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Topic subjectRE: They choose what they want to take seriously.
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13444448, RE: They choose what they want to take seriously.
Posted by rdhull, Tue Oct-12-21 12:31 PM
>Basically the email they sent me is that her mask came off. A
>kid stepped on it. She didn't have a backup. Which happens.
>My beef is that at that point there are multiple options
>1. Have backups. If my baby runs out of diapers they send a
>message but they have a storage of diapers to give him, if
>either of the kids have an accident they have their own change
>of clothes and then they have a spare in the room.
>2. Just fucking call me. It’s not that hard. Ive said it’s
>important multiple times. Give me the option to take care of
>my kid.
>But they’re picking and choosing what’s priority and at
>the bottom of the list is pandemic safety which is outrageous.
>Being in Texas doesn't change the science.

I didnt mean that Texas changed the science. I meant that from many reports Ive read and seen on the news is that Texas is kind of backwards in dealing with Covid....aka they could give a fuck about the science.