for New Year day, but outside at the beach. We working real hard to avoid catching it.
13451508, 1/11/2022 - Record number of hospitalizations
Posted by handle, Tue Jan-11-22 09:42 AM
U.S. COVID hospitalizations hit new record high, raising risks for patients


The omicron-driven surge has sent COVID-19 hospitalizations skyrocketing across the U.S., reaching a new pandemic high this week with 145,982 patients hospitalized.

This exceeds the previous high recorded in January last year, according to data tracked by the Department of Health and Human Services, from more than 5,400 hospitals in the country.

Patients with COVID now fill about 30% of ICU beds in the nation and pediatric COVID hospitalizations are also at the highest rate of the pandemic.

The record-breaking numbers are a sign of just how quickly the omicron variant has swept across the country. Overall infections are also at record levels, with the U.S. averaging more than 700,000 new cases a day.

62,000 Los Angeles students and staff test positive for Covid ahead of return to school (That's around 14%)


As Los Angeles students and staff prepare to return to school Tuesday, about 62,000 have tested positive for Covid-19, school district data show.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is requiring all students and employees to show a negative test result before returning.
It is the nation's second largest district, with more than 640,000 students in grades K-12.
About 414,000 test results have been recorded, for a 14.99% positivity rate. That is well below Los Angeles County as a whole, where the positivity rate has spiked above 22%.


Why More Americans Are Saying They’re ‘Vaxxed and Done’

Vaxxed and done statement:
"For more than a year, I did everything that public-health authorities told me to do. I wore masks. I canceled vacations. I made sacrifices. I got vaccinated. I got boosted. I’m happy to get boosted again. But this virus doesn’t stop. Year over year, the infections don’t decrease. Instead, virulence for people like me is decreasing, either because the virus is changing, or because of growing population immunity, or both. Americans should stop pointlessly guilting themselves about all these cases. In the past week, daily confirmed COVID cases per capita were higher than the U.S. in Ireland, Greece, Iceland, Denmark, France, the U.K., Spain, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, and even Australia, one of the most COVID-cautious countries in the world. As the coronavirus continues its unstoppable march toward endemicity, our attitude toward the virus should follow a similar path toward stoicism. COVID is becoming something like the seasonal flu for most people who keep up with their shots, so I’m prepared to treat this like I’ve treated the flu: by basically not worrying about it and living my life normally."

Vaxxed and cautious statement:
"Why on earth would we suddenly relax measures now, during the largest statistical wave of COVID ever recorded in the U.S.? We shouldn’t treat Omicron like any old seasonal flu, because it’s not like any old seasonal flu. It’s likely deadlier for those without immunity and almost certainly several times more transmissible for everybody else. We have no idea what the effects of Omicron on long COVID will be, but evidence of lingering symptoms should make us wary of just letting tens of millions of people get needlessly infected. Moreover, the health-care system is already worn down and at risk of being overloaded. Record-high caseloads are societally debilitating, creating long chains of infections that are bound to reach some immunocompromised people and the elderly, thus causing needless death. For all these reasons, we should take individual measures to throttle the spread of this virus."

13451512, RE: Vaxxed and done
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jan-11-22 09:54 AM
I may not have a choice being that I work in healthcare
But the idea of continuing to get boosted, every 6 months to a year...without mandates
I can understand the sentiment
I was hoping to be at herd immunity this summer
Looking like another year lost because it's still a choose your own adventure approach
I wept when I saw the vaxxed number is at 62%
Really disappointing to see the back and forth statements from the CDC
I'm exhausted by it all...and I don't blame anyone for side-eying whatever new recommendation comes out for the willing

Mandate the vaccine or enforce social measures nationwide

I was confident the Biden administration was competent enough to handle the pandemic
The changes in messaging and lack of action on a national level are pushing me toward vaxxed and done

I'll be staying home until this $hit is over
F your economy.
13451513, I think my personal attitude/daily life choices lean "vaxxed and done"
Posted by Oak27, Tue Jan-11-22 10:16 AM
I'm vaxxed and boosted. I wear my mask when I'm indoors in public even when it's not required. I'm extra cautious leading into events where I'm going to be around older family members.

But I can only control myself. I have no control over anti-vaxxers and people who generally don't seem to give a fuck. So while the negative in the "vaxxed and done" camp is the overloaded healthcare system, there's nothing I personally can do about that.

The numbers are showing that the people getting slogged by this thing are predominantly unvaxxed, so given my vax status, age, and health status my personal choices aren't likely to have an impact there, so why continue to avoid living life?

I'll keep getting my boosters. I'll keep wearing a mask when cases are high (see: winters). I have no problem wearing a mask if you ask me to before entering your business/home/etc. But other than that, it's clear whatever I do means nothing if a significant portion of the population doesn't give a fuck. We had our opportunities to end this, although who knows if in the end that would have ended this thing early on or just simply delay the inevitable.
13451515, RE: so why continue to avoid living life?
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jan-11-22 10:23 AM
Because there are going to be more variants
The transmissability of Omicron almost guarantees that
The more hosts Covid finds, the more likely there are to be variants
Something else is coming...
13451516, But at this point it seems like all we can control is our personal health
Posted by Oak27, Tue Jan-11-22 10:38 AM
If there is a huge populace of people that are gonna fuck over any chance of us ever getting rid of this regardless (anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers, etc) then I have 3 options:

1) Get my vax/boosters and stay inside besides necessities
2) Get my vax/boosters, mask when cases are high/I'm in a place that's risky, but live life as normal otherwise.
3) Say fuck it and just pretend this doesn't exist/is a problem.

Because of people in group 3 there's no end in sight, so why stay inside and lose more years of my life? I'm vaxxed and cautious, but I'm not gonna be overly cautious for the rest of my life.
13451519, Because of people in group 3...there should be national mandates
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jan-11-22 10:54 AM
I get it
But I've had issues with the unknowns from the beginning
Just the name...Novel...meaning new...translated to me...nobody knows what they're talking about IRT long term effects
My goal from day 1 has been to not contract the virus for that reason
So far so good...and the hence the reason I'm in group 1
The other WTF moment was the loss of smell symptom
That implies a neurological effect...sense of smell being in your brain
I work in chronic pain
I've had patients, some of whom I've worked with for years, pain resolved...contract Covid...and then report to me that the pain has returned
Not in a focal area...their entire body

Where I think this administration is faiLing
Obviously better than the Trumpster do nothing approach
But we should have been much more aggressive immediately
and to your point, I don't think we ever get out of this until there are national mandates/more aggressive approaches than the pick and choose options being used to date

Take for example this most recent holiday season
I remember messaging about it being a more normal holiday, gatherings, etc...
This spike following the holiday season was predictable given the varying requirements across the country

...and I'm not volunteering to contract a virus that nobody knows the long term effects of...or how lethal the next variant will be...just to keep this economy afloat

F that.
13451528, I support mandates
Posted by Oak27, Tue Jan-11-22 11:28 AM
As I've mentioned, I'm vaxxed and I'm wearing a mask even in places I'm not required to.

But I'm not gonna rely on national mandates before choosing to leave my house for more than just groceries.
13451522, Having kids complicates your option 1...
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Jan-11-22 11:00 AM
I have a 13 year old and a 7 year old. I'm fortunate that they just started allowing boosters for 12-15 year old kids, so my oldest is freshly boosted while my youngest is freshly (within the last month) double vaxxed. My immediate family has made it through this entire pandemic with none of us getting the virus.

BUT as of today they are back in school full time. Around kids who are half wearing (and sometimes not wearing at all) cloth masks. I told my wife this morning that it feels like we are sending our kids off to get the virus and just fully trusting in the vaccines, because it feels inevitable given the above and the current case rate in our county. We don't really have any reasonable option against it either - the schools aren't offering a virtual option unless we completely pull our kids from their schools (with no option to return until next school year.)

And again, we are fortunate with our kids' ages and their vaccination status - we have friends with kids younger than 5 who are just out of luck right now...
13451524, >so why continue to avoid living life?
Posted by handle, Tue Jan-11-22 11:21 AM
What kind of new age language is this??

Same kind of talk my dead (from COVID) uncle was talking. He picked it up from Fox News.

I'm living my life - just not stumbling around when a VIRAL BLIZZARD is occurring.

I wouldn't go out if measles was this prevalent either.

So much disease is out there right now - is it worth it to eat at some mediocre restaurant this month?? I'll get take out and continue living disease fee. Or I'll just make some spaghetti.

Mitigate the risks - that's the cautious part.

I'm passing on the maskless Florida booze cruise.

13451527, I guess, for me, "living my life" doesn't mean going 100% back to pre-COVID
Posted by Oak27, Tue Jan-11-22 11:26 AM
There are things I'm gonna continue to outright avoid, mainly extra large gatherings during times of spikes in cases.

But for a long time I wasn't going out to eat ever. I wasn't seeing many friends. I wasn't experiencing much of anything outside of the walls of my home.

At this point, I'm vaxxed/boosted and I'm ready to loosen my leash.
13451530, Exactly, my approach from the beginning has always been the same
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jan-11-22 11:54 AM
Is XYZ worth dying for?
No...then I'm staying home.

I'm a bit more laxed during spring/summer when the weather permits outdoor events

But like I said, this recent spike was predictable...regardless of what we're being told
13451610, We got real lax this summer
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jan-12-22 11:39 AM
and by relaxed I mean going to Pittsburgh to visit family and went to the zoo.. and went to the beach a few times

We always mask up indoors but we didnt mask up at cookouts with family or at the zoo unless we went to an indoor exhibit.

but I also went to 2 football games and masked up the firet game but relaxed for the last game.. we were spaced out in the cheap seats.

Not sure what we are supposed to do since we are vaxxed and boosted. One kid is too young to get vaxxed and they do go to school but the school is good about mask as far as we can tell.. but every other day we get a covid positive notice from their school. My wifes school is
all types of covid positive. She just got tested again and the results were negative.

No way we are staying home and bubble wrapped these days…

and no shade but sure seems like a lot of people who are extra cautious on here are still catching it. So what gives?
13451608, Bruh, you went to Disneyland
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Jan-12-22 11:24 AM
stop it
13451615, this is, easily, the most pragmatic Covid post I've read on OKP
Posted by Tiger Woods, Wed Jan-12-22 12:23 PM
13451629, yeah, i'm pretty much here too
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Jan-12-22 02:06 PM
as things ramp up i'll adjust accordingly, but not really drastically.

i skipped a new years day gathering i would have normally gone to due to omicron. some people who were there wound up testing positive. everyone isolated, and the rest are negative so far.

i went to about 4 sporting events in the fall and winter. i wouldn't do that now.

but other than that, can only control so much.
13451520, I will feel Vaxxed and done once my infant daughters us vaxxed
Posted by walihorse, Tue Jan-11-22 10:57 AM
until then....
13451597, 01/12/2022
Posted by handle, Wed Jan-12-22 10:32 AM
The highly contagious Omicron variant will 'find just about everybody,' Fauci says, but vaccinated people will still fare better


"Omicron, with its extraordinary, unprecedented degree of efficiency of transmissibility, will ultimately find just about everybody," Dr. Anthony Fauci told J. Stephen Morrison, senior vice president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "Those who have been vaccinated ... and boosted would get exposed. Some, maybe a lot of them, will get infected but will very likely, with some exceptions, do reasonably well in the sense of not having hospitalization and death."
In contrast, those who are not vaccinated are "going to get the brunt of the severe aspect of this," he added.

