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Topic subjectbunny rabbits and ice cream?? fog didn't lift yet?
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13451815, bunny rabbits and ice cream?? fog didn't lift yet?
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Jan-14-22 05:26 PM
You got Paski again condescending to any question of providing people with actual help...

White house publicly throwing Teacher unions under the bus...

Kamala telling people who can't find tests to use google and speaking absolute gibberish...

The GOP is about to snatch the issue of Congress members of stock right out from under the Dems as Nancy screams "capitalism!"

I doubt they pass anything. Even if they did piecemeal it and miraculously pass something, they are going to get curb stomped.

They won't by the way. The GOP doesn't want to give Biden anything.

Biden/Dems essentially inherited 4 different emergencies-

1. Democracy/Voting- No one important has been held accountable on 1/6 and voting rights is dead. Nothing on a stolen court. BIG Fail

2. Pandemic- Still raging. Hospitals still full. CDC spitting on disabled/high risk people. Priority has been keeping the economy going. Only answer has been vax. Fail

3. Economic- A lot to be happy about, a lot to be concerned about. Push...but the GOP will be able to sell it as a fail.

4. Climate- fail.

Not to mention nothing on Roe. Or immigration.

Black voters, women, unions, educators, etc. All important Dem voters/coalition and Dems are siding with Wall Street.

Biden is almost a lame duck at this point already.

Should have hit the ground running when they had the juice after 1/6.

Should have laid out exactly how the GOP stole the Supreme Court and expanded.

"But the GOP will just do it too when they get power back!"

So the fuck what. They already did. At least give us 2-4 years of progress.

All these institutions that Democrats refuse to touch (Sinema and Manchin are democrats) exist to help the GOP. To stop/slow/reverse progress.

Should have addressed all of these institutional challenges during the honeymoon.

Now they (and more importantly, we) are completely fucked.