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Topic subjectBillionaire tax dead too. Dems are worthless
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13447707, Billionaire tax dead too. Dems are worthless
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Nov-11-21 02:47 PM
This isn't all on Manchin though.

Democrats are a fucking mess. An absolute mess.

Panicked about VA four days late and gave up what little leverage they had to force Manchinema to play ball.

6 trillion to 3 trillion to 1.75 to nothing.

This is absolutely on Pelosi, Chuck, and Biden.

They've had months to get Manchin on board. Months.

They wasted the honeymoon phase.

Wiffed on any momentum from 1/6.

Abandoned "both bills go together" FOUR DAYS after election day.

Have completely lost the messaging war on everything from 1/6 to CRT to inflation to supply chain issues to the cost of BBB etc.

They literally have no one at the top who can sell to the American people. Biden and Kamala are gaff machines.

Chuck, Nancy, and Biden have a combined age of what, 280?

On top of everything, we've got Nancy out here draping herself in gold to officiate a Billionaire's wedding.

As BBB dies.

I've always blamed incompetence. Their shit for brains consultants. Their naïve fever dreams of getting Republican voters. Etc.

No one can be this bad at their job, though.

I'm starting to really think they are in on the scam.

No leave. No drug releif. No movement on 1/6. No action on the supreme court.

And most importantly, nothing on Voting Rights.

and when they get fucking clobbered, they/ the media/ their staunch defenders/stans will

...blame voters. Particularly, Black voters.

They will deliver very little in 2 years and strike out on a laundry list of promises- the most basic being protecting the right to vote.

And galaxy brains everywhere will blame trends and "low turnout" mid-term Democrat voters.

Democrats are the only company I know that delivers shitty product after shitty product then blames consumers for not buying it.

"How are the GOP winning working class voters..." she wondered as she made her way to the reception.


How fucking awful do you have to be to come out of a Trump administration that ended in a motherfucking coup attempt by the other side...and be completely under water and useless within months.