Omicron in California: S.F. is ‘in the middle of the worst’ of surge


A Bay Area county has banned large indoor gatherings and advising residents to shelter in place for the next 30 days amid the omicron surge, but other counties in the region are not following suit. California hospitals are bracing for an even greater influx of new patients as the state shatters pandemic highs for new COVID-19 cases. An East Bay school district reverted to online learning amid the omicron surge as districts struggled over the last week to staff classrooms.


Omicron wreaks havoc across California prison facilities as staff cases surge

Currently, 69% of prison workers are fully vaccinated, according to the California department of corrections and rehabilitation, although the percentage varies drastically from prison to prison. At three facilities, fewer than 50% of staff are fully vaccinated, according to the department.

Meanwhile, 80% of inmates in state prisons are fully vaccinated. As cases have risen among the workforce, state prisons have reported 2,358 active infections among incarcerated people over the last two weeks. Infections among incarcerated people rose 301% between 26 December and 2 January.

The state announced last week that it would suspend visits at every facility for 15 days in order to reduce the spread of infections.
Vaccine mandate feud intensifies as staff infections increased 212% in January with only 69% of prison workers fully vaccinated

13451665, Can't find at home tests. No available appointments.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Wed Jan-12-22 11:25 PM
Friends of mine just having to sit at home and assume they have COVID. What a clusterfuck this is turning into.
13451669, That’s what’s crazy about the high case levels….
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Jan-13-22 06:56 AM
With it being so hard to get tested right now, as high as these numbers are, what are the ACTUAL case numbers with all the people that can’t get tested who have it? Or the positive home tests who never went to go get an official test? Or the family members of those with official tests who are just assuming they have it since they can’t get a test?
13451675, Yeah. Numbers have to be much higher.
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Thu Jan-13-22 09:07 AM
Even in a small facebook community group i'm a part of there are countless posts about "at home test was negative but my family member was so sick i decided to go get an official test which came back positive. That and the inability to find at home tests. Here in Florida i know the numbers are much higher than whats being reported.
13451716, Or what about the people who do multiple test a week?
Posted by The Mac, Thu Jan-13-22 03:14 PM
I get a positive test Monday, Wed, Friday...thats 3 cases, 1 person.

Cmon, these numbers are CROOKED like KING KONG SHOOK IT
13451718, my state tracks by individual...please stop
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Jan-13-22 03:50 PM

I'd guess a lot of states do

You are really out of your element man and now you're just reaching for shit.

So you think the numbers are what...doubled?

Okay, lets say 400,000 people dead...not 800,000.

You know what, lets cut that more. Lets say they are exaggerating the numbers by 4x (a vast conspiracy to get you to line up for a *checks notes* FREE vaccine)


200,000 dead from COVID.

They all deserve to die to you?

Maybe cuz they were old or had immune issues etc.

Its okay that they are dead, right?

And all these people- including our personal drs who we have known for years- are in on the scam, yeah?

And the healthcare system I work it is getting fucking wrecked in every way possible by COVID....

Part of the scam?

There are a handful of people (maybe even a few scientists) on YouTube and Facebook who we SHOULD listen to

And like 100x more experts that we should ignore? Even ones we personally know?

The the people we have personally known who have died, gotten very ill, lost their sense of taste from this shit....

Actors, yeah?

You're going to be in the history books one day for figuring all of this out, man.

13451891, Just want to push back on one thing here (RE: "free" vaccine)
Posted by PimpTrickGangstaClik, Sun Jan-16-22 01:36 PM
a vast conspiracy to get you to line up for a *checks notes* FREE vaccine

The vaccines are "free" to the public. But somebody is paying for them (taxpayers). The feds are paying Pfizer and Moderna about $24 per dose. So there are financial incentives involved.
I don't see evidence of a conspiracy, but those companies do benefit.


13451920, cmon
Posted by Stadiq, Sun Jan-16-22 11:53 PM

If the US gov wanted to hook up Pfizer etc there would be much much much easier ways to do it than fake a global pandemic that has killed 800,000.

Don't give these idiots an inch or they will take it to Youtube.

13451968, That's so dumb i thought you were being sarcastic at first. Lmao
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Mon Jan-17-22 05:57 PM
13451678, 01/13/2022
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-13-22 10:19 AM
CDC forecast predicts more than 62,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US in the next four weeks


An ensemble forecast from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published Wednesday predicts that over 62,000 more people could die from Covid-19 over the next four weeks.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the coronavirus has killed 842,322 people in the United States.

The forecast could mean an average of 2,624 Covid-19 deaths a day, up from a current average of 1,715 per day, according to JHU data.

The CDC included projections that indicate the number of deaths will rise steadily over the four weeks.

COVID-19 updates: Classes in Chicago canceled for 4th day


WHO says omicron cases are ‘off the charts’ as global infections set new records


A record 15 million new Covid-19 infections were reported across the globe in a single week as omicron rapidly replaces delta as the dominant variant across the globe, and “we know this is an underestimate,” World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters at a press briefing Wednesday.

“The sheer volume of cases is putting a burden on health-care systems,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s technical lead on Covid-19. “Even though omicron is less severe than delta, it is still putting people in the hospital. It is still putting people into ICU and needing advanced clinical care. It is still killing people.”

AND almost no one thinks it might be a good idea to lockdown again.
13451823, anyone savvy enough to put together some data?
Posted by mista k5, Fri Jan-14-22 06:51 PM
or maybe there already a site that shows this information in this way.

im trying to make a list of countries fully vaccinated rate, new cases per million (or whatever metric makes sense, new deaths per million, current icu cases per million.

looks like this site has this data but not sure i can filter it out in an efficient way


i have seen sites show the vaccination rates as well as give numbers for total cases/death but i think it would be the most relevant to compare recent numbers.

no idea if this would be good enough to show any correlation but curious.
13451888, John Hopkins has a lot of data like that, but....
Posted by handle, Sun Jan-16-22 12:30 PM
I'm no statistician so I'm not sure how you'd do that in a way that is valid.

Tons of dashboards here:

13451935, 01/17/2022
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The U.S. surgeon general warns that Omicron has not yet peaked.


But “the challenge is that the entire country is not moving at the same pace,” he said, adding that “we shouldn’t expect a national peak in the coming days.”

“The next few weeks will be tough,” he said.

The highly contagious omicron variant has fueled an explosive surge of known cases, with an average of more than 800,000 new cases a day reported Saturday, according to a New York Times database.

Dr. Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, also expressed concerns that the next several weeks would overwhelm hospitals and staff. “Right now, we’re at about 150,000 people in the hospital with COVID,” he said on “Fox News Sunday.” “That’s more than we’ve ever had. I expect those numbers to get substantially higher.”


Social media and news reporters are all filled with "This looks like a possible end of the pandemic" nonsense still.

13451964, On more 01/17/2022
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CDC's suggestion to cancel football, band in nearly every US school called 'unrealistic'


CDC's school guidance
As part of its guidance last updated on January 6, the CDC advised schools to "cancel or hold high-risk sports and extra-curricular activities virtually" any time a community has a "high" Covid-19 transmission rate.

The guidance links to a CDC map that indicates more than 99% of US counties are currently experiencing high transmission.

The CDC gives football and wrestling as examples of high-risk sports and says that "high-risk extracurricular activities are those in which increased exhalation occurs, such as activities that involve singing, shouting, band, or exercise, especially when conducted indoors."

Paul Imhoff, president of The School Superintendents Association, told CNN while schools have gone to great lengths to curb the spread of Covid-19, he doesn't know of any schools that have cancelled activities such as football or band or choir. Such activities, he said, are "important to students' mental health."

"As schools are making decisions about having choir and band and wrestling, it's about making sure our kids are healthy in every way. I think everyone's doing their best to take care of th
e whole child," said Imhoff, a school superintendent in Ohio.
In her statement to CNN, Walensky said the CDC "developed our school guidance knowing school administrators, teachers and parents were looking to us at CDC to get their children back in the enriching environment of the classroom and it was a priority to get our children back to school safely," adding that "vaccines are available for school-aged children, which adds another layer of protection and enhances the school guidance."

Not only do people demand their kids go back INTO a school they have to play the god-damned flute and rassle too!!

While disease is at the highest its ever been.

What a joke.
13451999, 01/18/2022
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Trump held a rally and REALLY REALLY REALLY lied about Vaccines and treatments in the most brazen and overtly racist way yet.

“The left is now rationing life-saving therapeutics based on race, discriminating against and denigrating, just denigrating white people to determine who lives and who dies,” Trump said at the rally, adding, “You get it based on race. In fact, in New York state, if you’re White, you have to go to the back of the line to get medical help. If you’re White, you go right to the back of the line.”

Israeli trial, world’s first, finds 4th dose ‘not good enough’ against Omicron


5, 2022. (Avshalom Sassoni/Flash90)
Nearly a month after Sheba Medical Center launched a landmark study to test the efficacy of a fourth COVID shot, the hospital said Monday that this fourth booster was only partially effective in protecting against the Omicron strain.

“The vaccine, which was very effective against the previous strains, is less effective against the Omicron strain,” Prof. Gili Regev-Yochay, a lead researcher in the experiment said.

“We see an increase in antibodies, higher than after the third dose,” Regev-Yochay said. “However, we see many infected with Omicron who received the fourth dose. Granted, a bit less than in the control group, but still a lot of infections,” she added.

“The bottom line is that the vaccine is excellent against the Alpha and Delta , for Omicron it’s not good enough,” she said.

Regev-Yochay added that it is still probably a good idea to give a fourth shot to those at higher risk, but intimated that perhaps the current campaign, which also offers the jab to the over-60s, should be amended to only include even older groups. She did not elaborate.

The hospital did not release more specific data. Regev-Yochay said the results of the research are only preliminary, but indicated that she was providing the initial information since there was high public interest in the matter.

Hours after releasing the results, Sheba published a statement calling for “continuing the vaccination drive for risk groups at this time, even though the vaccine doesn’t provide optimal protection against getting infected with the variant.”

Don’t count on omicron ending the pandemic, Fauci says

Top U.S. health officials are urging caution amid reports of coronavirus cases peaking in some areas and speculation that the omicron variant could end the pandemic.

“It is an open question whether it will be the live virus vaccination that everyone is hoping for,” Anthony S. Fauci, the president’s chief medical adviser, said Monday during a virtual panel at the Davos economic forum.

“I would hope that that’s the case. But that would only be the case if we don’t get another variant that eludes the immune response of the prior variant,” he said. Even then, he added, covid-19 probably would remain as an endemic disease worldwide.

