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Topic subjectLike NY city removing Kools/menthols for non black vote
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13450499, Like NY city removing Kools/menthols for non black vote
Posted by rdhull, Tue Dec-21-21 06:30 PM
>We just had one open in our area. Really nice selection of
>wine, whiskey, bourbon, etc. They have a so-so selection of
>rum (I have a few local spots with better selection and WAY
>more knowledge from the employees.)
>But anyways while I was there grabbing some rum and scotch, I
>texted my wife asking if she wanted anything. She asked me to
>get some wine (a specific Cab she likes) and Remy. I'm not
>into cognac myself because it's overpriced for what you can
>get compared to whiskey and rum. But I go to the cognac isle
>and they have three types that are locked up - Remy,
>Hennessey, and Covoisier. Here's the thing - they just had the
>REGULAR of those three locked up. They had way more expensive
>cognac available on the shelf, not locked at all. The Remy
>Martin XO was over $200 a bottle, not locked. Martell XO? Not
>locked. Ferrand (again, over $200 per bottle)? Not locked.
>Plus all kinds of expensive whiskey, wine, etc. wasn't locked.
>So I ring the bell for assistance, and a manager comes over to
>unlock the regular Remy VSOP for me. Not only is it locked, he
>wouldn't give it to me there, he took it up to customer
>service and when I checked out I had to ask them to go get it
>from customer service for me. I'm pushing around a cart with
>over $300 of stuff in it, but they don't trust me to give me a
>$50 bottle of Remy to put in my cart?
>When I checked out I asked the manager why those specific
>bottles were locked while more expensive cognac and other
>items weren't. He said rather bluntly that based on the
>demographics of the area (this is in Ann Arbor, MI) that
>certain items are flagged to be locked based on how likely it
>is to get stolen.
>I won't be going back there.