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13447247, ^^This is the right answer
Posted by handle, Sun Nov-07-21 08:24 PM
>Is Pelosi put BBB in danger by going against her
>word that the bills would go together.
So right now the senate can simply walk away from any handshake deal -and 'the squad' has reason to believe they will do jsut that.

>They were also consistent- No on BIF unless it
>comes with BBB.
>If BBB fails, the only “stupid” here is Pelosi.


>In fact- either way, if she was going to pull this
>shit, why did she wait until after Election Day? Let’s
>talk foolish.
>More evidence that current Dem leadership are
>out of their element.
No, I disagree. She was trying to get BOTH bills done and the SENATORS are fucking it up.

Now they panicked and passed one to get the news cycle back on track.

If the BBB passes at 1.75 Trillion it be literally the best possible scenario we could hope for.

If it doesn't then the squad were right.

Pelosi probably got word from some R's that they'd vote for it and that's why the pushed it on the day they did.

"The sqaud" members are going to be targeted HEAVILY next election cycle - believe that EVERY dirty trick and ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD will go to destroy them. Voted yes or no on this would make that NO DIFFERNT.