“If you look at the history of infectious diseases, we’ve only eradicated one,” he said. “And that’s smallpox. That’s not going to happen with” the coronavirus.

Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy expressed a similar note of caution Sunday on CNN, saying that despite apparent omicron peaks in pockets of the Northeast, much of the country isn’t there yet. “The next few weeks will be tough,” he said.

Meanwhile, Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla predicted that “we will soon be able to resume a normal life” given pandemic mitigation measures including tests and vaccines. But he also said that doesn’t mean an end to the coronavirus.

13452069, 01/19/2002 - The UK goes Florida
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Betting Omicron has peaked, Johnson drops COVID rules in England


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says face masks will no longer be mandatory in public places and schools in England and COVID-19 passports will be dropped for large events, as infections level off in large parts of the country

The government will no longer advise people to work from home and beginning next Thursday mandatory COVID-19 passes will not be required to gain entry to large-scale events.

Compulsory face masks will be scrapped in classrooms starting Thursday as well, and from next week they will not be legally required anywhere in England.

“We will trust the judgment of the British people and no longer criminalize anyone who chooses not to wear one,” Johnson said.

Can You Get Omicron More Than Once? Chicago's Top Doctor Answers

"So typically, we have seen that for about three months or so after somebody has been infected with a particular strain of COVID, they are very unlikely to be infected again with that strain," Arwady said during a Facebook Live Tuesday. "I think we're still learning a little bit about that with omicron. And because we saw that, compared to all the ones that came before , people who had had in the past were five times as likely to get infected again and so... that's one of the one of the questions that people are still looking at. I would say, you know, unofficially while we're waiting for the data to come in, I would expect that somebody who has just had, if you knew that it was omicron, you would probably be unlikely to get omicron again for the next few months based on what we've seen previously, but I'm less confident in that statement than I would have been for prior variants, given what we've seen."

The coronavirus pandemic is "nowhere near over," WHO says

Nearly two years since the coronavirus pandemic was officially declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), we're still no closer to knowing when it will end.

The highly transmissible Omicron variant has swept the globe since it was first detected in South Africa in November. Cases in the United States are at a record high and continue to climb. From Australia to Germany, infections are leaping to never-before-seen levels, putting a significant strain on health care systems.

But the fact that it is less likely to cause severe disease than previous coronavirus variants has led to heavy speculation over whether it might mark a turning point — or a conclusion — to the pandemic.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus poured cold water on that theory Tuesday, saying, "this pandemic is nowhere near over."


"Omicron may be less severe — on average, of course — but the narrative that it is mild disease is misleading, hurts the overall response, and costs more lives," Tedros said. "Make no mistake, Omicron is causing hospitalizations and deaths and even the less severe cases are inundating health facilities. The virus is circulating far too intensely with many still vulnerable."
And yet some governments seem to be resigning themselves to the virus ripping through their populations indefinitely. According to their logic, "we need to learn to live with this virus."
13452281, 01/21/2022 (Still less than 2 months since Omicron identified)
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Booster shots needed against omicron, CDC studies show


Three studies released Friday offered more evidence that COVID-19 vaccines are standing up to the omicron variant, at least among people who received booster shots.

They are the first large U.S. studies to look at vaccine protection against omicron, health officials said.

The papers echo previous research — including studies in Germany, South Africa and the U.K. — indicating available vaccines are less effective against omicron than earlier versions of the coronavirus, but also that boosters significantly improve protection.

The first study looked at hospitalizations and emergency room and urgent care center visits in 10 states, from August to this month.

It found vaccine effectiveness was best after three doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in preventing COVID-19-associated emergency department and urgent care visits. Protection dropped from 94% during the delta wave to 82% during the omicron wave. Protection from just two doses was lower, especially if six months had passed since the second dose.

The second study focused on COVID-19 case and death rates in 25 states from the beginning of April through Christmas. People who were boosted had the highest protection against coronavirus infection, both during the time delta was dominant and also when omicron was taking over.

Those two articles were published online by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Journal of the American Medical Association published the third study, also led by CDC researchers. It looked at people who tested positive for COVID-19 from Dec. 10 to Jan. 1 at more than 4,600 testing sites across the U.S.

Three shots of the vaccines were about 67% effective against omicron-related symptomatic disease compared with unvaccinated people. Two doses, however, offered no significant protection against omicron, the researchers found.

“It really shows the important of getting a booster dose,” said the CDC’s Emma Accorsi, one of the study’s authors.
13452383, 01/23/2022 - deaths still HIGH
Posted by handle, Sun Jan-23-22 10:54 AM
3866 deaths yesterday, Jan 22 2022, according to the NYT chart. It's behind a Paywall now :(


Omicron ‘sub-variant’ throws up new virus questions
British health authorities have identified hundreds of cases of the Omicron variant dubbed BA.2.


The UKHSA indicated on Friday it had designated the BA.2 sub-lineage as a variant under investigation (VUI) as cases of it were on the increase even if, in Britain, the BA.1 lineage currently remains dominant.

The authority underlined that “there is still uncertainty around the significance of the changes to the viral genome”, which required surveillance as, in parallel, cases in recent days showed a sharp rise in BA.2 incidence notably in India and Denmark.

“What surprised us is the rapidity with which this sub-variant, which has been circulating to a great extent in Asia, has taken hold in Denmark,” French epidemiologist Antoine Flahault told the AFP news agency.


In Hospital Strained by Omicron, Weary Nurses Treat Too Many Patients
Houston Methodist Hospital can’t keep up as a depleted staff works overtime and more beds are shifted to Covid-19


“With 1,100 new positive cases in our employees last week, you have no choice,” Ms. Schwartz said early this month while Houston Methodist Hospital was closing about 140 beds a day on average, more than one-tenth of its capacity, largely because of staffing.


“It’s death all around you all the time,” said Nikki Saranathan, a Houston Methodist Hospital nurse. “It drains you.”
13452425, 01/24/2022 - TWO MONTHS IN
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-24-22 11:05 AM
What we know as of 02/24/2022:
If it is more contagious.

If the disease is more severe.
-NO- But still severe for unvaccinated and especially virus naïve.

If re-infection rate is higher.

If effectiveness of vaccination is lowered.
-YES- Much lower after 2 shots and 6 months. Booster shot seems to lower chance of becoming infected AND lowers risk of hospitalization by 80%-90%

If Merck and Pfizer anti-virals are effective against it.
-YES- People really really upset that the anti-virals have not been produced in large quantities - even though Pfizer and Merck both said quantities increase in April. Paxlovid seems to take 110 days to manufacture.

Possible new vaccines - could take as little as 100 days - could take more depending on regulatory requirements.
-YES- Pfizer said to have formulation done and manufacturing in earnest. Trials going on now - possible March release date for countries who want it.

State of treatments:

Works against Omicron:
Ritonavir-Boosted Nirmatrelvir (Paxlovid,pill)

Molnupiravir (Merck, pill)

Remdesivir (Gilead, injection) (They approved this for out patient yesterday.)

Sotrovimab (GlaxoSmithKline,injection) (monoclonal antibody)

Evusheld (AstraZeneca, injection)(Pre-exposure antibody injection for the immuno-comprised.)

Not indicated for Omicron:
Bamlanivimab plus Etesevimab (Eli Lilly) (monoclonal antibody)

Casirivimab plus Imdevimab (REGEN-COV) (monoclonal antibody)
13452719, 01/28/2022
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A second version of omicron is spreading. Here's why scientists are on alert


Is omicron BA.2 as transmissible as omicron BA.1?
Over the past several weeks, omicron BA.2 has begun to surprise scientists. And it's starting to look like it can, in some countries, outcompete its sibling omicron BA.1 — and, really, any other variants.

Moderna's omicron booster won't be ready before summer
The company started clinical trials on the variant-specific vaccine this week.


Moderna plans to seek authorization from the Food and Drug Administration for its omicron-specific Covid-19 vaccine booster by the summer, the company’s chief medical officer said Thursday — a time frame that means that the targeted vaccine may not be available to the public until the second half of the year.

Third dose of mRNA vaccine boosts protection from hospitalization in immunocompromised, study finds

(From CNN)

A third dose of an mRNA vaccine provides increased protection against hospitalization with Covid-19 in people with conditions that compromise their immune system — as well as in those who don’t have such conditions — according to a study published Thursday in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Research has found that people who have weakened immune systems because of conditions like certain cancers, AIDS or organ transplants may not have had a complete immune response from the standard two doses of an mRNA Covid-19 vaccine.

The new study followed 2,952 hospitalized adults – 1,385 who were Covid-positive and 1,567 who were negative for Covid-19 — and compared vaccine effectiveness among those who had received two doses of the mRNA vaccine and those who had gotten three. The third vaccine was defined as a full dose in immunocompromised people or a booster dose in those without immune-compromising conditions.

The researchers found that a third dose increased vaccine effectiveness against hospitalization from 69% to 88% among the immunocompromised and 82% to 97% among those without immune-compromising conditions.
13452721, There really isn't a vaccine for kids under 5.
Posted by MEAT, Fri Jan-28-22 10:07 AM
Wild. I'm so glad I got my kid into that trial.
13452768, What was the results of your trial?
Posted by handle, Sat Jan-29-22 11:57 AM
Or is the Pfizer or Moderna trail they're expecting to release the results from in the next few weeks?
13452846, For me or my kid?
Posted by MEAT, Mon Jan-31-22 01:55 PM
13453541, your kid, we don’t care about you… j/k
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Feb-10-22 03:00 PM
my daughter will be 5 in May.

Cant wait.. thankfully she hasn’t had any issues.

13452835, 01/31/2022
Posted by handle, Mon Jan-31-22 11:56 AM
Irrational skepticism
The C.D.C. has begun to publish data on Covid outcomes among people who have received booster shots, and the numbers are striking

NOTE: These are pre-omicron stats


Weekly average deaths per 100,000 from Oct to Nov 2021
Unvaccinated: 7.8
Vaccinated, no booster: 0.6
With Booster:0.1

That risk is not zero, but it is not far from it. The chance that an average American will die in a car crash this week is significantly higher — about 2.4 per million. So is the average weekly death rate from influenza and pneumonia — about three per million.

With a booster shot, Covid resembles other respiratory illnesses that have been around for years. It can still be nasty. For the elderly and immunocompromised, it can be debilitating, even fatal — much as the flu can be. The Omicron surge has been so terrible because it effectively subjected tens of millions of Americans to a flu all at once.

For the unvaccinated, of course, Covid remains many times worse than the flu.

US. adults by political affiliation
Unvaccinated: Dems:9%, Repubs 36%, Ind 22%
Vaccinated, no booster: Dems 29%, Repubs 30%, Ind 39%
With Booster:Dems 62%, Repubs 32%, Ind 37%

13453540, 02/10/2022 Highest deaths rates in a year
Posted by handle, Thu Feb-10-22 02:57 PM
Covid deaths highest in a year as omicron targets the unvaccinated and


Yet the seven-day average of deaths during the omicron surge has reached 2,600 in recent days, climbing past the late September peak of about 2,000 average daily fatalities during the surge of the more dangerous delta variant, according to Post tracking. The ranks of hospitalized patients with covid-19 reached record highs in January. Coronavirus deaths lag hospitalizations.

