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Topic subjectIt was the 6, and its good.
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13450441, It was the 6, and its good.
Posted by ShawndmeSlanted, Mon Dec-20-21 05:00 PM
Ive heard from a couple places now that the 5 was disappointing, but the 6 is in a different class.

>One standout is their transparency. While the source a good
>deal of their whiskey they have been producing their own as
>well. Each of their Fusion and Discovery series give you the
>breakdown of the age and mashbill in each release, which is
>cool. That way you can track what you like and what it was
>made from. Fusion is older sourced blended with their own
>distillate, while Discovery is blended from older sourced
>I've had their Fusion series from 3-6, as it's more affordable
>and easier to accept if one of the blends doesn't fit me as
>well. I loved #3, but #4 wasn't as hitting. #5 was better, as
>was #6. With the Disco series 2-4 seems to be the high point
>for many. #5 saw Dickel added to the blend, which was a point
>of contention for many. I went to a Bardstown event and talked
>to a few reps and confirmed. Ended up buying a bottle. It's...
>interesting. The Dickel mellows after it gets some air and
>makes it much more palatable, but that's a hard pill to
>swallow at $130 retail. I've heard Disco #6 is better, but I
>don't want to chance it. For that money something like The
>Prisoner is more up my alley. That 10 year bottle is lovely.
>And from an aesthetic point of view, I love the rounded
>rectangular bottle. Go figure.