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Topic subjectIn a global pandemic...yes
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13448120, In a global pandemic...yes
Posted by auragin_boi, Wed Nov-17-21 10:51 AM
-We've been vaccinated to attend schools so the concept is not new

-Anyone working in healthcare or in a civil servant job...definitively. I don't understand how people who chose careers to help and protect people refuse to do something that helps and protects people.

-I felt this way even more before kids could get vaccinated. Yes, data says kids aren't affected as much but kids still die. There's a case right now of a 10yr old dying from exposure over a negligent teacher's actions.

-Anything that helps curb variants. It's like people won't be happy until there's a 20% mortality rate and we end up like the movie "Contagion". When 1 out of every 5 people are dying, we'll be begging to come back to this question.

-You're required to wear clothes, not harass anyone, not fight, be there on time, meet deadlines, not be insubordinate, adhere to company policies and practices when you work for an employer or they could fire you (hell, at will states means they could fire you because you wore the wrong color if they see fit). None of the things I listed protect other people from dying and won't disrupt business/operations more than employees or customers falling ill or getting sick. So if you're willing to jump through those hoops for $, jumping through this one should be a breeze.

So I don't see it as getting fired, I see it as choosing to quit for lack of compliance with a company policy.