More than 900,000 Americans have died of covid-19.

Omicron Death Rate Higher Than During Delta Surge

With the Omicron variant now accounting for almost 100% of COVID-19 cases in the United States, the seven-day average of daily COVID-related deaths hit 2,600 recently, the highest rate in about a year,The Washington Post reported.

That’s higher than the approximately 2,000 daily deaths last autumn during the Delta surge, but less than the 3,000 daily deaths last January, when COVID vaccines were not widely available, The Post data analysis said.

Omicron pushed doctors to the brink. 3 keys to get them back.

13453543, so, why are all these places loosening restrictions?
Posted by PROMO, Thu Feb-10-22 03:57 PM
not doubting the numbers, i'm truly asking why.

are we just "over" it at this point as far as our desire to "safely" deal w/ covid and people just wanna live with it and take their chances?

seems like an odd time to be doing that if the numbers are bad.
13453544, cause America is tired of it and the weather is getting better
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Thu Feb-10-22 04:11 PM
its almost outside time again
13453545, They blame the gov't for loosening restrictions last year...
Posted by handle, Thu Feb-10-22 04:17 PM
Now, the blame them for not loosening them quickly enough.

It's because it's a hard problem that has no 'correct' answer and most American's would rather have the same, or double or triple the amount of people dying from COVID as the flu if they can go out and get drunk and not have to wear a mask.

More disease then ever before. More deaths than in a year and almost more than any other period - and people are 'over it."

50,000 or more deaths a year forever is fine by a lot of folks.

Under 2 years ago:
Texas Lt. Governor: Old People Should Volunteer to Die to Save the Economy
According to Dan Patrick “lots of grandparents” are willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause.

13453557, institutions have been failing on this topic for years now
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Feb-10-22 07:13 PM

Whoever is in power (Trump or Biden) has downplayed the threat and wanted people to focus on other things. One admin get an F--- and the other maybe a D+.

I won't repeat myself here, you know what I have to say...but one other way they both have failed...

Where is the national mourning for the dead? Where is the hero-making of medical workers?

Every war has a memorial for the deceased. A celebration of heroes. Etc.

Hell, after 9-11 folks were running around in NYPD t-shirts and shit.

900,000 dead and NEITHER ADMINISTRATION has given it the amount of respect/attention/etc that it deserves.

Amerikkka just isn't numb to all this death and illness. Its not even that. It worse.

Its like...not existent until it happens to you.

No memorial. Vigil. No hero worship. None of it.

Media dropped the fucking ball. Each Admin has. Neither has forces the media to care.

These lives don't matter. Its more complicated than "Americans are just tired and over it"

Nah. Its more than that.

No one is even asking people to care anymore. Complete lack of leadership.

13453804, I guess I can see a difference between...
Posted by handle, Wed Feb-16-22 09:51 AM
Trump and Biden's policies.

Also that republicans are a DEATH CULT in their policies and Democratic ranges from very concerned and doing their best to just lazy.

My hopes for the vunerable is that paxlovid will stay 90% effective and be available easily, cheaply and everywhere. and that more therapeutic therapies are created.

But a lot of folks have identified themselves as garbage people.

And NO ONE will be able to get this ENTIRE country's pussy wet. Trump does that for Republicans - but their policies are truely trash.
13453831, The gravitas you are rightfully calling for would incite a LOT of ????
Posted by kayru99, Wed Feb-16-22 12:29 PM
from the public, especially about our existing healthcare system, and our methods of governance.

And we ABSOLUTELY cannot have that.

Americans should be burning shit in the street and at elected officials front doors...but, here we are.
13453546, Because the case numbers are down.
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Feb-10-22 04:20 PM
The death numbers are still crazy high like mentioned above, but the case numbers have been consistently going down after peaking mid-January. Of course the death numbers always lag behind the case numbers, so that makes sense.

That being said, the case numbers declining COULD be a symptom of cases being underreported. But as we discussed up higher in this thread, the case numbers were also being underreported when Omicron was peaking.
13453558, Case numbers down - but relative to what numbers
Posted by handle, Thu Feb-10-22 07:17 PM
They are way down since the peak of Omicron. But they are still way way way up since delta.

Covid cases in USA:
Jan 28,2021 7 day average: 259,6161
Sep 2,2021 7 day average: 164,382
Jan 12,2022 7 day average: 806,928
Feb 4,2022 7 day average: 321,791

So 7 day average this week is still above the peak levels of 2020.
And DOUBLE that of the delta wave peak.

So a TON of disease. ERs and urgent cares swamped for months. Less hospitalization overall and slightly less death than the worst time, but still very close.

But still very very high compared to pre-Covid, and multiple times worse than the worst flu season we've ever had.

If there was this much FLU out there I'd expect restrictions too.

So I think, as a country, and maybe as a species we don't care about the health of others, or ourselves.

It is depressing.

The perfect album for the times: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Give_Me_Convenience_or_Give_Me_Death

13453564, Oh I absolutely agree...just saying what is being used for
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Feb-10-22 10:52 PM
justification. At this point because of politicization, pandemic fatigue, and the "let the unvaxxed die" mentality among many of those who had been in support of all restrictions not long ago, those making decisions are finding anything they possible can to justify rollbacks of those restrictions.

So when they are seeing case numbers decline consistently like they have the last several weeks, it makes for an easy argument.

13453806, 02/16/2022 -
Posted by handle, Wed Feb-16-22 10:01 AM
U.S. ‘excess deaths’ during pandemic surpassed 1 million, with covid killing most but other diseases adding to the toll, CDC says


The excess-deaths figure surpassed the milestone last week, reaching 1,023,916, according to Robert Anderson, chief of the mortality statistics branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics. The center updates its estimate weekly.

Although the vast majority of the excess deaths are due to the virus, the CDC mortality records also expose swollen numbers of deaths from heart disease, hypertension, dementia and other ailments across two years of pandemic misery.

“We’ve never seen anything like it,” Anderson said.

In 2019, before the pandemic, the CDC recorded 2.8 million deaths. But in 2020 and 2021, as the virus spread through the population, the country recorded roughly a half-million deaths each year in excess of the norm.

The CDC’s excess deaths tracker shows in detail the speed and intensity of that initial wave: Deaths soared more than 40 percent above normal in the United States in the second week of April 2020.

The lethality in early April was concentrated in a few hot spots; for example, deaths in New York City were seven times the norm, but some regions had minimal change in mortality for many months.

Anderson said 91 percent of the deaths from covid-19 tracked by his unit were attributed directly to the disease. In the other 9 percent of deaths, covid-19 was listed as a contributing factor but not the primary cause.

The CDC documented 13 other types of non-covid causes of death that were inflated during the pandemic compared with historical trends starting in 2013. For example, since the start of the pandemic, the category of ischemic heart disease has recorded an additional 30,000 deaths beyond what would be expected. Deaths from hypertensive disease were nearly 62,000 higher than expected.

The CDC’s analysis estimates 208,431 excess deaths from all the non-covid causes since the start of the pandemic. At first glance, that number plus the 911,000 covid-19 deaths would suggest the excess deaths were greater than 1.1 million. But Anderson notes that many of the people who died of covid-19 were elderly, sick or very frail, and, even without a pandemic, some might not have survived across the two-year span of the pandemic. “Some of those covid deaths are not, strictly speaking, excess deaths,” he said.

Coachella and Stagecoach will not require negative COVID tests or vaccinations


Organizers for the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the 2022 Stagecoach Festival will no longer require negative COVID-19 tests or proof of vaccination from attendees. Both festivals are slated to return this year for the first time since 2019, after being cancelled for two years due to the pandemic.

Stagecoach tweeted Tuesday that its rules have changed "in accordance with local guidelines." None of Coachella's social media accounts announced a change, but the rules on Coachella's Health and Safety page state that no masks, tests or vaccinations will be required at the festival.

Websites for both festivals also note that "there is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place or place where people are present and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that those attending the festival will not be exposed to COVID-19."

Biden administration outlines need for $30 billion in new coronavirus aid
Republicans have raised concerns about approving new money, saying there are unspent funds that should be used first.


In a sign of the tough task to come, Republicans have signaled they may not be willing to approve new spending for coronavirus aid until they have a fuller accounting as to the state of the roughly $6 trillion authorized since the start of the pandemic. Some GOP lawmakers have said they believe that Washington first should redirect existing aid before commissioning new money.

“Let’s start the discussion by talking about repurposing the hundreds of billions already sitting in the pipeline,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said earlier this month.

Democrats, however, have signaled they favor a bolder approach, especially in urging the White House to spend anew to procure and ship vaccines globally. More than 80 party lawmakers in December called for at least $17 billion in new funds to address the worldwide disparity in access, citing the fact that low inoculation rates abroad could help spawn new, perhaps more deadly mutations.

13453861, Denmark
Posted by handle, Thu Feb-17-22 12:33 AM
In warning to U.S., COVID rates soar after Denmark lifts all restrictions


At the beginning of February, Denmark became the first major country to lift the last of its COVID-19 restrictions and effectively declare its part in the pandemic over.

Around the world, and especially in the United States, Denmark’s “liberation” from indoor mask mandates, vaccine passports and nightclub closures was heralded as a watershed moment — the shape of things to come. Democratic governors across the U.S. started rescinding their own mask rules a few days later.

“This marks the transition to a new era for all of us, because Denmark will once again be an open society, completely open,” said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. “We dare to believe that we are now through the critical phase."

Since then, however, Denmark has continued to record more COVID-19 cases per capita than nearly anywhere else in the world, and both COVID hospitalizations and deaths have shot up by about a third.

“Not looking good in Denmark,” Dr. Eric Topol, founder and director of the Scripps Translational Institute, tweeted Sunday, sharing several charts that terminated in near-vertical upward lines. “Deaths are now 67% of peak, with a steep ascent.”

“The world is looking to Denmark as a guide to removing all restrictions,” Topol added in a subsequent tweet, “and it seems that we've seen this movie before.” He then attached a screenshot of a news story headlined “Denmark lifts all coronavirus restrictions and celebrates ‘a whole new era’” — from Sept. 10, 2021.

Topol’s argument was clear: By ending mitigation measures prematurely, Denmark has brought a resurgence of infection, hospitalization and death upon itself — and anyone who follows in the country’s footsteps risks doing the same.

But is that the right way to read the numbers? In response to Topol’s tweet — and others like it — Danish experts took to Twitter to object.

“Those data do not capture the epidemic situation in Denmark adequately,” tweeted political scientist Michael Bang Petersen, who advises the Danish government and leads the country’s largest study of pandemic behavior.


The current situation in Denmark offers an early glimpse of how that kind of “endemic” future could unfold. In late January, COVID cases there appeared to crest. But driven by BA.2, a more transmissible subvariant of Omicron, they began to rise again immediately after mitigation measures were lifted, reaching a new all-time high average of 7,970 cases per million residents on Feb. 13 — 13 times the country’s previous peak, recorded in December 2020.

