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Topic subjectWho's being "reasonable here"?? NOT YOU
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13448058, Who's being "reasonable here"?? NOT YOU
Posted by handle, Tue Nov-16-21 01:21 PM
>Either engage in good faith like a reasonable human being or
>shut the fuck up.

You suggested that something is reasonable when it clearly targets a certain class of workers. What makes being a cashier who doesn't want to get vaccinated more reasonable than being the IT worker for the store??

>Yes, you obtuse fucking moron, I totally think the grocery
>store clerk should work from home. Totally. Because it's
>totally possible.

Again, your came up with a "reasonable accommodation" scenario that HAPPENS to target service and low wage workers disproportionally.

>Do you hear yourself?
>You're a fucking buffoon. Just a goddamned caricature.

Fingers point RIGHT BACK AT YOU. You came up with an ABSURD response and then get mad when it is pointed out to you.

>Feel free to screenshot and cry to the mods like always, you
>dumb piece of shit. Either have an actual conversation or

I will - you are clearly breaking the rules. How is reporting that 'unreasonable?"

And next time honestly title your post.
Your dishonest title: "Not if reasonable accommodations can be made""
Honest title: "Only if low wage and service workers are targeted."

I get it, your pro labor so you want to increase the risk for labor. let the cashier who is vaccinated work next to the one who isn't - that seems FAIR TO BOTH, right?? Absurd.

Other than a valid medical reason tell me why there is ANY "reasonable" reason to refuse vaccination?? (Bonus points - if you don't answer like a libertarian you get a prize.)