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Topic subjectcombination of incompetence, corruption, and rotating villain
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13446162, combination of incompetence, corruption, and rotating villain
Posted by Stadiq, Wed Oct-27-21 10:34 PM

>Manchin and Sinema are a menace to Biden and the Democrats

Meh...I mean, fuck these two. But if you follow closely, its not just these two and it is starting to seem like they are playing the villain role in their very safe seats.

Lobbyists are in overdrive, too.

Either way, this is a colossal fuck up in every single way. The GOP couldn't write a better script on how to come back than what has happened the last 3-4 months.

Whatever bill the corporate dems end up agreeing to (half-off little ceasers? means tested of course)....why in the fuck did they not lock it down months ago? In a more private fashion?

How does the party (leadership, Biden, whoever) mange to have no influence or power over the corporate Dems?

Why hasn't someone been out selling this thing? This is where the gaff combo of Joe and Kamala are holding things back. They are both in hiding. But no one else could go out and sell this thing to people?

FDR sold his programs. Who is selling these?

How did they not have a priority list and/or a plan b?

How are they so fucking awful at controlling the story? This thing has been chopped apart piece by piece day by day in front of us all.

How have they managed to let "3 trillion over 10 years" sound scarier than 10 for the military? How?

Why did they wait months for this?

Biden had the juice for a few months...beginning at Afghanistan (sure looks like people cared) his approval has been in the tank. He has no leverage.

Why didn't they start this thing right away?

The fucks ups go way back.

Really?? Sinema? Do they not vet people at all?

NC? Maine? How?

Biden made pretty explicit promises...especially that impact younger voters. He's about to break those promises. This is how young voters give up.

Between this means-tested, scaled back, all-too-public shit show....and nothing on voting rights, abortion, court reform, etc...and no real movement on holding Trump admin accountable.... these consultant-baked dweebs are about to get curb stomped.

They learned NOTHING from 2010. Nothing.

To the average American who doesn't pay attention to cabinet appointments and other nuances in American politics....not much has changed for them other than higher prices and supply chain issues.

Even the child tax credit is about to be a wake up call for some next April.

And ONCE AGAIN the party completely takes BLACK VOTERS for granted.

The thing is...all of the above could be explained with incompetence, but it could also be explained by corruption.

They are always *just short* of delivering help to those who actually need it, but those darn Moderates keep messing things up.

"Dems don't have the votes!"

How is that always the case when they are in power? How are they ALWAYS 1 or 2 votes shy of actually accomplishing shit?

In 2009 they had SIXTY vote SUPER majority and delivered....a Republican-written healthcare bill. Oh, and a weak, pared down stimulus. Thats it.

Not even a public option because Manchin...errr I mean, Leiberman. Always that one villain, aint that a bitch.

They didn't hold W admin accountable. No bankers went to jail. Nothing. They delivered a weak stimulus and a complicated GOP-written healthcare bill that was careful to not actually hurt the profits of the healthcare system.

History is repeating in front of our eyes.

And we will be told to "vote" asked to donate money, time, etc.

Red wave in '22 and President Trump/Cotton/Haley whoever in '24. And guess what? They will definitely nuke the filibuster to pass their agenda.

The party that is pro-coup isn't pro-filibuster. FOH

Its hard not to look at it all and not wonder if Dems really are in on the scam.