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Topic subject^^^ Consulted with Joe Rogan
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13448072, ^^^ Consulted with Joe Rogan
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Nov-16-21 02:46 PM

Please pop in occasionally and keep us updated on your turn to full Libertarian. Please. We have bets to settle on when it happens.

Yeah there could have been a more persuasive campaign, but hell I would think 700k dead Americans would be pretty got damn persuasive.

Its just that Amerikkkans are selfish fucking idiots who have perverted the idea of...to quote your very large and not at all privileged brain.... "the individual power to exercise autonomy"

Could have educated them more sure...but we are talking about idiots believing Facebook over their own Dr and watching Tulsi on Fox News defending Rittenhouse and thinking CRT is a thing.

A lot of these people are not serious people.

The real mistake was celebrating the vaccine and telling everyone masks off without enough data to say the vaxxed can't get/spread the virus.

But that has nothing to do with your bullshit "individual power to exercise autonomy"

We all had to get vaxxed to go to fucking Kindergarten, bro.