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13446067, Facts
Posted by Sleepy300, Tue Oct-26-21 04:49 PM
>Like, I can reliably find just about any Old Forrester
>(except the allocated bottles like Birthday and Single Barrel)
>pretty easily in the DC/MD/VA area, and for a reasonable
>price. Finding, say, Buffalo Trace or Eagle Rare, neither
>allocated and should both be well under $40, is a bit more

I'm not too terribly far from you (NC). For instance, Buffalo Trace doesn't come by too often...it'll show up every so often at the counter but the bottles are limited/first come/first serve. As far as Old Forrester, it depends on the year. I see it all the time but a certain year may not be as accessible as another year of Old Forrester...Go figure

>I have a few mainstays (Rare Breed, 1910, Four Roses Single
>Barrel, Elijah Craig (especially Barrel Proof, when it's not
>extortion prices), 1792, Double Rye) but try others to see
>what the hype is or whether I want to add to my bar or pass.
>I've become a fan of the Bardstown Distillery Fusion series
>(has #3 thru #6). Too many different whiskeys out there to
>either stick to one or not drink what you like. Many like Knob
>Creek. I can't get into it, no matter what the bottle or
>proof. 1920 is the preferred OF bottle, but 1910 is my jam. So
>on and so forth

Agreed here too...Four Roses was okay...was a little hard to get into. Still trying to find which Basil Hayden I like too (Dark Rye was a hell no...port wine has no biz in bourbon, lol). On the other hand, one that caught me way off guard was Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select. Actually pretty damn good.