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Topic subjecti thought you all were anti vax here
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13448175, i thought you all were anti vax here
Posted by godleeluv, Wed Nov-17-21 05:43 PM
I dont think it should be mandated. but i took the jab. glad i did. im hearing of folks getting covid two and three times and still refusing to get vaxed. at my job we wear masks whether we are vaxed or not. i personally know a lady who got the jab and shortly after had problems with her back. it got worse and she eventually couldnt walk. come to find out the vaccine caused an attack on her spine. She got antibiotics and was fine. she probably should have gone to the doc right away instead of waiting so long but still, you never know how the vaccine will effect you or your unborn kids. so i understand the hesitation. i am glad i got mine tho. i voted no.