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Topic subjectYes, the grocery store cashier SHOULD work from home
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13448037, Yes, the grocery store cashier SHOULD work from home
Posted by handle, Tue Nov-16-21 12:02 PM
Pro labor!!

Or have different rules for different jobs - like CEOs can work from the yacht just fine, but the janitor has to be vaxxed, boosters, masked and DISTANT. Don't want that guy too close anyways, right????????

My criteria;
1) People allergic to the vaccine ingredients - and certified allergic by a non-quack doctor (not sure how to implement that) should be able to be tested daily and remain masked for time being if job does not put other very vulnerable people at risk. If it puts others at risk, say you are an aide in a nursing home, then termination WITH unemployment.

2) People who are actively sick. they can stay home (without pay) until illness is over, then they can be vaxxed. Possibly make these people eligible for paid sick leave, or disability pay.

Not covered under my plan: Religious exemptions. If your religion eschews the vaccine you can cloister yourself and devote more time to god.