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Topic subjectinteresting that you bring up seatbelts
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13448099, interesting that you bring up seatbelts
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Nov-16-21 04:48 PM
because I was using a seatbelt analogy the other day with an anti-vaxx friend of mine who keeps repeating ridiculous logic re: vaccines. His claim is that vaccines are killing people and injuring people to the degree that they are unsafe, yet makes zero acknowledgement of Covid being dangerous.

Of course some people will unfortunately get injured (and even die) after taking the vaccine. When you're administering literally billions of vaccines, some people (thousands even) are going to have adverse events ranging from the negligible/mild to the severe/life-threatening. But the risks from the vaccine are obviously miniscule in comparison to the risk Covid poses - and there's a disturbing lack of proportionate risk analysis.

It's sort of like saying, "I don't wear a seatbelt because some people die from wearing them!" while ignoring the far more obvious threat: death from car crashes while not wearing a seatbelt. Sure, some people do die in car accidents and the cause is strangulation from a seat-belt or some other freak accident, but the logic people are using is insane to deny that people die at exponentially higher rates from not wearing a seat-belt than they do from the extraordinarily exceptional case where the seat-belt caused injury/death.