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Topic subjectI'll ask again. What evidence do you have for this conclusion?
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13438056, I'll ask again. What evidence do you have for this conclusion?
Posted by Cold Truth, Sat Jul-24-21 11:11 AM
Merely asserting "he always is" doesn't answer that question.

Take my car for example.

We have a set of observable, verifiable facts that will determine outcome.

We have traffic laws in place that determine how this will play out.

I also have full coverage and GAP.

My car is less than a month old, which according to my claims rep means that I may even get a check in return.

Of course, it's possible that I got duped by the dealer and I wound up paying a higher price than the car was worth. In that case, my coverage still means that entirety of that car comes off the books.

We have money in savings, which means we'll be able to afford a down on another car.

I have decent credit and income, at least for this purpose, and ive had plenty of pre-approved offers coming in the mail for months already, both from dealerships and my own credit card companies. I can also got a preapproval from my credit union.

There are myriad observable facts of reality that determine how things will play out.

What evidence do you have to conclude that any of this is determined not just by a god, but your particular god, which is but one of thousands of god concepts?