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Posted by Geah, Wed Nov-17-21 12:12 AM
13448121, The performative “but Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed”
Posted by MEAT, Wed Nov-17-21 11:10 AM
Performed by the same white folks that did the performative “… and a good day to arrest Breonna Taylors killers”

Is one of the most annoying things on the internet in the last few years.
13448128, i havent started christmas shopping
Posted by mista k5, Wed Nov-17-21 11:49 AM
i feel like im messing up even though i do usually wait until the last couple of weeks. might get started this week and see if i can wrap it up.
13448130, I knocked 98% of mine out a week ago.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Nov-17-21 12:03 PM
Wife and kids are sewn up.

The only thing left is a phone for my daughter, and I'm waiting until we're in full holiday swing after Thanksgiving to see if we can score a BOGO

That said, most years I'm scrambling over the last few weeks. You shouldn't feel like you're messing up though. Plenty of people are in the same boat. You just have to put it to the forefront of your mind and knock it out.
13448176, i think all the shortage issues is putting a pressure on me
Posted by mista k5, Wed Nov-17-21 05:51 PM
i started thinking about what to but in early october but havent really done anything lol

i think if i knock it out this week then i will be good and it will be the earliest i have ever finished but right now im feeling the pressure.
13448180, work things
Posted by mista k5, Wed Nov-17-21 06:32 PM
theres a coworker that im supposed to cover for in part since we are a small department. their work is nothing like my work, they do customer service/order entry. i do graphic design. i can kind of cover for them if everything happens in the way they explained it to me. so like 10% of the time.

we had some delays pop up on a new item that put the due date in jeopardy. while trying to figure out what to tell the customer regarding potential new dates they told me they were going to be out next wednesday. i told them me too, so they say "ugh i guess i can remote in and take care of it". they dont bother to let me know when theyre going to be out and are mad i cant cover for them? i have no idea when they requested the day off. as far as i knew they dont even have any time off left. mine was approved weeks ago so im good.

theyve been out/working from home for at least 2 full months this year with no consideration on if i needed to take off during that period.

a big part of the problem is with our boss but i do think they should at least give me a heads up on when they request time off if theyre expecting me to cover for them. i usually find out when i show up and theyre not here.

on a much different note, mens bathroom talk.

so weird. i dont like talking past a hi/whats up when in the bathroom. a nod is usually plenty.

i was in there earlier and another guy came in. as i was finishing up a third guy came in. one of them tells the other

"whats up...you cant find it??"
"its okay i cant find my own"
"you need to borrow a magnifying glass??"
"nah i got zoom on my phone"

yes, 45+ year old dudes at work making penis jokes in the bathroom. i imagine women arent having these convos in the bathroom but maybe im wrong. not sure what a similar version would be for them lol

i wonder if this is a mexican thing, local thing or if its common for guys all over.
13448244, men's room (ft tracy morgan)
Posted by infin8, Thu Nov-18-21 11:31 AM

immediaTely came to mind.
13448189, Vegas has been fun
Posted by legsdiamond, Wed Nov-17-21 08:12 PM
but I couldn’t get over the time change.

every night at 10PM I started fading.

Ate an amazing steak at Blue Ribbon.

Shit is stupid expensive on the strip.

Beef Wellington is over rated.

Walked a whole lot.. felt like I was in NYC.

The service industry workers have all been nice af. Even at random spots at random times of the night when you would expect them to be exhausted or over the crowds.

13448226, I am the most tired I've been since the baby was born
Posted by MEAT, Thu Nov-18-21 09:23 AM
This weekend I kicked my son out of his makeshift room and made him be roommates with his sister.

One of issues was he kept waking up in the middle of the night at least twice. Which is our fault, because we didn't do any real sleep training this go around and now dude is spoiled and wakes up and wants company.

My sleep has been in two hour blocks as a result. He wakes up at 11 and 2-3. I was going to bed sometime before or during that 11 block and waking up officially at 5.

For the last week I've gotten a full thing of sleep. Or at least 5-6 hours. Sometimes 8. But that has had the effect of what I'm guessing is my brain not just cranking up the adrenaline and muscling through life. I feel every single bit of my body and age right now and it's awful.
13448279, Why the Will Smith Book post get locked?
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Nov-18-21 04:19 PM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13448281, OKPs gonna OKP (aka Bamas gonna Bam)
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Nov-18-21 04:24 PM

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13448282, there's already a post where the book is being discussed
Posted by atruhead, Thu Nov-18-21 04:42 PM
also, the sneak dissing is getting corny
13448286, I didn't see any sneak dissing, but it was just getting corny if it's the post
Posted by FLUIDJ, Thu Nov-18-21 04:49 PM
post I'm thinking it was.

