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Topic subjectA vaccine's goal is to slow spread or stop worst case outcomes
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13448229, A vaccine's goal is to slow spread or stop worst case outcomes
Posted by auragin_boi, Thu Nov-18-21 10:10 AM
and if possible, eliminate risk to a virus. No one ever claimed these particular vaccines stopped spread or infection. It's prudent to understand how vaccines work to make an informed decision here.

Flu vaccines don't stop infection (they actually infect you WITH the flu) and they don't stop spread. They minimize severe sickness and decrease the likelihood of infection.

LOTS of vaccines work this way. Including this one. Not sure how people came to the conclusion that it was supposed to completely stop spread and infection.

>in fact statistics are showing countries and counties that
>are most vaccinated have the highest outbreaks.

This is likely because they aren't following masking and social distancing protocols. Until the pandemic is downgraded, we should keep those things in place as much as possible. But, I would challenge the severe sickness and death stats in these counties and countries aren't as high as those counties and countries with lower vaccine rates. If you wouldn't mind, provide these most vaccinated countries and counties you've found which have the highest outbreaks.

>Vaccine doesn't stop you from getting or spreading it.

Funny how you say this and point to other stats but won't point to stats that say

1) Vaccines have been shown to reduce severe COVID illness/hospitalization vs unvaccinated people
2) Vaccinated people are FAR less likely to die due to COVID than unvaccinated people.
3) Vaccinated people are far less likely to contract or spread the virus than unvaccinated people (even if they can still contract and spread it).

This is like saying "an inhaler doesn't stop asthma or prevent asthma attacks so it's useless and shouldn't be prescribed".