That’s an astronomical amount of virus. In comparison, the U.S. and the U.K. both topped out at around 2,500 cases per million residents at the height of their recent Omicron waves.

Topol's tweet: https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1492924522730639364?s=20&t=kNRLaRas3SBIoqFMFHUotw
13453878, Lots of complaining about this one on social media
Posted by handle, Thu Feb-17-22 10:52 AM
They say the data is still counting omicron wave when restrictions were in place and this is the predictable rise in hospitalizations and deaths that trails it.

We'll see in a few weeks when that can no longer be argued.

But they seem to think you can't stop it, so why even try.
13453895, Denmark's case numbers for the pandemic are weird...
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Feb-17-22 01:11 PM


Based on the above curve (and I see the same thing on the Google tracking page) their case numbers have been LOW the entire pandemic, until November 2021 when omicron hit (besides a relatively tiny bump in December 2020, which correlated with a large bump in deaths at that same time). Then in November, December, and January both their case and death numbers blew the EFF up. Small decrease in the case numbers over like a few days, and then they decided to end all the restrictions??????? I seriously can't make sense of any of it...
13453957, 02/18/2022 - Ba2 may be more severe than B1
Posted by handle, Fri Feb-18-22 12:12 PM
As BA.2 subvariant of Omicron rises, lab studies point to signs of severity

he BA.2 virus – a subvariant of the Omicron coronavirus variant – isn’t just spreading faster than its distant cousin, it may also cause more severe disease and appears capable of thwarting some of the key weapons we have against Covid-19, new research suggests.

New lab experiments from Japan show that BA.2 may have features that make it as capable of causing serious illness as older variants of Covid-19, including Delta.

And like Omicron, it appears to largely escape the immunity created by vaccines. A booster shot restores protection, making illness after infection about 74% less likely.

BA.2 is also resistant to some treatments, including sotrovimab, the monoclonal antibody that’s currently being used against Omicron.

... Kei Sato, a researcher at the University of Tokyo who conducted the study, argues that these findings prove that BA.2 should not be considered a type of Omicron and that it needs to be more closely monitored.

About 73% of U.S. Estimated to Be Immune to Omicron Variant


Feb. 17, 2022 -- About 73% of Americans are now immune to the Omicron variant, which could increase to 80% by mid-March, a university health institute says.

About half of eligible Americans have received booster shots, and about 80 million confirmed COVID-19 infections have been reported. Many more infections have occurred but haven’t been officially recorded, The Associated Press reported.

The high percentage of immunity from vaccination and previous infection tends to prevent or shorten new illnesses and reduce the amount of virus circulating overall. Health experts are now discussing whether the number is high enough to stop new waves or reduce the burden on hospitals.

“I am optimistic even if we have a surge in summer, cases will go up, but hospitalizations and deaths will not,” Ali Mokdad, PhD, a professor of health metrics sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle, told the AP.
13453976, Anybody really surprised?
Posted by spenzalii, Fri Feb-18-22 03:33 PM
People will be back outside and then getting sick just as sundress season hits. Whatever. Sanitizer and masks stay on deck until they have a cure, not a vaccine. SO be it.
13454284, 02/23/2022
Posted by handle, Wed Feb-23-22 03:45 PM

The new data shows that vaccines provided greater protection against hospitalization than for infection during the omicron wave, even as that protection waned. Before omicron, unvaccinated people were 15 times as likely to be hospitalized as were fully vaccinated people. With the latest coronavirus variant, the difference in rates dropped to about seven times as much.

Among the most vulnerable people — those 65 or older — the unvaccinated were about four times as likely to be hospitalized as fully vaccinated people who also had boosters. Before omicron, the difference was more than nine times.

Younger unvaccinated people were about five times as likely to be hospitalized as their peers with boosters.


The new Omicron Subvariant is More Transmissible. Is the Economy Ready to Reopen?

The subvariant, known as BA.2, appears to be up to 30% more transmissible than BA.1, the predominant subvariant. More than 20% of Omicron cases could be traced back to the new subvariant by the fifth week of 2022, the WHO said in a weekly newsletter published in mid-February.

Still, other academic papers have hinted at the possibility that the BA.2 variant could be just as good, it not better than, its cousin at evading therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, which could make it harder to treat if the subvariant were to spread as much as BA.1 did.



WHO says omicron subvariant is not stopping global cases from falling, and U.S. nearing 940,000 COVID deaths

The World Health Organization said the BA.2 subvariant of the omicron strain of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 appears to be more transmissible than the original omicron but is not stopping overall case tallies from declining globally.

In a special statement on the omicron variant, the agency said public health officials should continue to monitor BA.2, which differs from BA.1 in its genetic sequence, including some amino-acid differences in the spike protein and other proteins.

While BA.2 is more infectious than the earlier omicron, the difference is much smaller than the difference between delta and omicron, said the statement.


As omicron wave fades, is the U.S. heading toward herd immunity?

Is omicron leading us closer to herd immunity against COVID-19?

Experts say it’s not likely that the highly transmissible variant — or any other variant — will lead to herd immunity.

“Herd immunity is an elusive concept and doesn’t apply to coronavirus,” says Dr. Don Milton at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

Herd immunity is when enough of a population is immune to a virus that it’s hard for the germ to spread to those who aren’t protected by vaccination or a prior infection.

For example, herd immunity against measles requires about 95% of a community to be immune. Early hopes of herd immunity against the coronavirus faded for several reasons.

One is that antibodies developed from available vaccines or previous infection dwindle with time. While vaccines offer strong protection against severe illness, waning antibodies mean it’s still possible to get infected — even for those who are boosted.

Then there’s the huge variation in vaccinations. In some low-income countries, less than 5% of the population is vaccinated. Rich countries are struggling with vaccine hesitancy. And young children still aren’t eligible in many places.

As long as the virus spreads, it mutates — helping the virus survive and giving rise to new variants. Those mutants — such as omicron — can become better at evading the protection people have from vaccines or an earlier infection.

Populations are moving toward “herd resistance,” where infections will continue, but people have enough protection that future spikes won’t be as disruptive to society, Milton says.

Many scientists believe COVID-19 will eventually become like the flu and cause seasonal outbreaks but not huge surges.

13454687, so is it true most mask mandates end March 1st?
Posted by ThaTruth, Sun Feb-27-22 02:49 PM
after they just told us a couple weeks about they we had to have the official "N95" and any other masks were useless...

going all the way back to the beginning where you didn't need a mask unless you were sick, then you did, then you had to have "N95", then any makeshift face covering will do...

then you have to wear masks indoors, then it was ok to take it off if you were eating or drinking, then you you were encouraged to wear a mask outside, then you weren't...

I try to avoid they conspiracy theories on this shit but if its not the jokiest joke ever lol...

who's profiting off these "N95" masks anyway?
13454713, Is this a bit???
Posted by handle, Mon Feb-28-22 01:01 AM
>I try to avoid they conspiracy theories on this shit but if
>its not the jokiest joke ever lol...
>who's profiting off these "N95" masks anyway?

Turn that intellect onto other things. This obsession with hacky comedian level masks theories are played out.

Masks slowed the disease spread. Better masks slowed it more.

Trump let Bob Woodward know on Feb 7,2020 that this is more "more deadly than... even your strenuous flus.” The weeks later said it was just a flu. Then said after the CDC recommended masking that *he* wasn't going to do it.

People act like the CDC sad "if you have an n95 throw that shit away and wear a bandana."

This country is full to the brim with fucking disease - wear a fucking mask.

13454792, Big mask!
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Feb-28-22 03:34 PM
>who's profiting off these "N95" masks anyway?
13454924, 3/2/2022 TEST TO TREAT!!!!!!!
Posted by handle, Wed Mar-02-22 09:55 AM
This is what I've been waiting for!!


Biden announces new "Test to Treat" initiative and says Americans will get free Covid-19 antiviral pills
From CNN's Kate Sullivan

President Biden announced a new “Test to Treat” initiative and said Americans will be able to get tested for Covid-19 at a pharmacy and receive free antiviral pills “on the spot” if they test positive.

“If you get Covid-19, the Pfizer pill reduces your chances of ending up in the hospital by 90%,” Biden said. “I’ve ordered more pills than anyone in the world has. Pfizer is working overtime to get us a million pills this month and more than double that next month.”
Pfizer’s antiviral pill, Paxlovid, has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and severe illness and was authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration last year.

Upon its authorization, Biden announced a purchase of 10 million courses. The President has since said the federal government will double its order from 10 million to 20 million treatment courses.

Americans can order another round of free at-home Covid-19 tests next week

Americans can order additional free at-home Covid-19 tests supplied by the US government starting next week.

"If you already ordered free tests, tonight, I'm announcing you can order another group of tests. Go to Covidtest.gov starting next week and you can get more tests," President Joe Biden said during his Tuesday State of the Union address.
In January, the government launched its effort to provide free rapid antigen tests to any household that requested them through that website or by calling 800-232-0233. There was a limit of four tests per residential address.
The website now says every home in the US can order an additional set of four tests starting next week.
13455342, 03/09/2022
Posted by handle, Wed Mar-09-22 11:41 AM
CDC warns of alarming surge in Covid Omicron sub-variant in New York City as mandates lifted


The Omicron sub-variant BA.2 makes up for 11.6 per cent of Covid-19 variants in the United States as of 5 March, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday.

The cases of BA.2 variant have been doubling each week, CDC data from last week initially showed. However, the numbers were revised to a slightly lower degree on Tuesday.

Revised estimates from the CDC showed that the “stealth” Omicron sub-variant accounted for more than 6 per cent of the cases in the US in the week that ended on 26 February, and nearly four per cent in the week before that.

In New York, which is among the major regions where Covid mandates are being lifted, the cases of BA.2 variant have soared about four times in the past month.

I took a PCR COVID test last week (had a sore throat the night before) and there was maybe a total of 5 people getting test while I was there. Test was negative and sore throat was fine by the next day.

13455395, 03/10/2022 DELTACRON??
Posted by handle, Thu Mar-10-22 10:36 AM

There may be a new COVID variant, Deltacron. Here's what we know about it.

A potential new COVID variant, a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants – you can call it "Deltacron" – has been identified.

The World Health Organization said Wednesday the new COVID-19 combination has been detected in France, the Netherlands and Denmark. It's also been found in the U.S., according to a new report soon to be published on research site MedRxiv and viewed by USA TODAY.

The San Mateo, California-headquartered lab Helix, which works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to track COVID-19, sequenced 29,719 positive COVID samples collected Nov. 22, 2021, to Feb. 13, 2022, from across the U.S., according to the research team, which included the University of Washington Medical Center and testing company Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Researchers found two infections involving different versions of Deltacron, resulting from the combination of Delta and Omicron genetic material. Twenty other infections had both the Delta and Omicron variants, with one case having Delta, Omicron and Deltacron.

Should we worry about Deltacron?
Not right now. Compared to variants such as Delta and Omicron this new variation – researchers have not adopted the "Deltacron" name officially – appears not likely to spread, said William Lee, the chief science officer at Helix.

