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Topic subjectHomepiss, you're such a centrist little snob...
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13447271, Homepiss, you're such a centrist little snob...
Posted by My_SP1200_Broken_Again, Mon Nov-08-21 09:39 AM
>which is stupid.
>it was a protest vote because bif didnt move with bbb. but
>voters dont care about that shit.
>now when any of them face a primary...theyre gonna have to run
>against shit like 'rashida tlaib voted against getting clean
>water for flint'. and they cant run on the new bridges and
>roads being built in their districts because they voted
>against them.
>sometimes you gotta put the performative shit aside and think
>about those folks at home.

Give this man his own show on CNN !!!! 😂