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Topic subjectRogan? lol
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13448084, Rogan? lol
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Nov-16-21 03:27 PM
Never been a libertarian - and certainly never been a huge Rogan fan - but if that's the internet fantasy world you want to live in, do you.

There's this narrative that it's only MAGAs who are refusing the vaccine, but Black and Brown people still lag behind whites in vaccination rates - so vaccine mandates and firing for non-compliance is going to disproportionately affect groups who are already over-burdened by societal/economic conditions.

I'm fully vaccinated - so your empty, loud dumbass assumptions miss the mark. But just because I'm vaccinated doesn't mean I think people should be forced to get the jab or be fired/excised from their livelihood and basic public services. That's a wildly problematic policy that doesn't achieve what you think it achieves.

Also - you may not think bodily autonomy means much - but it's the cornerstone principle that secured reproductive rights for women - which is why it's hilarious to see Texan republicans crying about bodily autonomy re: vaccines while simultaneously legislating to violate a woman's bodily integrity and control what she does with her body.