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Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-16-21 04:26 PM
>because its generally the kind of cops i want quitting. its
>seems most of them aren't even as much anti-vax as much as
>anti anyone ever telling them what to do.

BOOM! This shit right here. Chances are, this camp includes a high percentage of the types that will kick a compliant person in the face, or finds ways to escalate a situation into something more severe for the citizen. The list goes on, but I'm betting the encompasses the lions share of the Tier-1 assholes.

>overall I think it should be mandatory for anyone working with
>the public. As you tamp down from that i'm not exactly sure.

>Like if they want to jump through hoops with masks and
>frequent testing, then so be it, and it should be on their

I'm not sure how I feel about having to get frequent tests. It's something, but I don't trust it. People already find fake cards and whatnot, fake test results are probably floating around too.

Too much of that deals with the honor system.