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Topic subjectMotherfucker - I expained it
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13447284, Motherfucker - I expained it
Posted by handle, Mon Nov-08-21 11:24 AM
It wasn't a fucking performance - it's what they said the would do.

People are going to be bashing them on CRT and why they didn't stop Fauci from experimenting on puppies.

They *may have* caved in and voted for this if they had to, but they said this "We will vote for this when the companion bill is available to vote on."

Fuck all the other shit you are saying - they have voting records showing they aren't in favor of 'CRUMBLING INFRASTRUCTURE!!!"

BTW, even at $3 trillion combined there's no chance it'll fix our "crumbling infrastructure" - this is a band aid. We'd need more like 20 TIRLLION to fix the infrastructure.

They will say "I voted against this bill because it does not guarantee the investment need to fix our crumbling infrastructure and because the companion bill is being held up by people who don't give a fuckl.'

And if the BBB DOESN'T pass then the squad was right.

Time will tell on this one.