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Topic subjectOf course. People get fired everyday for not following safety protocols.
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13448177, Of course. People get fired everyday for not following safety protocols.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Nov-17-21 05:53 PM
Do you think a construction worker would let a dude keep working if he thought being forced to wear a helmet was infringing on his personal rights? Fuck no. They'd say "so long, go find a job where you don't need to wear a helmet." He'd say "but people can get killed by falling debris even if they wear a helmet!" Doesn't fucking matter. They'd shove a pink slip in your hand.

If you drive a truck, and you choose to go the wrong way down a one-way alley because you think one-way sign infringe on your personal rights? You won't be driving a truck for long.

Like... there are certain safety protocols that become widely accepted. A lot of people didn't like fucking seatbelts when they were introduced either, and then everyone just started wearing them. (Or they don't, and they'll get ticketed or die. Fair enough.) Safety protocols are for the greater good, they protect you, they protect the company, they protect the ability for society to continue to function.

If you choose not to get the vaccine, you're choosing not to have a job that requires a vaccine. It's exceptionally uncomplicated.