Yep, just confirmed it was the one I was thinking about....I could see it was gonna turn into a shit show real quick....

"Get ready....for your blessing....."
"Bury me by my Grand-Grand and when you can come follow me"
13448294, lmao.. promo’s joke wasn’t a sneak diss
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Nov-18-21 05:34 PM
13448284, There were two seperate posts, one had more posts
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Nov-18-21 04:44 PM
My guess is they just kept the one that had more posts.
13448285, I mean, there was already a post about Will & Jada before that post but yeah
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Nov-18-21 04:46 PM

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"
13448288, Just my guess on why the mods closed it
Posted by Cold Truth, Thu Nov-18-21 04:54 PM
Not taking a position on whether it was right/wrong/etc
13448291, this CW will probably disappear now too lol
Posted by Mynoriti, Thu Nov-18-21 05:27 PM
13448512, I hate the post office. For years they have been bringing me other
Posted by SuiteLady, Mon Nov-22-21 10:58 AM
peoples mail. I complained to several carriers and one even wrote on the envelope some code that was supposed to indicate the person doesn’t live there. The very next day a different carrier brought that same mail back WITH the code on it. THAT was in July. today I am looking at informed delivery and that same mail piece WITH the code on to is scheduled to be delivered today.

I complained to the “supervisor” (always someone different) at the local station more than once about this and other situations. One “supervisor” said he would have a postal bucket brought for me to drop mail for people not at my address into so the carrier can take it back.The bucket never came.

At one point I went went 9 days straight with no mail (complained about it here too) and when I finally got through to the post office first they said they didn’t have a key to the building to which I replied that I live in a house so that makes no sense, then they said my mail had a stop on it to which I informed them that I never put a stop on my mail. A year later when I actually did put my mail on hold because I was out of town, I got home and there was tons of mail - some for me, but most for people who don’t live there.

So … when I don’t put a stop on my mail it doesn’t come but when I do it does. I just generally hate the post office that serves my neighborhood.

Also, the people who used to live at my address are pretty stupid. The father’s property taxes still come to my house. He said he put in a change of address but every year his city property taxes come right along (separate envelopes) with mine WITH my address one it. The son, about 19 years old, apparently applied to college using my address. He is 19! They haven’t lived there for 2 years. Why did he submit his college application using my address!?! And the grandma seems to have never submitted any form of address change EVERYTHING of hers comes to my house from IRS letters to Medicaid stuff to catalogs.
13448528, Do you live in GA?
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Nov-22-21 01:04 PM
for some reason I feel like GA mail is trash.

My sister sent me a bday card and it took 45 days to get from ATL to Charlotte
13448533, Atlanta and Charlotte had some of the worst District Managers
Posted by MEAT, Mon Nov-22-21 02:18 PM
Delivery is driven by district managers. Not carriers, not supervisors, the DM is the voice. A good DM has good delivery bad DMs dont.

If you ever have a problem, try to find the name/email of the district manager
Write your congressional rep. Congressionals have a mandatory 24 response time internally.
13448558, can the mods stop this specimen from replying to me
Posted by atruhead, Mon Nov-22-21 05:12 PM
it's happened again in this post, I want nothing to do with them and I dont know why they cant get this

the only person I consistently antagonize is Binlahab, because he stayed on some bully shit and now he's delusional about being important. past that, Im not for the back and forths

13451736, you are truly a pathetic weak human being
Posted by Binlahab, Thu Jan-13-22 06:52 PM
I almost feel pity for you but then i remember that you are totally at fault and bear all the responsibility for your shitty ass circumstances

you corny, blubbering weak chin having grown child. its not that i THINK im important hoe. YOU do. you keep my name on your fingertips like an ancient chant.

ive never bullied you jesse. i made jokes in public to your face about your circumstances. when people who GAF about you asked me to chill...i did.

I dont know you, fool. I had never seen you. didnt know shit about you. so when i said you was a moron who got no hoes how was i supposed to know you REALLY was a moron with no hoes?


and then i chilled. and its been AT LEAST 15 years! maybe longer.

Yes i found it HELLA amusing when you were salty at your buddy for choosing to get laid instead of giving you a ride home from the club. It was. I would apologize for finding that funny but im not sorry.

get off my dick. please. its SOO untoward. arent you kinda embarassed at this point? a little ashamed? you too old and pointless for this. go cut the grass or something, jesse. get off my dick. lets not do this again. toodles, boo.

on sabbatical.

does it really matter?

wonder what bin's doing?