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Topic subjectPelosi could have held the bill
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13447355, Pelosi could have held the bill
Posted by handle, Mon Nov-08-21 08:04 PM
What the fuck don’t you understand. As long as the dems control the house the bill could be passed this session . Barring deaths we are a long way from that date.

Pelosi and Biden forced the vote and Jayapal caved. She says she got a handshake deal on the BBB but the squad doesn’t believe it.

There is no leverage to get the BBB passed now at all. 1 dem dies in the senate from a state with a Republican governor and it’s OVER.

The real question is why couldn’t BBB have Been done by now?

The performance is happening in the senate, don’t blame 6 reps who don’t have faith in promises from Manchin and Sienna.

We’ll see what happens, but I see why they distrust the process.

They aren’t actors they are politicians and they thought this was the best chance to get the legislation they want enacted. They didn’t bomb anything.