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Topic subjectNo - but I also don't think Biden's mandate is a "hard" mandate
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13448063, No - but I also don't think Biden's mandate is a "hard" mandate
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Nov-16-21 02:22 PM
Biden's soft mandate (via OSHA) mandates that all businesses with at least 100 employees require staff to be vaccinated *or* face weekly tests and mask requirements.

To me, that's sufficient to ensuring a safe workplace in most settings (outside of health-care) while still giving the individual the power to exercise autonomy.

From a legal perspective, it's unlikely that any hard mandate would pass constitutional muster. Just this past Friday an appeals court (5th circuit) in New Orleans affirmed a hold on the Biden mandate, arguing that it's overly broad and a "one-size fits all" mandate that doesn't account for individual circumstance or differences in workplace/worker. And it's likely the Supreme Court would go even further to strike down the mandate.

I think the public health approach to encouraging vaccination has missed an opportunity to be more open/honest and persuasive when discussing vaccination, which ultimately I think would go further to achieve higher vaccination rates than a mandated approach that a significant % of the population just doesn't trust.