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Topic subjectFled on foot. I didn't see any of it but there were witnesses who told me
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13437932, Fled on foot. I didn't see any of it but there were witnesses who told me
Posted by Cold Truth, Fri Jul-23-21 10:04 AM
>just asking cuz i'd think maybe in a collision that caused
>that much damage that their car would be totaled too.

Oh that car is very likely done too.


Someone said there was an open alcohol bottle in the car. But i don't know that for sure. I briefly saw a couple in my rearview after the accident, and heard shouting/possible arguing. But multiple witnesses said they took off by foot.

Also, there was supposedly a third car hit, but they sped of right away.

>hope they catch them. glad you're okay. i'm like you, my mind
>can't help but go to the financial repercussions, but
>honestly, there's no price on your health and safety so try to
>focus on the fact that you're relatively unscathed.
>my wife used to work in auto insurance. take this with a grain
>of salt i suppose, but from her work i can tell you that,
>unfortunately, your car is definitely totaled.
>i've seen them total cars for WAY less damage.

Yeah the two guys- on the scene right away, suspiciously shogun😂 were the primary witnesses. Anyhow, they're saying this is definitely totaled. But I'll see.