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Topic subjectit wasn't a coup
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13447536, it wasn't a coup
Posted by beeinfinite, Wed Nov-10-21 12:00 PM
>That "liberal academic group" wasted all that time, when you
>had the answer to the question, is it accurate to call Jan 6
>a coup ? No it's not if you go on a journey through history
>and take a look..." roflmao

laugh if you want, but if you actually studied any of the real coup's that took place you would realize that they are incredibly bloody, violent, and premeditated, and are backed by military power

jan 6 was a riot that got out of hand

>Those pesky ultra sensitive era people who
>"assembled a team of six researchers familiar with the
>criteria who reviewed a range of publicly available
>information sources. The six researchers made independent
>reviews, then compared notes with each other. The
>determination required unanimous consensus across all six
>fit you description.

lol, as if you actually believe this has any relevance. i can provide you with researchers that deemed it wasn't a coup. what do you think that will prove? only that you chose to uphold a narrative from one side of the spectrum.

>Who knew except you, that it was the media and the
>establishment making Trump tweet nonsense and ridiculous
>comments. The evil media and establishment forced him to hire
>and fire horrible people during his 4 years. They made him

trump is the only politician who has ever been guilty of a lie. you got me there.

if you actually believe the media treated trump's presidency fairly, you're living on fantasy island.


ultraviolet is used to disinfect and fight viruses, and tech is being developed which function in the way trump was musing about. all innovation begins with an idea.