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Topic subjectWe won’t really know until January…
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13448108, We won’t really know until January…
Posted by soulfunk, Tue Nov-16-21 07:42 PM
>Has the mandate been mostly embraced at your company? Has
>anyone been fired for non-compliance? Always curious how this
>plays out in practice.

We are having a 3rd party accounting company handle all of the reporting and verification of vaccination status (along with religious exemption requests, which are strict.) I know anecdotally that all 20+ of my direct employees have already been vaccinated, just because they’ve shared that with me themselves. But the company is planning on a certain amount of attrition because of it and is ready to start backfilling if necessary. That being said, I work in an industry in which our competitors will also be under the same Federal Contractor mandate, so they’d have to really change careers if they want out.