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Topic subjectGreat picks above, for sure
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13454202, Great picks above, for sure
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Feb-22-22 01:01 PM
Scotch is a huge field for sure. I definitely dig the Aardbeg as suggested and need to get another bottle. Also highly recommend Lagavulin 16, which is as classic a peated scotch as you can find. If you're not going for peat I suggest Glenlevit 15 or Glenfiddich 18.

>Next time you need to refill your Japanese- a great 70-90 bottle would >be nikka by the barrel Or Nikka Coffey Grain or Coffey Malt

Both Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt slap. By The Barrel is a little harder to find in my area, but worth it if you can find it (if just for the square bottle). They feel like a step between Irish and Scotch, but very much it's own elegant thing.