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Topic subjectExplaining it to you
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13447274, Explaining it to you
Posted by handle, Mon Nov-08-21 10:25 AM
>explain to me how current dem leadership is out of their
>element when they got virtually the entire dem caucus to vote
>for the bill (-6) plus 13 repubs in the house and 10 in the
>senate. moderates *and* progressives on board.

The senate HAS to get ever single Dem on board. Those Senate Republicans would have voted against the bill if any DEM voted against it. So they ALL had to be on board and that's why even the BIF got cut down.

>are the 6 dems who went against their party (including 90+
>members of the progressive caucus) in their element? are
>jayapal, khanna, bernie, katie porter, barbara lee, etc out of
>their element? how does that work?

They said what they wanted - AND they stuck to it - -AND they realized that their opposition would NOT doom the bill. Pelosi would have withdrawn the bill to keep it alive if it was to fail. So they didn't have to.

The polls say the progressive caucus is much more aligned with the voters than the centrist are - but it doesn't work that in the actual chambers.

They are doing what their voters want WHILE also not dooming the entire agenda. If they had to vote YES or the bill fails they would have voted YES.

And all the money in the world and all the most toxic trolls and insidious dirty tricks will be used against them regardless of this vote. Can't use this to say they are doomed.