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Topic subjectI don't see where any of this is in my post bro
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13448075, I don't see where any of this is in my post bro
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-16-21 02:56 PM
Here's my post:

"or in some way rigidly sectioned off away from others, no.

In general, I'm fatigued and have very little compassion for most people refusing to get vaccinated. My general sentiment is, fuck em.

I'm also staunchly pro-labor. So this is a bit of a conundrum for me.

To that end, I'd rather see a genuine effort to accommodate people to work from home, since I think those who refuse to vaxx should stay the fuck home anyways."

I'm having a hard time reconciling your reply to my post, so if you can clarify the things I've said that lead to your response, i'd like to clear that up.

>It helps protect other workers. One's decision to not get
>vaxxed shouldn't put responsible workers at risk.

"reasonable accomodation" means, accommodate them in a way that doesn't put others at risk.

It absolutely doesn't mean that the unvaccinated worker should have to work with the vaccinated one.

>And, obviously, "work from home" is a huge privilege not
>everyone has. And those who are privileged shouldn't get
>extra benefits.

That's one solution. That doesn't mean that it will work for everyone.

But I also don't think it should just be, "fire everyone across the board". I think we should find a way to keep people employed.

Moreover, to be clear, this is just a spitball. Certainly, there would be holes to address, greater thought put into how that actually works.

But anyone with a job that can be accommodated, should be, IMO. In fact, I think that goes across the board. EVERYONE who can work from home, SHOULD have that option, with or without COVID.

I'm in favor of other changes too- for day work weeks, for example.

I think joblessness is too big a problem to throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater, so this is by NO means a lifeline to antivaxx people, or antivaxx sentiments. I don't quite know how to solve that, and don't know that I could come up with a way.

But I do think we should keep as many people working as we can.

And I absolutely see a potential problem with not taking a hard line with these people. I generally don't like placating shit like that in any way.

This is why I mentioned that I am pro labor- because my thoughts on antivax people (again: FUCK EM is my stance)clashes with my pro-labor views on this issue.

And yes, that would come with a cost of workers who do jobs that cannot be reasonably accommodated.

>I see no conflict between pro-vax and pro-labor.

I'm not saying there is. Again, my general stance on antivaxx people is "fuck em".

>"Individual liberty" has been twisted over the decades to mean
>"I should be allowed to be a selfish, reckless asshole" and
>that isn't the jam.

I mean, I didn't take an "individual liberty" stance here. I'm firmly in the "antivaxxers can kick rocks" camp. But I don't think firing everyone who is is a viable across the board solution.

I think that would create significant economic problems.

>Get vaxxed to protect yourself, your fam, society, your
>customers, and yes...your fellow workers.

I am, as is my wife. I don't see anything in my OP that suggests that i'm ok with antivax people or even antivax sentiments.