"The fact that there is not that much of it, that even the two cases we saw were different, suggests that it's probably not going to elevate to a variant of concern level" and warrant its own Greek letter name, he told USA TODAY.

So far, in the places where Deltacron has been detected, "there are very low levels of this detection," said Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, an American infectious disease epidemiologist and the WHO's COVID-19 technical lead, during a press conference Wednesday.

For now, WHO has not seen "any change in the epidemiology," Van Kerkhove said. And regarding Deltacron, "we haven't seen any change in severity. But there are many studies that are underway."

William Hanage, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, concurs. "It's only a variant if it produces a large number of cases," he said. "So no. If it's not causing lots of cases, people don’t need to be concerned."

Why is Deltacron important?
Usually, mutations happen steadily until one becomes strong enough to become a new thing. In this case, there were different mutations happening, perhaps by the continued existence of Delta during the wave of Omicron. "For a few weeks co-infection cases probably happened more often than we know of, because they can be difficult to detect," Lee said.

While people may not need to worry about this, researchers can learn from Deltacron's development. "It's an interesting phenomenon and it helps us understand more about how the virus evolves and how the pandemic continues to endure," Lee said.

The continuing changes in variants "validate the need for ongoing national surveillance to identify potential variants of concern as part of an early warning system that monitors for new viral trends" including COVID, flu and other viruses, he said.

Testing and constant study of the virus is "critical," Van Kerkhove said. "It's really critical that we continue with sequencing, that we have good geographic representation of sequencing around the world, and that the systems that have been put in place for surveillance for testing for sequencing, right now be reinforced, that they're not taken apart, because we have to move on to the next challenge."
13455412, Transformers Season 3, after the Movie...
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Mar-10-22 11:38 AM
>A potential new COVID variant, a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants – you can call it "Deltacron" – has been identified.
13455593, 03/13/2022 - Obama and booster
Posted by handle, Sun Mar-13-22 05:19 PM

Barack Obama
I just tested positive for COVID. I’ve had a scratchy throat for a couple days, but am feeling fine otherwise. Michelle and I are grateful to be vaccinated and boosted, and she has tested negative.

It’s a reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t already, even as cases go down.

Pfizer CEO says a fourth booster shot 'is necessary'


Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Sunday that a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be necessary to continue to help keep hospitalizations manageable and sicknesses more mild.

"Right now, the way that we have seen, it is necessary, a fourth booster right now. The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths," Bourla said while appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"It's not that good against infections but doesn't last very long. But we are just submitting those data to the FDA , and then we will see what the experts also will say outside Pfizer," he added.

In August, the FDA fully approved Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for people at least 16 years old or older. A third dose of Pfizer's vaccine has been granted emergency use authorization.

Bourla told CNBC on Saturday of his company's plans to submit data for a fourth COVID-19 dose.

"It’s clear that there is a need in an environment of omicron to boost the immune response," he said while appearing on CNBC's "Squawk Box.”

Countries including Israel, Chile and Germany have already begun recommending fourth COVID-19 doses for high-risk groups.

"Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan asked Bourla if he expects to be able to avoid the same confusion over booster shots that came about when the third vaccine dose was being deployed.

Pfizer CEO says a fourth booster shot 'is necessary'
BY JOSEPH CHOI - 03/13/22 01:26 PM EDT 1,617
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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said on Sunday that a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be necessary to continue to help keep hospitalizations manageable and sicknesses more mild.

"Right now, the way that we have seen, it is necessary, a fourth booster right now. The protection that you are getting from the third, it is good enough, actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths," Bourla said while appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"It's not that good against infections but doesn't last very long. But we are just submitting those data to the FDA , and then we will see what the experts also will say outside Pfizer," he added.

In August, the FDA fully approved Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for people at least 16 years old or older. A third dose of Pfizer's vaccine has been granted emergency use authorization.

Bourla told CNBC on Saturday of his company's plans to submit data for a fourth COVID-19 dose.

"It’s clear that there is a need in an environment of omicron to boost the immune response," he said while appearing on CNBC's "Squawk Box.”

Countries including Israel, Chile and Germany have already begun recommending fourth COVID-19 doses for high-risk groups.

"Face the Nation" host Margaret Brennan asked Bourla if he expects to be able to avoid the same confusion over booster shots that came about when the third vaccine dose was being deployed.

Barack Obama tests positive for COVID-19
Kyiv mayor says he is worried he is a target of the Russian military
"I think so. And I think right now we need to be very well coordinated, CDC , FDA and the industry so that we are all providing to the American people and to the world a cohesive picture rather than confusion," he said.

During his interview on Sunday, Bourla reiterated his company's goal of creating a vaccine effective against all variants of COVID-19 for longer periods of time.

"We are working very diligently right now ... to make not only a vaccine that will protect against all variants, including omicron, but also something that can protect for at least a year," he said. "And if we be able to achieve that, then I think it is very easy to follow and remember so that we can go back to really the way used to live."
13456316, 03/25/2022 - Omicron not sleeping
Posted by handle, Fri Mar-25-22 08:47 AM
7 day death average this week was 822. That means were on track to have 300,000 more deaths from in in the next year.



Los Angeles BA.2 Covid Cases Jump 130% In One Week As More Transmissible Omicron Variant Spreads Across U.S.

Los Angeles County Public Health officials announced today that the county of 10 million people had finally begun to experience a trend that has already hit many parts of the United States: a rapid rise in the number of Covid cases attributed to the more transmissible Omicron BA.2 variant.

Per L.A. County:

Although the current sequencing sample represents a small fraction of all cases, it indicates that between February 27- March 5, 14.7% of sequenced cases were the BA.2 Omicron sub-lineage in LA County. This is an increase from 6.4% of sequenced cases in the prior week.

Just last week, the county’s director of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer, described the increases in BA.2 as “a gradual growth.” Things seem to have changed. The ascent from 6.4% of sequenced cases to 14.7% means an overall 129.68% increase in the variant. By almost any measure, that is not gradual growth.


Early research suggests your risk of getting COVID in the next wave is lower if you already had Omicron. Here's everything we know about BA.2 reinfections.

Reinfection with Omicron is possible, but not common
Researchers in Denmark, where scientists sequence lots more COVID-19 cases that in other spots around the globe, have found that reinfection with BA.2 after BA.1 can happen, but it's quite rare.

Looking at data from more than 1.8 million cases in the three month period between November 2021 and February 2022, they found just 47 reinfections of BA.2 after BA.1. Most of those were in "young, unvaccinated individuals," the researchers wrote. A similar story has played out in England, where among more than 500,000 sequenced BA.1 and BA.2 specimens taken between November and late February, just 43 potential reinfections* were discovered (*the data is still preliminary.)

13456592, 03/28/2002 - Free tests ending
Posted by handle, Mon Mar-28-22 09:14 AM
Reminder: GOP and Romeny in particular don't want to spend a single penny on Covid funding - they are only willing to take a small amount of money from another part of the budget and use it instead.

Fucker GOT Covid too. GOP are ideology over humanity.



As the White House pleads with Republicans in Congress for emergency aid to fight the coronavirus, the federal government said that a fund established to reimburse doctors for care for uninsured Covid patients was no longer accepting claims for testing and treatment “due to lack of sufficient funds.”

Some U.S. health care providers are informing uninsured people they can no longer be tested for the virus free of charge, and will have to pay for the service.

Quest Diagnostics, which operates one of the largest networks of testing sites and laboratories in the United States, last week began to notify clients that the reimbursement was no longer available, Kimberly B. Gorode, a spokesperson for the chain, said on Sunday.

Patients “are being told they can’t get it for free,” she said. Uninsured people will now have to pay $125 to be tested at Quest Diagnostics, while other testing services may charge up to $195.

Customers enrolled in a private insurance plan, or covered by Medicare or Medicaid, are not affected, she said.

Weekly Covid cases in UK increase by 1m, figures show

The number of coronavirus infections across the UK rose by an estimated 1m compared with the previous week, with figures in Scotland at a record high, data from the Office for National Statistics has revealed.

According to the latest information from the ONS, based on swabs collected from randomly selected households, an estimated 9% of the population in Scotland had Covid in the week ending 20 March, about one in 11 people. The figure is the highest recorded by the survey since it began looking at the situation in Scotland in October 2020.

Infection levels also increased in England and Wales, although they decreased slightly in Northern Ireland, with data revealing that about one in 16 people in England had Covid in the most recent week, compared with one in 20 the week before, a rise from about 2,653,200 to 3,485,700 people.

The figure is just shy of the all-time high for England, when about 1 in 15 were estimated to have Covid in the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve last year, at the height of the Omicron wave.

Experts have suggested that the recent surge in infection levels in the UK is owing to a number of factors, including the lifting of Covid restrictions to various degrees across the UK, changes in behaviour, waning immunity after the booster programme and – crucially – the rise of the BA.2 variant, which appears to be more transmissible than the earlier form of Omicron.

“The percentage of people with infections compatible with the Omicron BA.2 variant increased in England, Wales and Scotland and decreased in Northern Ireland,” the ONS report states.

Previous ONS figures have suggested that Northern Ireland experienced a rise in BA.2 before other parts of the UK.

On Friday, the UK Health Security Agency reported that cases of the BA.2 Omicron variant were increasing 75% faster than the original variant, BA.1, and now made up almost 89% of Covid infections sequenced in England. There is no evidence that BA.2 causes a greater risk of hospitalisation.
13456838, 03/29/2022 - Boosters
Posted by handle, Tue Mar-29-22 09:43 AM

Research by Clalit, not yet peer-reviewed, shows just one fully-boosted elderly Israeli died for every five un-boosted – raising question of how many could have been saved globally

New Israeli research indicates fourth shots of the Pfizer–BioNTech coronavirus vaccine significantly curtailed deaths in Israel’s older population during the Omicron wave.

It also raises the question of how many lives may have been lost due to the world’s slow adoption of fourth shots.

Israelis who topped up their triple-vaccine protection with a fourth shot of the vaccine reduced their chances of death by 78 percent, according to Clalit Health Services and Sapir College.

This was calculated by studying death rates among Israelis aged 60-plus who were four months after their third vaccine, over a 40-day period during the Omicron wave. For every five deaths among those who didn’t get a fourth shot, there was just one death among those who did.

The study, which has been published online but not yet peer-reviewed, comes three months after Israel went out on a limb internationally by introducing second boosters for the elderly, at-risk individuals and medical staff.

Omicron subvariant BA.2 is now the dominant strain of Covid-19 in the US, CDC says


The highly contagious Omicron subvariant BA.2 is now the dominant strain of Covid-19 in the United States, causing an estimated 54.9% of all new Covid-19 infections last week, according to new data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The hardest hit region continues to be the Northeast, where BA.2 is causing more than 70% of all cases. The South and Mountain West are seeing the fewest cases in the US. BA.2 is causing slightly more than one-third of infections in those regions.


