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Topic subjectPeople get hired all the time. People keep jobs, even when its really bad,
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13438048, People get hired all the time. People keep jobs, even when its really bad,
Posted by Cold Truth, Sat Jul-24-21 10:16 AM
All the time.

These are not remotely exceptional occurrences.

Even in situations that are exceptional, the individual pieces of them are still relatively mundane.

Which is why I ask what evidence you have to conclude that the moving hand of a god where the reasons.

As it stands, all you're saying is that you wamted a job, and you got it, and that you also kept said job/jobs in really bad circumstances.

It's not surprise that the timing of the prayer and breakthroughs line up. In fact, that's how it would work regardless of what you prayed to.

If you're applying/interviewing for a job, the time you would be praying for that job would about the time you appplied or were interviewed.

If you get fired or laid off and know you need a job, you would then pray that you would get that new job about that time.

If you're havi g difficulty with the job/jobs you have, you would be praying for those situations during those difficult times.

The timing of your prayer will generally line up with the thing you're praying for.

Some jobs have a very long hiring process, and yes, some job issues take a long time to find a resolution, but these are still mundane occurrences.

So again I ask, what is the evidence that the hand of god was the mechanism for these occurrences?