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Topic subjectThat's right it was not a coup. It was a Patriot Purge
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13447635, That's right it was not a coup. It was a Patriot Purge
Posted by Lurkmode, Wed Nov-10-21 07:59 PM
>laugh if you want, but if you actually studied any of the real
>coup's that took place you would realize that they are
>incredibly bloody, violent, and premeditated, and are backed
>by military power

Fiona Hill addressed your concerns


>jan 6 was a riot that got out of hand

That's all it is a riot that got out of and hand and spilled over into "an organized, illegal attempt to intervene in the presidential transition by displacing the power of the Congress to certify the election,”

>lol, as if you actually believe this has any relevance. i can
>provide you with researchers that deemed it wasn't a coup.
>what do you think that will prove? only that you chose to
>uphold a narrative from one side of the spectrum.

You want to talk about relevance after used every smoke and mirror deflection you could toss out. " journey through history' and "liberal academic" not to mention "you can't even say that only a woman can give birth without..."

a narrative from one side lol hypocrite much?

>trump is the only politician who has ever been guilty of a
>lie. you got me there.

That doesn't work every politician who lied does not make it ok for Trump to lie and does not prove the media and the establishment made him him lie or do everything I listed that you avoided.

>if you actually believe the media treated trump's presidency
>fairly, you're living on fantasy island.

Once again the media did not make Trump go on Twitter or do everything I listed that you avoided.

>ultraviolet is used to disinfect and fight viruses, and tech
>is being developed which function in the way trump was musing
>about. all innovation begins with an idea.

lmao the Trump cult