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Topic subjectRE: Here is where the lie is.
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13446392, RE: Here is where the lie is.
Posted by beeinfinite, Fri Oct-29-21 07:41 PM
>Of course both sides have radicals. They always have and
>always will.


>The difference is the Radicals of the Right are running the
>party and government!

biden opened the doors to left wing radicals to earn more of the vote. the democratic party is going to pay the price for that move for generations. the impact of this decision are already clear and causing massive systemic issues. the right has it's own radical problem as well that it needs to address which is tainting the conservative ideology. i don't see a good outcome for either party, and believe it's going to get much worse in the years to come. both parties have a lot of house cleaning to do.

>that's a huge difference. Even AOC at her most radical-ist
>doesn't compare to a Trump or a Di Santis or a George Bush

AOC is radical lite, but most of all, she's phony, naive, and inexperienced.

in what way is trump or desantis radical? put it into words.

The Right Radicals in Charge literally are responsible
>for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and
>Millions of people in other countries.

i think you need to expand on this with some context as i believe it's dead wrong. going backward in time, under obama, the US has been at war for 2,687 days. that's longer than bush or any other president in history. obama conducted airstrikes on 7 countries, that's 3 more than bush. how many wars did trump start or encourage? there are many democratic and republican presidents who started wars and continued to engage in war after taking office. i think this is a side of politics that we will never have access to. after a certain point, there are no republican or democratic interests, but simply american interests, evident by the fact that republican and democratic presidents have started and continued wars after their respective terms have ended.