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Topic subjectLmao No your counter argument solves everything.
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13447500, Lmao No your counter argument solves everything.
Posted by Lurkmode, Tue Nov-09-21 08:25 PM
>go on a journey through history and take a look at what a
>real coup looks like.

That "liberal academic group" wasted all that time, when you had the answer to the question, is it accurate to call Jan 6 a coup ? No it's not if you go on a journey through history and take a look..." roflmao

>we live in the ultra sensitive era, you can't even say that
>only a woman can give birth without people losing their minds
>over it. these are the same people who would call this a coup,

Those pesky ultra sensitive era people who

"assembled a team of six researchers familiar with the criteria who reviewed a range of publicly available information sources. The six researchers made independent reviews, then compared notes with each other. The determination required unanimous consensus across all six researchers."

fit you description.

Who knew except you, that it was the media and the establishment making Trump tweet nonsense and ridiculous comments. The evil media and establishment forced him to hire and fire horrible people during his 4 years. They made him lie.