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Topic subjectpro-vax is pro-labor though
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13448066, pro-vax is pro-labor though
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Nov-16-21 02:33 PM

If you CAN get vaxxed, you should get it or lose your gig. Absolutely.

It helps protect other workers. One's decision to not get vaxxed shouldn't put responsible workers at risk.

And, obviously, "work from home" is a huge privilege not everyone has. And those who are privileged shouldn't get extra benefits.

If you CANT get it for some medical reason, there are protections for that and it makes sense.

I see no conflict between pro-vax and pro-labor.

Bad analogy but workers have to show up clothed. To say they can't come buck ass naked doesn't mean you aren't anti-worker choice, it just means there are rules required to participate in society- more specifically the workforce.

"Individual liberty" has been twisted over the decades to mean "I should be allowed to be a selfish, reckless asshole" and that isn't the jam.

Get vaxxed to protect yourself, your fam, society, your customers, and yes...your fellow workers.