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Topic subjectit was a riot
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13447637, it was a riot
Posted by beeinfinite, Wed Nov-10-21 09:18 PM
>Fiona Hill addressed your concerns

are you serious? she testified against trump, you think she's going to be impartial and objective?

>>jan 6 was a riot that got out of hand
>That's all it is a riot that got out of and hand and spilled
>over into "an organized, illegal attempt to intervene in the
>presidential transition by displacing the power of the
>Congress to certify the election,”

lol @ organized. which part of it was organized? you don't think a legitimate faction that was planning a coup couldn't do better than a guy dressed up as a shaman? this is the type of truth twisting rhetoric that has destroyed journalism. hard to believe anyone even buys it but here we are.

>You want to talk about relevance after used every smoke and
>mirror deflection you could toss out. " journey through
>history' and "liberal academic" not to mention "you can't even
>say that only a woman can give birth without..."

what did I say that isn't factual?

even the Washington Post doesn't think this was a coup:


it doesn't meet the strict definition of a coup as outlined here:


the only people calling this a coup are political instigators who are attempting to delegitimize trump and his supporters.

>a narrative from one side lol hypocrite much?

I'm not arguing on behalf of trump supporters, I am arguing in benefit of the raw and strict definition of a coup. facts have nothing to do with opinions and feelings, unfortunately, the media often attempts to obscure facts and objective definitions with emotionally instigating hyperbole.

>That doesn't work every politician who lied does not make it
>ok for Trump to lie and does not prove the media and the
>establishment made him him lie or do everything I listed that
>you avoided.

do you want to have a separate discussion about trump cause I'll be happy to.

what exactly did trump do that was illegal, unconstitutional, or which was designed to hurt the people?

they accused him of colluding with Russian and threw the most humorless boycott they could find to prove it, and what did mueller find? nothing

how many times did they drag him to court for a farce impeachment?

how many times did they accuse him of having dementia?

how many times did they call him racist?

has there ever been any proof of the above?

now let's talk about Biden.

Biden's investments in China, and scheming in Ukraine.
do you think they are gong to bring out Mueller to investigate it?

how about Biden's mental well being? journalists literally complete his sentences for him when he forgets where he is or what he's talking about. remember when trump slurred a word and cnn brought out a panel of "experts" to state it was undeniable proof of dementia?
do you think they are going to bring out a panel to discuss Biden's clear mental decline?

what do you think would happen if hunter Bidens laptop and its contents belonged to trump jr?
do you think the media would dismiss it as conspiracies and refuse to talk about it?

how about Biden's approval rating? hear anything about that?
how about his policy's that were designed for the "people" to build back better, where are those?
how about his massive fuck up in Afghanistan?

the bias is clear. all trump is guilty off is being an asshole, but no-one can connect him to a single crime or betrayal of the people.

to top it off they banned him on twitter and everyone cheered. a company privatized free speech and people think this is a step forward? it's all fun and games until they come for your free speech too. luckily for you, you're spewing the wind up stuff they designed for you.

the media is a joke. trump wasn't a good old boy. he did not want to go to war. he wanted to take a stand against china, he wanted to build a bridge to North Korea and Russia. all excellent ideas towards peace, but fuck that right? let's give a Nobel peace prize to obama instead:

obama holds the American record for president who has been at war for the longest. tens of thousands of innocent people died in attacks he carried about against 7 nations with drone strikes.

definitely deserving of a Nobel peace prize right? lol

obama was hailed a hero, but he bailed out the banks and not the people when the real estate market crashed. all of them walked away with bonuses when people's lives were ruined.

under obama pandemic preparedness was completely neglected. trump's administration is responsible for operation warp speed which has literally saved the world from much higher numbers of sick and dying.

those are facts you can verify.

>Once again the media did not make Trump go on Twitter or do
>everything I listed that you avoided.

what did trump do that was so wrong? can you put any of it into words/facts that can be verified or are you going to tell me about the time he was mean on twitter?

>>ultraviolet is used to disinfect and fight viruses, and tech
>>is being developed which function in the way trump was
>>about. all innovation begins with an idea.
>lmao the Trump cult

way to dismiss innovation in medical technology that is actually being developed with 4 words because it completely undermines the mocking tone of your video. try to face facts.