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Topic subjectDo you really believe this stuff? Or is it devils advocate or some shit
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13447357, Do you really believe this stuff? Or is it devils advocate or some shit
Posted by Stadiq, Mon Nov-08-21 10:07 PM
>against a bipartisan bill that has 60% approval (and over
>*90%* among democrats).

Dog, we are talking about their individual districts. They are fine.

They were consistent and did what they say they would do.

Any primary attack from the center would attack them just the same- Handle broke it down well.

You know they are fine. Stop it.

>btw bbb is less popular than bif. which is why it was easier
>to get repub votes in the house and senate for bif but there
>will be zero for bbb.

#1. No shit.

#2 Who gives a shit?

But that is my point. Nancy caved on her word that BIF wouldn't pass without BBB. She caved.

What's worse?

She waited until FOUR DAYS AFTER ELECTION DAY to cave! If the BIF is as popular/powerful as you say...seems like VA could have used that juice last week.

So, why did Nancy cave and why in the unholy fuck did she cave late??

Because she is out of her element here.

VA happened...Dems panicked...and they think delivering a Bipartisan bill is going to help them in a year.

A bill where most of the benefits probably won't be felt for at least a year.

Because Nancy still operates like its the 90s. Like Dems can run on "Bipartisan! yay!" one day...and call the GOP a threat to democracy the next.

Inconsistent, fickle as fuck.

Passing BIF now is no more powerful than passing in 3 weeks or whatever.

She caved. Late, at that.

>explain to me how current dem leadership is out of their
>element when they got virtually the entire dem caucus to vote
>for the bill (-6) plus 13 repubs in the house and 10 in the
>senate. moderates *and* progressives on board.

Are you serious? You really getting defensive over Chuck and Nancy? Damn...

I broke it down above and in several posts, but on this bill specifically....

There are reasons GOP likes this bill, of course. But, you know that.

Again, no one is going to give a shit that Nancy got a few GOP votes in a year. No one.

And again...those GOP votes were always there. The question is WHY DID SHE WAIT UNTIL AFTER ELECTION DAY to cave.

You love polls. There is a lot of popular shit in BBB- stuff Joe ran on.

That she put at risk. To pass BIF....four days after an election.

Family leave, lower drug prices, etc? That shit probably motivates voters next year.

A lot more than "Nancy got 10 GOP votes! Go Blue!"

>are the 6 dems who went against their party (including 90+
>members of the progressive caucus) in their element? are
>jayapal, khanna, bernie, katie porter, barbara lee, etc out of
>their element? how does that work?

They aren't in charge of the party! You know I'm talking about strategy, etc.

Nancy went back on her word and probably killed BBB. She also gave the GOP some Ws in the process.

Oh, and she did it a week too late to help anybody (lol I'm crying. This ya'll queen??)

Meanwhile, Chucky is playing cute games with voting rights.

Dog, these little moral victories (bipartisan! she won the popular vote! The swing in VA wasn't as bad as NJ! See, those meanie head GOPers won't vote for voting rights! The polls say that x% of GOP approve!) sound like you upload them from MSNBC directly to your brain.

I'm dead serious man. Diversify your feed. This is why I used to joke that you work for the Dems...sometimes (lately) you legit sound like one of their people's excusing everything.

I'm just trying to picture ya'll comforting yourself with recounting the GOP BIF votes when the GOP kill the Filibuster in 2025 and start sending bills to Pres Cotton to make Trumpolini Supreme Overseer for Life or some shit.

And I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but cmon...you were the guy in here saying "95% of everyone will agree with Joe on Afg" and shit hasn't been the same sense. He has the 2nd worst approval rating of any Pres at this point. He's been fucked since Afg. That feed of yours is clouding your judgement.