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Topic subjectActually, I'll address this fuckshit on GP
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13448065, Actually, I'll address this fuckshit on GP
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-16-21 02:32 PM
>You suggested that something is reasonable when it clearly
>targets a certain class of workers. What makes being a cashier
>who doesn't want to get vaccinated more reasonable than being
>the IT worker for the store??

Who the fuck said it was reasonable to not want to get vaccinated?

I sure as fuck didn't. And nothing I said can be reasonably construed to mean that either.

Once again, this is just you being you.

Nothing I said "targets" certain workers either, you fucking jackass.

If you don't want to vaccinate, and work in a position that can accommodate you in some way to continue working, guess what? You keep your job.

If you don't want to vaccinate, and work in a position that can't accommodate you, tough luck. Get the fucking shot and you'll get to keep your job.

I don't really give two fucks about people who refuse to vaccinate, so I don't really give half a fuck whether or their choice not to vaccinate hurts them in some way.

But because I'm pro labor, this is a tough one for me. And I'd rather find a way to accommodate people as much as possible.

And NO, you dumb motherfucker, "accommodate" doesn't mean, "make the vaccinated cashier work right next to the vaccinated cashier".

But because you're you, you're too busy being a cunt that you skip all the other reasonable interpretations of what the fuck I said, and jump to something that in no way resembles anything I said.

And when I say I'm pro labor?

I walk the fucking walk, motherfucker, to the point where people in my workplace come to me when they have workplace issues for guidance on how to best navigate those issues, despite me not being a shop steward, because they've seen the results I get by having a motherfucking backbone. I've helped lead the charge to unionize, I have, on several occasions, taken multiple complaints up the chain and gotten several issues resolved for other people, I've taken my free time to help people develop interview skills, all that shit.

I've lead meetings on workplace issues and continued the fight even when everyone else dropped out of fear. In fact... When I did that shit, I eventually quit on the job, and still got a meeting with the Manpower regional manager (or whatever the fuck, someone with power to fix that shit)...because I had already laid the foundation before I quit. And you know what happened? They fixed, at least temporarily, those problems, and my former coworkers had a better workplace because of it.

So no, you sniveling halfwit, I don't just spout a bunch of sentiments behind my keyboard. I actually walk that shit.

My suggestion is just a very general spitball, not a thoroughly vetted policy about to be put into place. There would certainly be holes to address, things to evaluate to determine the best possible way to accommodate as many people as possible.

>Again, your came up with a "reasonable accommodation" scenario
>that HAPPENS to target service and low wage workers

What the fuck does that mean?

You mean, low wage workers who don't want to get vaxxed will be disproportionately effected? BEcause that's what I'm talking about.

This is about people who refuse vaccinations. Not those who can't, and not those who are vaccinated.

Yes, if you run the register and refuse to get vaccinated, well, that sucks.

>>Feel free to screenshot and cry to the mods like always, you

>And next time honestly title your post.
>Your dishonest title: "Not if reasonable accommodations can be
>Honest title: "Only if low wage and service workers are

Except that's not what I said at all.

>I get it, your pro labor so you want to increase the risk for
>labor. let the cashier who is vaccinated work next to the one
>who isn't - that seems FAIR TO BOTH, right?? Absurd.

I didn't say that either, but again, you're you, too busy on some weird crusade to think clearly, so here we are.

>Other than a valid medical reason tell me why there is ANY
>"reasonable" reason to refuse vaccination?? (Bonus points - if
>you don't answer like a libertarian you get a prize.)

Yeah, I never said that. Nothing I said can be reasonably construed to mean this. Congrats. You've been absolutely wrong about absolutely everything here.

Show me ONE motherfucking thing I said that even remotely leads to the conclusion that I think it's reasonable to refuse the covid vaccine.


Just one.

You can't.

Because you're fucking deranged, and went off on your imagination.