13456911, CDC Green Lights 4th Dose Boosters For Most Americans Over 50
Posted by handle, Tue Mar-29-22 06:07 PM

The CDC recommended additional booster shots for older adults in the US on Monday, hours after the FDA authorized the same.
The CDC said people over 50 with underlying medical conditions, and everyone over 65, may get a second boost.
Second boosts can be given with Moderna or Pfizer's vaccine, at least four months after a first booster.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has given the final OK for additional boosters to be administered to older adults in pharmacies and doctor's offices across the US.

On Tuesday afternoon, the CDC said it was updating its booster shot recommendations to allow:

people over 50 with underlying medical conditions that increase their COVID risk
and everyone over 65
to get a 4th dose of an mRNA vaccine, from either Pfizer or Moderna, at least four months after their first boost.

(Adults who received a primary vaccine and booster dose of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine at least four months ago can also get a second booster, but only with Pfizer or Moderna product.)

Before today, only certain immunocompromised individuals could get an additional booster shot. The new CDC recommendations allow immunocompromised patients to also have another booster.

"Boosters are safe, and people over the age of 50 can now get an additional booster four months after their prior dose to increase their protection further," CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. "This is especially important for those 65 and older and those 50 and older with underlying medical conditions that increase their risk for severe disease from COVID-19, as they are the most likely to benefit from receiving an additional booster dose at this time."
13457310, 04/02/2022 - Records in the UK - and the US
Posted by handle, Sat Apr-02-22 12:35 PM
Record-breaking 4.9m people in UK sick with Covid - up 600,000 cases in a week


A record 4.9 million people in the UK are estimated to have had Covid-19 in the week ending March 26, up from 4.3 million in the previous week, the Office for National Statistics said.

Only a month after Covid restrictions ended in the UK, the number of Covid cases has soared, rising by around 600,000 cases in a week.

The ONS released the figures for the end of March showing that the virus infection rates had reached an all time high.

The figures come near to exactly one calendar month from when all Covid restrictions were lifted on February 24.

The government has come under fire in recent weeks for scrapping universal free testing of Covid-19.

Covid-19 hospitalizations hit a pandemic low in the US, but strain on hospitals persists


Fewer people are hospitalized with Covid-19 in the United States now than at any other point in the pandemic, but hospitals and staff continue to feel the strain.

As of Friday, there are 16,138 people in the hospital with Covid-19 -- fewer than there have ever been since the US Department of Health and Human Services first started tracking in July 2020. Just 2% of hospital beds are currently in use for Covid-19 patients.
Previously, the lowest point was in late June 2021, just before Delta became the dominant variant in the country. Covid-19 hospitalizations reached a peak in January 2022 amid the Omicron surge, when more than 160,000 people were hospitalized with Covid-19 at one time.

While the strain on the US hospital system directly related to treating Covid-19 patients has been significantly reduced, experts say that many hospitals are still burdened by staffing shortages and other patients who are coming in sicker after postponing care during the height of the pandemic.


And for the VAX deniers we have 2 stories:

#1: Myocarditis risk higher after Covid infection than Pfizer or Moderna vaccination, CDC finds

People infected with Covid-19 face a higher risk of myocarditis and other inflammatory heart conditions than those vaccinated against the disease, according a large study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday.

#2:Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of Covid Hospitalization, Large Study Finds

“At some point it will become a waste of resources to continue studying an unpromising approach,” one expert said.
13457697, 04/08/2022 - remember when MILLIONS of people got covid every day? Gues not
Posted by handle, Fri Apr-08-22 10:53 AM
COVID spending bill stalls in Senate as GOP, Dems stalemate

Read it, but the short part is: Republicans will not authorize money to send COVID vaccines to other countries AND they will not spend ANY money (not a single penny) that isn't cut from another part of the budget.

Coming this summer and fall: GOP blames Biden for not doing enough.


U.S. court reinstates Biden federal employee COVID vaccine mandate

WASHINGTON, April 7 (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court panel on Thursday reinstated President Joe Biden's executive order mandating that federal civilian employees be vaccinated against COVID-19.

By a 2-1 vote, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals lifted an injunction issued by a U.S. district judge in Texas in January that had blocked enforcement of the federal employee vaccine mandate. Biden said in September he would require about 3.5 million government workers to get vaccinated by Nov. 22, barring a religious or medical accommodation, or face discipline or firing.

A bunch of folks got Covid at the capitol
Pelosi- https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-04-07/u-s-house-speaker-pelosi-tests-positive-for-covid-19-l1p4ty04

Warnaock - https://thehill.com/news/senate/3262271-sen-warnock-tests-positive-for-covid-19/

Collins - https://www.pressherald.com/2022/04/07/sen-susan-collins-of-maine-tests-positive-for-covid-19-2/

13458108, 04/13//2022
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Pfizer May Have Omicron-Optimized Covid Vaccine Ready By Fall, CEO Says

Seems a little too late??


BA.2 now represents of 86% of sequenced new cases, almost completely displacing the earlier version of omicron that fueled the unprecedented winter surge.

BA.2 now represents of 86% of sequenced new cases, almost completely displacing the earlier version of omicron that fueled the unprecedented winter surge.

The U.S. reported more than 30,000 new infections on Monday, a 20% increase over the previous week, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Outbreaks in New York City and Washington, D.C., have resulted in senior government officials testing positive.

White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci he doesn’t expect the U.S. to see a significant increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

WHO says omicron variant now accounts for 99.2% of global COVID cases and warns that people are still developing severe disease and dying


Cases are rising again in 28 states as BA.2 continues to spread rapidly

13458686, Vice President Harris tests positive
Posted by Doomdata21, Tue Apr-26-22 11:55 AM
Is isolating. Glad we aren't seeing a steep uptick in deaths at this point.

13458829, 04/27/2022
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The US is out of the Covid-19 pandemic phase, Fauci says

The United States is out of the Covid-19 pandemic phase, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Joe Biden's chief medical adviser and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

"We are certainly, right now, in this country, out of the pandemic phase," Fauci said on PBS NewsHour Tuesday.
"Namely, we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. We are at a low level right now. So, if you're saying are we out of the pandemic phase in this country? We are," he said.


"Pandemic means a widespread, throughout the world infection that spreads rapidly among people," Fauci said. "So, if you look at the global situation, there is no doubt this pandemic is still ongoing."


Coronavirus has infected majority of Americans, blood tests indicate
But officials caution that people should not presume they have protection against the virus going forward


Before omicron, one-third of Americans had been infected with the coronavirus, but by the end of February, that rate had climbed to nearly 60 percent, including 3 out of 4 children, according to federal health data released Tuesday.

The data from blood tests offers the first evidence that over half the U.S. population, roughly 190 million people, has been infected at least once since the pandemic began. That is more than double the official case count. Many of those infections are likely to have been asymptomatic or with few symptoms. The virus has killed nearly 1 million Americans and caused disruptions that have driven up death rates from other causes, including cancer and heart disease.

‘It's insanity’: Providers end Covid care for uninsured in the wake of congressional inaction


Community Health Development, a Texas clinic, announced it is cutting back Covid-19 care for uninsured patients after federal pandemic funding for testing, treatment and vaccines ran out in recent weeks.

The health center in Uvalde, about 60 miles from the Mexican border, serves a population that is majority Hispanic and uninsured. It now offers free Covid-19 vaccines one day a week instead of six. It has restricted testing and may have to eliminate services, increase patient fees or even lay off staff if Congress doesn’t soon approve additional Covid money.

“We can’t spend money like the government can. We have to make it with what we have,” said Mayela Castañon, the health center’s CEO. “Hopefully Congress will stop fighting and think about what we’re going through.”

The cuts at the not-for-profit clinic, which serves about 11,000 patients, are just one example of how Covid-19 programs around the country have shrunk over the last month, a consequence of Congress’ failure to provide fresh funding to combat the pandemic.


13458896, Hurray for endemics !!
Posted by MEAT, Wed Apr-27-22 12:43 PM
13458912, Pandemic for the rest of the world though
Posted by handle, Wed Apr-27-22 01:22 PM
Comes right back if next variant is immune response evasive.

I was at the grocery store last night and 2 employees, myself and one customer were the only ones masked. Probably 60 folks in there unmasked.

We have a 2.7% positivity rate in San Diego - so there's something like an 89% chance someone in there had covid.
13458917, They have to rip this mask and gloves off me.
Posted by Kira, Wed Apr-27-22 01:40 PM
This stat is crazy:

Before omicron, one-third of Americans had been infected with the coronavirus, but by the end of February, that rate had climbed to nearly 60 percent, including 3 out of 4 children, according to federal health data released Tuesday.

Over 60% is well over 160 million people! Pandemic is far from over
13458982, vaccinated were 4 in 10 deaths in Jan and Feb
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Apr-27-22 05:52 PM


This admin wanting to move on and declare victory is just.as.bad as when the previous admin wanted to do it.

Putting your team's political success over the safety of people is wrong no matter who does it.

"get vaxxed and smile" is not enough. It is not effective or good policy.

And as immunity wanes and variants pop off, it is dangerous.

It is a pandemic here and everywhere.

Its just the admin doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

The vaccine is simply not the fix they sold it, and continue to sell it, as.
13458984, While it’s true that we were seeing higher deaths among those
Posted by soulfunk, Wed Apr-27-22 06:09 PM
vaccinated, scroll up in that thread for more context. The timing of Omicron with WAY more vaccinated cases along with a large chunk of people vaccinated way earlier with waning antibodies because they didn’t get boosted contributed to those vaccinated deaths:

Apr 22
6/🧵 Better uptake of boosters would've brought protection back up to pre-Omicron levels. Boosters prevent 94% of deaths.

Furthermore, reducing community spread through masks, ventilation, screening, etc. would save more lives -- including unvaccinated, vaccinated, and boosted.
13458992, WTF? Did you even read the thread you are reposting??
Posted by handle, Wed Apr-27-22 06:57 PM
>The vaccine is simply not the fix they sold it, and continue
>to sell it, as.

From the thread you referenced:

3/🧵 One reason we're seeing vaccinated people represent a larger share of covid deaths?

Vaccinated people also represent a larger share of the population.

If 100% of people were vaccinated, 100% of deaths would be among vaccinated people.

4/🧵 Vaccination rates grew slowly in Fall 2021 yet the share of deaths among vaxxed people continued to rise

This is partly due to waning immunity over time

Most vaxxed people dying of covid were older/higher-risk and were vaccinated months earlier

Hence the need for boosters
6/🧵 Better uptake of boosters would've brought protection back up to pre-Omicron levels. Boosters prevent 94% of deaths.

Furthermore, reducing community spread through masks, ventilation, screening, etc. would save more lives -- including unvaccinated, vaccinated, and boosted.

8/🧵 Note: The above tweet is the seventh in a thread (“7/🧵”) so, folks might want to scroll up and read the other six tweets above it before saying it lacks context.

If you're saying the administration hasn't pointed out the need to change, for boosters and to remain vigilant.

>Its just the admin doesn't want to talk about it anymore.

They fucking talk about it all the fucking time.

I don't get you.

