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Topic subjectYeah that was my dad (retired firefighter) and also yes in
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13448110, Yeah that was my dad (retired firefighter) and also yes in
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Nov-16-21 08:49 PM
the 80s when seatbelt laws were in place there were common arguments from anti-seatbelt people that there were deaths involving seatbelts because people were stuck in cars and couldn’t get out when they exploded. As you mentioned - WAY more likely to die from not wearing a seatbelt on an accident vs. the extremely rare chance that a seatbelt does harm.

Somehow the seatbelts became completely normalized with people forgetting that click-it or ticket laws were a hot button issue. And with seatbelts there isn’t even the added factor of harm being done to others like there is with vaccinations and masks preventing illness not just with yourself but with others.