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Topic subjectCan we talk bout Salaam Remi’s legacy for a minute!?!
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13448298, Can we talk bout Salaam Remi’s legacy for a minute!?!
Posted by sersey, Thu Nov-18-21 07:54 PM
Specifically his lack of accolades. I’ve been rocking with dude since the Super Cat days in the 90s. He basically invented the trend of putting dancehall artists over hip hop beats. But that ain’t what this post is about.

I stumbled over an article where I read he has 9 Grammy noms. But 0 wins. I was like this can’t be right. Im sure he won a Grammy or two for Amy’s Back To Black.

Looked it up and sure enough he wasn’t even nominated for his work on the album. But we all know who was…. Mark Ronson. Mark won record of the year for Rehab. AND producer of the year for Back to Black.

My jaw dropped. How the fuck does this happen. Mark and Salaam split production duties right down the middle across the 11 cuts on the album. Granted, none of Salaam’s tracks were singles.

But the album is not the crowning achievement it’s known to be if you erase the 5 tracks Salaam did. Shit is wild to me!

It’s a fucking crime this man was not acknowledged in the same way Ronson was in 2008.