>This admin wanting to move on and declare victory is just.as.bad as when the previous admin wanted to do it.

Oh, I get you just fine. BOTH SIDES are the same.

13459101, ^^^^^^^^^ exactly
Posted by soulfunk, Thu Apr-28-22 02:27 PM
On top of all that, it’s not like Fauci/Biden are doing a victory lap. Fauci specifically said that all this could quickly change.
13459102, What % of current “Covid deaths” are deaths FROM covid
Posted by shockvalue, Thu Apr-28-22 02:39 PM
As opposed to with it?

I don’t mean to sound wacky but that’s been hard to parse for me.Anybody know more about this?

*edit* googling this, I guess it’s a high percentage.

I did dig into the percentage of total deaths that “Covid deaths” comprise….this number has gone from 75% at the peak to around 20% where it is now…

13459301, https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/covid-19.htm
Posted by handle, Mon May-02-22 01:30 PM

Certifying deaths due to COVID–19
If COVID–19 played a role in the death, this condition should
be specified on the death certificate. In many cases, it is
likely that it will be the UCOD, as it can lead to various lifethreatening conditions, such as pneumonia and acute respiratory
distress syndrome (ARDS). In these cases, COVID–19 should
be reported on the lowest line used in Part I with the other
conditions to which it gave rise listed on the lines above it.
Generally, it is best to avoid abbreviations and acronyms, but
COVID–19 is unambiguous, so it is acceptable to report on the
death certificate.

In some cases, survival from COVID–19 can be complicated by
pre-existing chronic conditions, especially those that result in
diminished lung capacity, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary
disease (COPD) or asthma. These medical conditions do not
cause COVID–19, but can increase the risk of contracting a
respiratory infection and death, so these conditions should be
reported in Part II and not in Part I.
When determining whether COVID–19 played a role in the
cause of death, follow the CDC clinical criteria for evaluating
a person under investigation for COVID–19 and, where
possible, conduct appropriate laboratory testing using guidance
provided by CDC or local health authorities. More information
on CDC recommendations for reporting, testing, and specimen
collection, including postmortem testing, is available from:
and https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidancepostmortem-specimens.html. It is important to remember that
death certificate reporting may not meet mandatory reporting
requirements for reportable diseases; contact the local health
department regarding regulations specific to the jurisdiction.
In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot
be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances
are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it
is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as
“probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should
use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19
infection was likely. However, please note that testing for
COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible.

For more guidance and training on cause-of-death reporting
in general, see the Cause of Death mobile app available
from: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/mobile-app.htm and the
Improving Cause of Death Reporting online training module
available from: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/improving_
cause_of_death_reporting.htm (free Continuing Medical
Education credits and Continuing Nursing Education credits
available). For current information on the COVID–19 outbreak,
see the CDC website at: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-
13459295, 05/02/2022 - San Diego updates
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I work for a hospital and this is what they said this week:

Current Leading Indicators and Forecast
Volume of Emergency Department (ED) Encounters: COVID-19 visits to the EDs represented approximately 25% of all visits over the past week, up from 20% last week.

Rolling Seven-Day COVID-19 Testing Positivity Rate: The rolling seven-day average rate is at 8.0% today. This is up from a recent low of 2.0% on March 29 and up from 5.9% last week.

Current R-Effective in San Diego: The effective reproduction number, or R-effective, is the average number of people each infected person will spread the virus to and represents the rate at which COVID-19 is spreading. The current ensemble estimate of R-eff for San Diego is approximately 1.10 (relatively flat from last week’s 1.14), indicating the spread of COVID-19 is still increasing in the community.

Wastewater Surveillance
The San Diego Epidemiology and Research for COVID Health (SEARCH) organization, has been monitoring the virus concentration in wastewater for nearly a year. The rate of COVID-19 in wastewater has continued to rise in recent weeks and is dominated by BA.2.X.

California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Summary of Current Statewide COVID-19 Considerations:
• Case rates and test positivity rates are increasing.
• BA.2 is the dominant sublineage in California and the U.S.
• BA.2.12.1 is increasing — estimated to be responsible for 23 to 29% of cases and more transmissible than BA.2.
• Serologic evidence of infection increased substantially during the omicron surge.
• Increasing case and wastewater trends are evident in California.
o The Pueblo San Diego Watershed in Point Loma is still showing logorithmic growth, with BA.2.X increases in prevelance.
• Hospital admissions, census and percentage of COVID-positive patients currently remain low.
• BA.2.12.1 is emerging and likely to reach predominance in California soon.
• BA.4 and BA.5 are emerging in South Africa, but are not yet common in the U.S.
• BA.2.12.1 and BA.4/5 may be driving increased transmission in New York and South Africa, respectively.
• Initial BA.4 and BA.5 cases have been detected in California.
• It is unknown how BA.4/5 and BA.2.12.1 compete, but BA.2.12.1 is far more common in California and the U.S. at the moment.
• BA.2.12.1 and BA.4/5 have mutations of concern, but it is unkown at this time if severity or immune invasion are enhanced.
13459363, 05/03/2022
Posted by handle, Tue May-03-22 09:22 AM
Birx says US must prepare for summer COVID surge as immunity wanes

They’re on an upslope again,” Birx said of South Africa’s infections on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“Each of these surges are about four to six months apart. That tells me that natural immunity wanes enough in the general population after four to six months that a significant surge is going to occur again. And this is what we have to be prepared for in this country,” she added.

Birx specifically warned Americans should be “preparing right now for a potential surge in this summer across the southern United States.”

NYC Raises COVID Alert Level as New Cases Surpass Key Threshold; Manhattan Fuels Jump

New York City raised its COVID alert level to medium on Monday as cases surpassed a rate of 200 per 100,000 people in the five boroughs, health officials said. It marks the first time the health department has adjusted that level since debuting the new system under Mayor Eric Adams' administration earlier this year.

COVID-19: Omicron variant did not wipe out Delta, it could return - study

Don’t throw away your unused face masks yet. COVID-19’s Omicron variants may burn themselves out in the next couple of months, and the Delta variant might re-emerge, researchers at Beersheba’s Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) suggest in a new scientific paper.

13459623, Let's see what the numbers do between Memorial Day and 4th of July
Posted by spenzalii, Wed May-04-22 02:38 PM
Still masked and sanitized, and wary of being out too much with too many people. Our family has dodged it so fart and aim to keep at it if at all possible.
13459656, RE: 05/03/2022
Posted by Doomdata21, Wed May-04-22 04:56 PM
I watch the CDC charts almost everyday and we're going up in cases and hospitalizations. Deaths stay relatively low, but that doesn't account for folks dealing with the nasty after affects nor does it acknowledge that many aren't even getting tested anymore/not reporting positive cases.

I'm out here MF DOOMing it.
13459716, I have a private theatre rental on Sunday
Posted by handle, Thu May-05-22 08:29 AM
20 folks coming. All will do a rapid test that morning, but I'm still a little nervous about it.

A full 10% of the folks I invited dropped out due to catching CVOID.

These are people who are vaxxed and masked.
13459718, I think I'm going to wait on this movie...
Posted by Doomdata21, Thu May-05-22 08:39 AM
I assume you're catching Dr. Strange 2. I'm gonna see it when the crowd dies down and probably see in off-hours. Saw that Michelle Yeoh joint last night and saw at an indie theatre and avoided getting popcorn to keep that mask on.
13459831, 05/06/2022
Posted by handle, Fri May-06-22 09:58 AM
Note:This is still undergoing peer review

Omicron as severe as other COVID variants -large U.S. study

May 5 (Reuters) - The Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV2 virus is intrinsically as severe as previous variants, according to a preprint version of a large U.S. study that counters assumptions in other studies that it was more transmissible but less severe.

The findings, which estimated Omicron's severity after accounting for the impact of vaccines, should reinforce the importance of inoculations and booster shots, experts said. Vaccines helped keep hospitalizations and deaths relatively low during the Omicron surge compared with previous variants.

The study, which is undergoing peer review at Nature Portfolio, was posted on Research Square on May 2. The authors, from Massachusetts General Hospital, Minerva University and Harvard Medical School, declined to comment until peer review is completed.

"We found that the risks of hospitalization and mortality were nearly identical" between the Omicron era and times in the past two years when different variants were dominant, the researchers said in their report.

The new study, based on records of 130,000 COVID patients in Massachusetts, is unique and "pretty strong," said Dr. Arjun Venkatesh of Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, who was not involved in the research.

Rather than just looking at numbers of deaths and hospitalizations, as earlier studies have done, it accounted for patients' vaccination status and medical risk factors and compared similar groups of people, Venkatesh said.

The authors cited potential limitations in their report, including the possibility that the analysis underestimated the number of vaccinated patients in more recent COVID waves, and the total number of infections, because it excluded patients who performed at-home rapid tests.


COVID hospitalizations rising again in NJ amid busy spring travel and end of mask mandates

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are rising once again in New Jersey following Easter and Passover gatherings and a busy spring break travel season, some of which occurred without a federal mask mandate.

The numbers are above "moderate" projections that had been issued by the state Department of Health in mid-April, but hospitalizations fall far short of the agency's worst-case scenario.

Public health officials said that while the virus' BA.2 variant continues to spread rapidly this spring, it's not causing anywhere near the severe outcomes that the delta and omicron variants did in the past year.
13459973, 05/07/2022- coming back strong!
Posted by handle, Sat May-07-22 08:49 PM
U.S. Records More Than 100,000 New COVID-19 Cases in a Day

It marks the first time since February that daily coronavirus cases topped 100,000 and comes as a new omicron subvariant is spreading.

It marks the first time since February that daily infections topped 100,000. The last time daily deaths reached this level was early March.

The seven-day averages of cases and deaths, however, are considerably lower. The U.S. is averaging more than 68,000 new cases and over 700 deaths per day, according to the data from Johns Hopkins University.

Experts tend to track averages as daily reporting across states can vary. Still, new case averages show that infections are up considerably from 26,000 per day in early April.

The majority of states are reporting increasing coronavirus cases. Meanwhile, a new and highly transmissible omicron subvariant was responsible for more than 36% of infections last week, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Cases of BA.2.12.1 are up from nearly 27% of cases two weeks ago and 17% of infections the week before that.

While BA.2, or “stealth omicron,” is still the dominant omicron subvariant circulating at 62% of cases, its proportion has decreased in recent weeks.

BA.2.12.1 is believed to be 25% more transmissible than BA.2, according to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. Its severity and effect on vaccines is still unknown.

South Africa Covid positivity rate nears record amid Omicron spread

South Africa’s daily coronavirus test positivity rate neared a record, rising above 30% on Saturday for the first time in almost five months as two sublineages of the omicron variant spread rapidly ahead of the nation’s winter season.

There were 8,524 new Covid-19 cases identified, representing a 31.1% positivity rate of those tested, the National Institute for Communicable Diseases said in a statement on its website. That’s the highest rate since the 32.2% recorded on Dec. 15, when a record 26,976 cases were recorded. The surge means South Africa is close to its highest positivity rate yet. The record so far was 34.9% on Dec. 14.