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Topic subjectNo, you dumb fuck, you've got everything backward.
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13448060, No, you dumb fuck, you've got everything backward.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-16-21 01:54 PM
You're spouting off a lot of shit I never said, nor implied, or that you have completely backward.

But you're too busy being you to see that. I'd be happy to clarify that to someone who wasn't such an insufferable goddamned prick about it, but again, you're you. So, Nah. I'm just going to talk to you in the manner in which you deserve.

Psst: your prior "im gunna screenshot this and send it to the mods!" tantrums went fucking nowhere. So will this.

You respond like a fucking jackass, you get the fucking response that comes with it.

Stop replying like a fucking cunt and you won't be treated like one.